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Your mobile device's web browser is highly vulnerable to attack


"We found vulnerabilities in all 10 of the mobile browsers we tested, which together account for more than 90 percent of the mobile browsers in use today in the United States," researcher Patrick Traynor said. ... With all 10 of the leading browsers on the market today, the answer was no." Not up to industry standards Although the web browsers used on mobile devices do incorporate many of the same security and cryptographic tools as desktop browsers, the ...

Google secretly installs audio snooping program on Chrome browsers to listen to your private conversations


Google secretly installs audio snooping program on Chrome browsers to listen to your private conversations Sunday, July 05, 2015 by: J. ... Follow real-time breaking news headlines on Google privacy at FETCH.news The world of independent media, all in one place. - More news on Google privacy Disqus Take Action: Support Natural News by linking to this article from your website Permalink to this article: https://www.naturalnews.com/050292_Google_privacy_Chrome_browser_eavesdropping.html Embed ...

CLAIM: Google deliberately slows YouTube videos on non-chrome browsers to make them appear defective


CLAIM: Google deliberately slows YouTube videos on non-chrome browsers to make them appear defective Saturday, July 28, 2018 by: Isabelle Z. ... Not only is this free-speech video sharing platform known for being inclusive, but it also works on all browsers equally. "...

Privacy under attack as internet "fingerprinting" tracks your every move


Yinzhi Cao of Lehigh University has come up with a way to make “fingerprinting” work across multiple browsers with near-complete accuracy. ... The features it looks at are generally the same across different browsers, such as the screen’s width-to-height ratio rather than the resolution, which can vary. "...

FIREFOX browsers will soon block "fake news" flagged by George Soros-linked left-wing groups


FIREFOX browsers will soon block “fake news” flagged by George Soros-linked left-wing groups Monday, August 14, 2017 by: Jayson Veley Censorship , Firefox , First Amendment , free speech , George Soros , Glitch , Mozilla Firefox , suppression , techno tyranny , web browser - (Natural News ) What’s become abundantly clear over the past few months is that liberals are now jumping on the anti-fake news bandwagon and using it as an excuse to censor political speech that doesn’t align with their ...

Security researchers discover new ways your internet browsing history is exposed


The new history sniffing methods are also able to bypass the security measures of the latest web browsers. ... For example, most browsers use blue as the font color of a link that leads to a website. "...

Google Chrome has devolved into nothing more than "surveillance software" that spies on its own users


In his experiments, Fowler found that Google Chrome collects many thousands of tracker cookies that most other web browsers block. ... It is no small wonder so many people are looking for alternative web browsers. Brave is one such option. "...

Mozilla / Firefox goes all in for EVIL... pushes corporate news collusion to silence independent media


Mozilla / Firefox goes all in for EVIL… pushes corporate news collusion to silence independent media Wednesday, August 15, 2018 by: Mike Adams browsers , Censorship , computing , evil , fake news , filtering , Firefox , Glitch , mind control , Mozilla , propaganda , speech police , tech giants , thought control - (Natural News ) Remember the day you found out Google was steeped in pure evil? ... So which browsers are better alternatives? There are at least two good ones to check ...

CENSORED everywhere: See the video that YouTube, Vimeo and everyone else is desperately striking down: 'With Open Gates - The forced collective suicide of European nations'


Click here to view the full film now on TV.NaturalNews.com (Note: This video won't play on FireFox browsers. ... (Note: This video won't play on FireFox browsers. Use a different browser to view it.) "...

EXCLUSIVE: Google to block all anti-cancer, "anti-vax" and anti-GMO websites at the browser level as tech giant goes all-in with pharma drug cartels


This is being done at the browser level, where Chrome browsers will remotely download lists of websites to block or penalize. ... Start shifting NOW to alternative browsers, video platforms, social media platforms and search engines. "...

Five ways to protect your privacy in an increasingly intrusive world


There are even cyberstalkers or cyberbullies that may use the information to harass you. (3) Check out your browser and social network platform's privacy options: Most major browsers have privacy options where you can disable cookies that enable others to track your interests according to the sites you visit. ... For other browsers, look for cogs or wrenches or tools to locate your privacy options. "...

Brighteon.com update from the founder, plus some new FAQs


The simple truth is that building and maintaining all these components yourself, across all the multiple computing platforms (different browsers, operating systems and mobile devices), would require a budget of at least $100 million to build from scratch. ... Browsers must function, too, without discriminating against your web domain. Every website depends on a long list of other potential choke points remaining open in order to deliver content. "...

Mike Adams reveals list of tech alternatives to the Google / Facebook / YouTube censorship regime


Mike Adams reveals list of tech alternatives to the Google / Facebook / YouTube censorship regime Saturday, August 18, 2018 by: Mike Adams alternatives , browsers , Censored , Facebook , First Amendment , free speech , freedom , Gab , Google , Liberty , Social media , tech giants , Twitter , YouTube - (Natural News ) If you’re using Google’s Chrome browser or Mozilla’s Firefox browser, you’re being indoctrinated with censorship at the browser level. ... Alternatives to YouTube: Bitchute....

Brighteon.social BETA site launched; new alternative to Twitter protects freedom of expression on vaccines, cancer cures and pro-liberty speech that's usually banned by Big Tech


Brighteon.social works with most browsers on both mobile and desktop platforms. "...

What could do more damage than a nuclear weapon? A hacker


. - Browse the internet using new-generation browsers that are less vulnerable to cyber attacks. "...

Signs of smartphone addiction and tips for a "screen detox"


Smartphones have been developed to have a wide variety of functions using high-resolution touch screens, browsers that can properly display web pages, and high-speed data access via WiFi and mobile broadband. "...

More software companies embracing the open source model


. - More news on open source Health Ranger reveals the open source revolution in decentralized food production: FoodRising.org Open Source Seed Initiative aims to keep seeds free from patents Website for the Health Ranger's open source 3D print project to be announced this Friday Health Ranger to release open source 3D printer files for upcoming invention with early 2015 release date The Health Ranger explains Innovation Decentralization and the Structure of Grassroots, Open-Source Revolutions Google ...

New fingerprint technology will hint at "offender's state of mind" - it also detects gender, recent diet and sexual activity


connected devices , fingerprints , forensic evidence , internet privacy , invasion of privacy , mass spectrometry , privacy , surveillance - (Natural News ) As technology advances, it often comes at the cost of our personal privacy, whether it’s GPS tracking technology, browsers sharing your history with advertisers, or smart TVs recording and transmitting your personal conversations. "...

NSA planned to hijack Google Play and place spyware on Android phones


An example of this was the alliance's efforts to take advantage of privacy vulnerabilities in the popular app called UCBrowser, which is used by a reported half billion people, making it one of the most widely used mobile internet browsers in the world. "...

NASA has been covering up the truth about life on Mars


Sources for this article include: Brighteon.com NaturalNews.com NASA.gov Previous :CLAIM: Google deliberately slows YouTube videos on non-chrome browsers to make them appear defective Next : Egyptian zoo paints DONKEYS to look like zebras… because even the zoo is now fake news - More news on alien life Chief scientist of NASA now “pre-warning” Earthlings that life exists on Mars and will be announced in the next two years… but warns Earth “isn’t ready” for the bombshell Scientists bewildered ...