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Study reveals that eating bright yellow foods can make you happy


Study reveals that eating bright yellow foods can make you happy Monday, January 14, 2019 by: Zoey Sky bright colors , corn , Emotions , food choices , fruits and vegetables , goodfood , goodhealth , grocery cures , happiness , healing foods , mental , mental health , Mind , mood , neurology , nutrition , potatoes , psychiatry , Psychology , pumpkin , summer squash , superfoods , yellow foods Bypass censorship by sharing this link: https://www.distributednews.com/317692....

Biden administration shows true colors: White House censors Taiwanese minister over a map showing China and Taiwan in different colors


Civicus used shades of green, yellow and red to rate freedom around the world – using bright green to mean freest and bright red to mean most repressive. Taiwan received the only bright green rating in Asia , while China appeared in bright red and labeled as “closed.” "...

Study finds older children and adults prone to toxic laundry detergent packet exposure despite safety standards


badcancer , badhealth , badpollution , buyer beware , Chemical exposure , chemicals dementia , detergent pods , laundry detergent , poisoning , products , safety warnings , Tide pods , toxins Bypass censorship by sharing this link: https://www.distributednews.com/394465.html Copy URL - (Natural News ) The same qualities that make detergent pods so attractive to customers – bright colors and a fun look that almost resembles candy – also make them appealing to children and people ...

In the near future, paint colors may be grown from bacteria


This development is possible thanks to British researchers who unlocked the genes responsible for many bright and vivid colors Mother Nature likes to bedeck herself with. ... (Related: Probiotics fight depression: Healthy gut bacteria found to reduce symptoms. ) Out with dyes, in with nanostructures The “Living colors” study demonstrated how genetics can affect the appearance and coloration of Flavobacterium bacteria whose bright hues stem from nanostructures. ...

In UK, sodas with artificial colors to carry hyperactivity warning


The European Union has passed a law requiring all beverages that contain certain artificial colors to carry a warning that consumption of those products may lead to hyperactivity in children. ... "Tartrazine is a bright yellow coal tar dye, commonly found in many sweets with colors ranging from cream to yellow to orange to green," writes Mary-Ann Shearer in her book Perfect Health the Natural Way. "...

Top 3 foods you'll be surprised to find out are infused with ARTIFICIAL COLORS to boost sales


Top 3 foods you’ll be surprised to find out are infused with ARTIFICIAL COLORS to boost sales Monday, January 07, 2019 by: S.D. ... Some food companies use cell-mutating coal-tar-derivative dyes to keep pickle skins bright green Pickles may be naturally green but not that crazy bright neon green you usually see in those jars on the shelf. "...

Experts say that children exposed to bright light at night may develop health complications as adults


Experts say that children exposed to bright light at night may develop health complications as adults Wednesday, September 05, 2018 by: Michelle Simmons badhealth , blue light , bright light , children disrupted sleep , electronic gadgets , light , light exposure , light pollution , melatonin , mind body science , sleep , sleep habits , sleep quality , Smartphones , television screens Bypass censorship by sharing this link: https://www.distributednews.com/239836.html Copy URL ...

How food companies fool consumers with food coloring ingredients made from petrochemicals


artificial colors , food colors , food coloring - https://www.naturalnews.com/022870_artificial_colors_food.html Tweet View this article in a printer friendly layout - Have you ever wondered why companies use artificial colors? ... The natural medicines found in food often appear in bright colors, and calorie-rich foods designed to appeal to primates (such as apples or berries) are also brightly colored. "...

Big Food corporations begin removing toxic dyes from products as health-conscious wave sweeps America


As for their red colors, the company is turning to radishes and strawberries to create a similar hue. ... Listen up, Big Food: Americans want to get healthy more than they want to eat bright colors "You have to remove some of your expectations," says Panera's head baker, Tom Gumpel. "...

Anti-obesity housing unveiled in New York


Les Bluestone, a partner of Blue Sea Development, said it was important to make the stairs (with their bright color and music) inviting, to encourage residents to skip the elevator. ... The sunshine-filled backyard has exercise equipment for adults done up in bright colors and climbing equipment for children, and its first-floor gym also lets in a lot of sunlight through four tall windows. "...

Prepping tips: 16 Alternative containers for your bug-out gear


Selecting a bag or container for your bug-out bag or emergency kit Consider these factors when choosing a bag or container for your bug out supplies: - Colors that blend in; no bright colors or patterns - Choose durable fabrics - Bags with sturdy construction - Heavy-duty zippers, snaps or other closures - Containers must have tight-fitting lids How to organize the contents of your emergency kit When planning for an emergency evacuation, try to divide the contents of your ...

Eat more tomatoes and slash cancer risk


Carotenoids are what cause some fruits and vegetables to have bright colors, such as yellow, orange and red. Lycopene is the carotenoid that gives tomatoes their rich colors and is one of the most popular carotenoids found in the diets of many Americans and Europeans. "...

Everything you need to know about foraging for food when SHTF


Stay away from plants and animals that are incredibly bright in color. Usually, the bright colors mean they are highly toxic or too dangerous to even touch. "...

Use Natural Remedies for Bee Stings


Certain dyes and perfumes as well as bright colors will attract bees so do all you can to experience a safe and happy summer. "...

SUGAR BOMB: General Mills set to raffle off 10,000 boxes of "Marshmallow Only" Lucky Charms


This product is more of a toy than a food—a lot of them have bright colors and they come up with new shapes all the time.” ... As reported by OrganicAuthority.com , attempts to remove the artificial colors and flavors from Lucky Charms have “stalled” because they haven’t yet found any natural substitutes that don’t affect the cereal’s taste. "...

Survival basics: How to find food and medicine in the wild


As a general rule, avoid bright plants, as most poisonous plants have bright colors to attract prey. "...

Microbe found in Ethiopian volcano's strongly acidic saltwater hints microorganisms could have survived in similar conditions on Early Mars


Home to the Dallol hydrothermal field , the Danakil Depression is one of the most beautiful places on the planet, with aerial images often showing a seemingly endless stretch of desert characterized by bright colors ranging from brilliant yellows and reds to saturated greens and blues and mottled with patches of sulfur springs, salt deposits and craters. "...

Lead and cadmium can contaminate your beverages from microwave-heated ceramic cups, reveals study


Cadmium is used to give pottery bright colors, while lead is used to make glazes appear shiny. However, whether they’re painted in bright shades or they’re plain white, they could still be leaching lead or cadmium. "...

Here's a laundry list of the disease-fighting effects of anthocyanins


Additionally, anthocyanin is also responsible for the bright colors of fruits, as well as flowers, which attracts animals and insects that help in pollination. ... Sources include: NaturalHealth365.com BrightFocus.org DocsOpinion.com TandFOnline.com DonnieYance.com BBCGoodFood.com Previous :Potent medicinal herbs that relieve pain Next : A compound from the cheese fruit found to demonstrate anti-cancer properties - More news on anthocyanin Eating blueberries reduces heart ...

McDonald's now harming children with happy meal toys, not just the toxic ingredients


The kid's pedometer came in six bright colors and was part of their Rio Olympics healthy lifestyle campaign to get kids moving. "...