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LITHIUM mining for electric vehicles is incredibly destructive to the environment and about as far from "green" as you can imagine


The brine is placed in large pools, so the water can evaporate out. When the brine evaporates, it leaves behind a sludge of potassium, manganese, borax and lithium salts that must be filtered out further. ... The lithium mining operation in Salar de Atacama displaces more than 1,700 liters of lithium-rich brine every second of operation. "...

Apartment prepping 101: Pickling vegetables for long-term storage


Here are some examples : Basic quick pickle brine This basic pickle brine is kept simple so it can be used with virtually any vegetable. ... This brine will be great with green beans or asparagus for a Bloody Mary garnish. "...

Unusual foods that you can pickle now, for use in an emergency


Brine and vinegar pickling Controlled fermentation is encouraged in brine pickling, like when you make kimchi or sauerkraut. ... Bring the brine to a boil, then reduce the heat to low. Cover the saucepan then let it simmer for 8-10 minutes. - Spoon out a small amount of the brine, then let it cool a bit before tasting. "...

Crunchy, tangy and good for your gut: 4 Health benefits of pickles, a fermented food


Most fermented foods count as fermented pickles because they undergo the same process of preservation in brine. ... In fact, some athletes drink pickle juice or fermented brine to help restore electrolytes after an intense workout. "...

Food storage 101: DIY pickling tips and tricks


Lacto-fermentation pickling involves submerging the food in brine – a saltwater solution – to draw out the natural sugars in the food. ... One of the major issues with the fermentation process is keeping the food below the brine. "...

How to quickly pickle a variety of veggies


Brine is a crucial component of pickling. Brine is the saltwater solution that pickles the vegetables, and it imbues the final product with some important gut-boosting benefits. While white vinegar is traditionally added to the brine, the recipes below use apple cider vinegar (ACV) because it has strong antiviral properties. "...

Miracle microbes in the Red Sea? Active compounds from its brinepool microbes have chemotherapeutic effects on certain cancers


In the Red Sea, at least 25 deep-sea brine pools with extremely high salt concentrations exist. The microorganisms that thrive in these brine pools or in brine pool-seawater interfaces are also exposed to high temperature, low oxygen levels and high concentrations of heavy metals. "...

Extracts from microbial species in Red Sea brinepools found to have anti-cancer effects


Based on these findings, the researchers concluded that the active compounds produced by microbes in the Red Sea brine pool can potentially serve as novel anti-cancer agents for the treatment of advanced cancers. ... MINING THE DEEP RED-SEA BRINE POOL MICROBIAL COMMUNITY FOR ANTICANCER THERAPEUTICS. "...

Cities consider switching from corrosive salt to natural beet juice for de-icing roads


Information provided by the Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT) on its website confirms this, explaining that beet juice mixed with salt brine, or what some are calling beet brine or "Beet Heat," is highly effective at melting ice during extreme temperature lows, which means that it is more effective than existing salt protocols that pollute soils and groundwater. ... In Wisconsin, where dairy is king, officials are reportedly testing out cheese brine rather than ...

Enormous, possibly radioactive sinkhole swallows an acre of Louisiana, causes forced evacuations


According to the federal complaint, a salt cavern being utilized by Texas Brine to store radioactive materials that are byproducts of the drilling industry failed. ... Texas Brine has been providing updates on its website regarding the incident. Earlier this week, the company said in a statement that clean-up efforts at the site were ongoing. "...

Fracking contaminates U.S. surface with radioactive waste


Shilling believes that the brine is radioactive , but the drill cuttings coming to his treatment site are just "benign." As the brine is brought to the Earth's surface, it primarily brings along with it toxic radium-226. "...

US lithium mining projects are not eco-friendly


A cleaner and more sustainable option for obtaining lithium is extracting it from salt lake brine. ... Lithium extraction from brine has long been used in Chile, Bolivia and Argentina. "...

Bayou Corne: Large amounts of gas found beneath homes near massive sinkhole


Their discovery was later confirmed by Texas Brine Company, LLC, the largest independent brine producer in the U.S. and the company responsible for pumping butane, radioactive waste, and other toxins into underground caverns linked to triggering the sinkhole. "I want to leave, and Texas Brine needs to buy my family out," said Jennifer Gregoire, a local resident who has had to install air monitors in her house to detect the presence of toxic gas fumes. "...

Stunning NASA discoveries suggest Ceres is an ocean world percolating with briny waters from its interior


But that’s not the case with Ceres, which means the energy that’s needed to keep brine melted and trigger geologic activity is derived elsewhere. ... It’s possible that the reason why brine hasn’t been frozen has to do with the chemistry of the crust, which contains compounds called clathrates. "...

4 Good reasons why you should give fermented foods a try


. - Pour the saltwater brine over the vegetables in the wide-mouth jar. Make sure to leave an inch of head space. - Place a smaller, clean jar (or something heavy) inside the first jar so the vegetables are submerged below the brine. - Cover the jars with something breathable. ... Check the jar daily to see if the vegetables are staying below the brine. After several days, tiny bubbles should be forming at the top of the brine. - Taste the vegetables after two ...

Injecting toxic wastewater into shallow soil primary driver for earthquakes in Texas – study


Exploring how shallow wastewater injection triggers earthquakes Drillers dispose of brine, a toxic wastewater byproduct of oil and gas production, by depositing it through injection wells into porous underground rock formations. ... More than 400 of these wells were used to inject brine in sandstone formations from 2010 to 2020. "...

Raw Cultured Vegetables are Digestive Superfoods


This will force water out of the veggies and keep them submerged under the brine. ... Check every day or two and remove any surface mold; the kraut itself is safe under the anaerobic protection of the brine. "...

How to preserve food without canning


Ensure that you are catching the liquid in a glass or ceramic container because this will be used for the brine they will be fermented in. - Put the sliced vegetables into the brine, ensuring that they are fully submerged. - Let the vegetables ferment at room temperature. Check it every day, and add extra brine as needed to keep the vegetables covered. "...

Natural remedies for a sore throat


Natural remedies for a sore throat Saturday, January 12, 2019 by: Mary Miller alternative medicine , apple cider vinegar , cayenne pepper , chamomile tea , food as medicine , food cures , garlic , goodhealth , healing foods , herbal medicines , honey , natural cures , natural healing , natural medicine , natural remedies , Peppermint Oil , pickle brine juice , remedies , salt water , sore throat remedies , sore throat treatment , Sore Throats , tabasco sauce Bypass censorship by sharing ...

Two traditional African medicines observed to kill cancer cells – study


To determine this, they used an MTT assay and a brine shrimp lethality assay (BSLA), a test that determines the toxicity of a substance based on how effectively it kills brine shrimps. ... The researchers discovered that among the extracts tested, those of Macaranga barteri and Calliandra portoricensis had the most significant cytotoxic activity on both the RD cell line and the brine shrimps. "...