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Thinking of cosmetic surgery? Think again because this is what the mainstream medical industry WON'T tell you


For instance, said Alvarez, Brazilian butt lifts have really grown in popularity in recent years. ... According to one plastic surgery site, fat transfer for Brazilian butt lifts can result in excessive loss of blood, blood clots, deep vein thrombosis, infection, necrosis (death of fat tissue), and other serious risks.” "...

Leftist Canadian politician calls for government to seize private hospitals, staff and equipment to help fight the coronavirus


Nadeau-Dubois expressed outrage when he was able to get an appointment to get a “Brazilian butt augmentation” from a private clinic within days after calling, while intensive care units in public hospitals all across the French-speaking province are supposedly overwhelmed due to the coronavirus pandemic. "...

Not just muscle strength: Muscle power also a must to enjoy a longer life


A Brazilian-led study suggests doing muscle power exercises as well to extend their lifespans. ... For each rep, he lifts the weight as quickly as possible before slowly bringing it back down to its original position. "...

Eighty Percent of Facelift Surgery Infections are MRSA


Only one prior study, conducted more than 10 years ago, has been conducted on surgical-site infection rates for face lifts.. ... Judge orders citizens to pay for sex-reassignment surgery for imprisoned murderer, claims free cosmetic surgery is a constitutional right People are spending thousands on risky cosmetic genital surgeries Testament to our electronic age - chin implants on the rise Adult entertainer found guilty for helping another woman get deadly butt injections Natural ...

Testament to our electronic age - chin implants on the rise


Narcissistic cosmetic plastic surgery fads Breast augmentation, face lifts and nose jobs (rhinoplasty) have been with us for decades. Movie actors and entertainers have often resorted to face lifts and breast augmentation to maintain an appealing or youthful sexy appearance. "...

The Importance of a Food Plan and Diary by Expert Jill Fleming


I'm standing in line at the grocery store and I'm squeezing my butt muscles together, my butt cheeks, my gluteous maximus. ... Jill: Well, people can't tell that you're doing it when you're standing in line at the grocery store flexing your butt muscles. "...

How to Tone Thighs and Lose Inches for Summer the Natural Way


How to Tone your Thighs and Lose Inches Proper nutrition is vital to get rid of the fat and tone the muscles, including hips, butt, and thighs . ... Since water provides resistance, simple leg exercises in the pool such as leg lifts, jumping jacks, breast stroke and jogging in the water (without feet touching the bottom) will give legs much needed workout. "...

Bob Saget died shortly after bragging he loved taking COVID shots


“I should have gotten it in my arm, but I got it in my butt.” > TODAY’S NEW EP— I talk to callers, all with funny or touching stories…I surprised Elizabeth and her super-fan dad, Karen tells me of nightmare Tinder matches, and Sam the DJ who called hungover. ... Reiner Fuellmich: Latest bombshell about COVID vaccines will dismantle Big Pharma You know the global elites are triggered when the propaganda institutions collaborate to refute “mass formation psychosis” Bob Saget died shortly after ...

Cannabis phytochemicals found to be effective in destroying leukemia cells


Sources include: DailyMail.co.uk MedicalNewsToday.com Health.com Spandidos-Publications.com Previous :“Butt” of course: Man sticks drinking glass in anus for sexual stimulation; needed surgery after it broke Next : Dietitian singles out ground-up insects in red velvet cupcakes as the cause for growing food allergies - More news on cancer Stopping 5G rollout will protect the public from harmful radiation that can cause CANCER and DNA DAMAGE Rush Limbaugh says conventional cancer treatments ...

Latin American countries raise alarms about Brazil as border towns report spikes in new coronavirus cases


Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro remains fiercely opposed to lockdown measures despite the grim figures. ... Sources include: Bloomberg.com LifeGate.com Coronavirus.JHU.edu News.com.au RepublicWorld.com NYTimes.com TheGuardian.com Previous :Coronavirus update: Russia has over 240,000 cases as Putin lifts lockdown Next : China goes on the charm offensive with “mask diplomacy” in Europe – but not everyone’s buying it - More news on badhealth Coronavirus pandemic linked to increase ...

Coronavirus updates: Global caseload now over 4.2 million, Wuhan orders tests for ALL residents, South Korea battles new cases


The move, however, has put the states in the crosshairs of Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro, who has downplayed the severity of the coronavirus and has pushed for the country to reopen – despite having over 178,000 confirmed coronavirus cases, the highest in South America. ... Sources include: Coronavirus.JHU.edu StraitsTimes.com Bloomberg.com NYTimes.com TheEpochTimes.com CBC.ca WSJ.com Previous :Italy emerged from lockdown last week – and people are already flouting social distancing ...

CDC, FDA, NIH workers did not report incidents of political interference, 'fearing retaliation' + more


Philly Lifts Mask Mandate, Hours After Mayor Jim Kenney Defended It The Philadelphia Inquirer reported: > Philadelphia’s Board of Healthrescinded its indoor mask mandate Thursday night — three days after it went into effect, and hours after Mayor Jim Kenney defended the controversial policy that made his city an outlier in the national COVID-19 response. > > The city still strongly recommends masking in indoor public spaces, city spokesperson Kevin Lessard said. > > Officials from the Philadelphia ...

Cancer “kill switch” discovered: Scientists have figured out how to make cancer cells “commit suicide” simultaneously


Sources include: Mic.com FoodMatters.com Previous :Sweet drinks found to alter DNA expression in children, making them more vulnerable to disease Next : Eyes, heart, butt: All are in danger from your desk job – here’s what you can do about it - More news on cancer Stopping 5G rollout will protect the public from harmful radiation that can cause CANCER and DNA DAMAGE Rush Limbaugh says conventional cancer treatments FAILED, stage 4 cancer went terminal Some physicians refuse to promote healthy ...

Music Possesses an Amazing Healing Power


Immediately after surgery a live harpist played at his bedside, followed by the undulating strains of a Brazilian guitarist playing nearly nonstop from a CD player. ... Purple Songs Can Fly symbolically lifts the child, flying and soaring, above the obstacles of their illness and provides a tangible symbol of the hope for healing. "...

Woman news, articles and information:


Adult entertainer found guilty for helping another woman get deadly butt injections 2/12/2014 - America is a large country, and it is filled with all kinds of folks. That includes individuals who wind up in trouble with the law for, of all things, helping someone get butt injections. "...