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British Airways confirms four vaccinated pilots have recently died, claims no link to vaccines


British Airways confirms four vaccinated pilots have recently died, claims no link to vaccines Friday, June 18, 2021 by: Mike Adams British Airways , crisis talks , deaths , Fact Check , Journalism , media , pilots , rumors , spike protein , Vaccine deaths , vaccines Bypass censorship by sharing this link: https://www.afinalwarning.com/528540.html Copy URL - (Natural News ) Online rumors have been circulating over the past few days that four British Airways ...

Four British Airway pilots DIE in the same week, just days after getting second covid shot


Reuters reached out to British Airways and “confirms” that the pilot fatalities are not connected to the vaccine. “Sadly four members of our pilot community passed away recently,” said Julie from British Airways. "...

COVID-19 vaccine mandates for airline pilots increase the risks of flying


“Remember, four [vaccinated] British Airways pilots died in one week recently. Then we have the three Delta pilots who died in a very short time, and the Air India pilot who died, and a Canadian pilot who collapsed on the runway before he could takeoff. ... (Related: British Airways confirms four vaccinated pilots have recently died, claims no link to vaccines. ) She also shared a post by a pilot’s daughter named Elise Rochette, who wrote: “So, my father is a pilot ...

Medical establishment attempts to MEMORY HOLE "natural immunity" while post-vaccine outbreaks strike cruise lines and hundreds of doctors


This is probably why four British Airways pilots just recently died after receiving vaccine injections . Airlines and cruise lines are seeing infections, hospitalizations and deaths among vaccinated employees Post-vaccine deaths are now hitting the transportation sector, with British Airways now confirming that four pilots have died , following the airline’s launch of its own internal vaccine passport program. "...

Clinical trials show that acupuncture is an effective treatment for asthma


Patients with asthma are defined as individuals with “reversible airways obstruction and/or clear responsiveness to asthma medication.” ... Most of the trials were lacking a rationale for the acupuncture points used while few were linked to the way acupuncture is practiced by British Acupuncture Council members. "...

International travelers need to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 "for evermore," warns top UK secretary


Shapps added that the British government does not want to mandate the vaccines for passengers. ... “The U.K.’s economic recovery is reliant on a thriving travel sector and right now we’re lagging behind Europe, with our most stringent testing requirements and a red list significantly broader than our European peers,” said British Airways CEO Sean Doyle. "...

America's dark vaccine history - A look at the pertussis vaccine


Known as the “100 day cough,” B. pertussis can be deadly for infected infants who have underdeveloped or ineffective airways. ... The persistent cough is the body’s natural reaction to clear the airways of this infectious bacterium and the mucous produced. "...

Avoid airline food: The FDA has issued a warning about unsafe food conditions


The food catering company provides airline food for a slew of airlines including British Airways, Virgin Atlantic, LAN Airlines, Air Algérie, Air Canada, American Airlines, United Airlines, Qantas, Aerolíneas Argentinas, Avianca, Iberia Airlines, Air China, Air France, Delta Air Lines, Emirates, Thai Airways, Swiss International Air Lines, TAM Airlines, Air Indus, Alitalia, and easyJet. "...

Airplane Cabin Air Filled with Toxic Chemicals


The swabs were then sent off to the University of British Columbia for analysis. ... Former British Airways pilot Tristan Loraine has conducted research into the condition for seven years, leading eventually to a documentary about his findings. "...

Air pollution from vehicles damages your lungs and cardiovascular system after just two hours on busy street


The findings came just weeks after the European Court of Justice ruled that air pollution levels in 16 British cities were so high as to place the British government in violation of EU law. ... The study shows the need to reduce traffic-related pollution, said Penny Woods, chief executive of the British Lung Foundation. "...

EU to lift restrictions on "well-vaccinated" nations in latest plot that ignores the public health value of innate immunity


British government urged to open up air travel British Airways Chairman and CEO Sean Doyle called on the British government to open up air travel to low-risk countries. "...

Health Alert: Read This Before You Board Another Airplane, Part II


Their efforts have made inroads into Australian and British Parliaments, and investigations have begun with industry lobbied opponents countering with industry lies. ... Former British Airways pilot Captain Tristan Loraine, an aerotoxic syndrome victim himself, produced an excellent award winning documentary called "Welcome Aboard Toxic Airlines", which has been distributed to various UK government officials. "...

Hospital-bred Superbugs Escaping into Communities, Threatening Children


British researchers noted that strains of methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) known as Panton Valentine leukocidin (PVL) have evolved to spread well outside of hospital settings, and Irish researchers warned of a new bacteria mutation that has allowed certain species, including E. coli, to develop antibiotic resistance and spread in communities. ... "These new strains of bacteria appear to be able to stick to damaged skin and airways better than the hospital MRSA ...

Asthma is not a disease, but just a name given to various symptoms, says The Lancet


Symptoms of asthma include wheezing, coughing and breathing difficulties, and it is generally accepted that attacks are brought on by inflamed airways, but the actual spark for the inflammation is not known, nor is the reason why some people contract asthma while others do not. ... Andrew Miller, a spokesman for the British Lung Foundation. "But whether this is a good enough reason to abandon a useful name which encompasses a range of symptoms treated in a similar way is not yet ...

CDC urges Americans to get coronavirus vaccine despite 10 times higher allergic reaction rate than flu shots


Because of this, the British Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency issued a warning that anyone with a severe allergic reaction to food or medicine should not be given the jab. ... Thomas Clark, epidemiology lead for the NCIRD’s Meningitis and Vaccine-Preventable Diseases Branch, echoed the British agency’s recommendation. "...

The top places where germs lurk: cell phones, ATMs and more


British Airways planes have been grounded recently due to bed bug infestations. "...

Warning issued over health consequences of genetically modified dogs


They look awfully cute in pictures with their wrinkled noses and squashed faces, but many of them are suffering from breathing problems because their airways are simply way too short. ... British Veterinary Association President Sean Wensley called these breeds’ popularity a “worrying trend” and encouraged people to choose healthier breeds or crossbreeds instead of driving up the demand for these genetically modified pets. "...

Flesh-eating eczema miraculously cured by Chinese medicine


"The concoction was designed to release the heat from Owen's body, soothe his itching, fight toxins, promote skin growth and clear his airways," the Daily Mail reported. ... Follow real-time breaking news headlines on Eczema at FETCH.news The world of independent media, all in one place. - More news on Eczema Eczema linked to obesity, higher rates of smoking and drinking Antibiotic usage causes eczema in children: Research Cure eczema the natural way Beat eczema naturally Raw fruit and vegetable ...

Asia's largest cruise ship company switches home port from China to Taiwan due to coronavirus


It’s not just cruise lines: Airlines are also suffering due to coronavirus The travel industry at large is taking a massive hit from the coronavirus crisis, with United Airlines, British Airways, and Finnair all deciding to suspend some of their normal flights in and out of China. "...

Can oxygen treatments help prevent neurodegenerative disease?


For their experiment, researchers from the University of British Columbia (UBC) Okanagan flew all the way to the Split Clinical Hospital Centre for Pulmonary Diseases in Split, Croatia. ... For example, the airways of COPD patients can get obstructed. The blockage can cause a drop in blood oxygen levels ; conversely, it can also cause the concentration of carbon dioxide to climb. "...