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LGBT FURY: CrossFit branch shuts down following cancellation of LGBTQ "Pride Workout"


Brandon Lowe, owner of the now-defunct CrossFit Infiltrate gym in Indiana’s capital city, was apparently never told about this Pride Workout event, which was set to take place right before the Indy Pride parade that took place in the city’s downtown on Saturday, June 7. ... Sources for this article include: CBSLocal.com NaturalNews.com Previous :Girls’ track meet records are being blown away by transgender biological boys who now claim to be “girls” Next : Growing number of lawmakers ...

Crazy, intolerant Leftists attack Twitter CEO for eating at Chick-fil-A


Had Dorsey not apologized, however, he may have faced the fate of CrossFit Chief Knowledge Officer Russell Berger, who was fired from his job in early June, after tweeting support for CrossFit Infiltrate owner Brandon Lowe. ... For daring to cross the LGBT mafia and its obsession with pride, Lowe was essentially forced to shut down his gym, and Berger, who lauded Lowe for acting on his convictions, was removed from his corporate leadership position. "...

More than 400 Yale students sign letter against alliance defending freedom appearing on campus


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