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Warning issued over health consequences of genetically modified dogs


brachycephalic dogs , bulldogs , dog breeders , dogs , flat-faced dogs , genetic engineering , genetic modification , genetically modified dogs , GMO dogs , pugs - (Natural News ) There is no shortage of cute animal pictures on the internet, and even those of us who do our best to avoid social media have seen more than our fair share of the celebrity du jour posing with their designer pets. ... Sources include: Telegraph.co.uk ITV.com Previous ...

Make your DOG your workout buddy: Fitness instructor has developed an exercise routine for you AND your best friend


Keep in mind that dogs are built differently from people . While we sweat from almost all areas of our body, dogs only sweat from parts that aren’t covered in fur, such as their paw pads and noses. ... Dogs with shorter legs (e.g. Corgis, Basset Hounds, and Dachshunds) aren’t made for too much running, neither are Brachycephalic breeds or dogs with shortened skulls (e.g. "...



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