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Democrats are planning to import 50,000 “climate refugees” per year, destroying American job opportunities and culture


Now that President Trump’s border fences are going up and border security arrangements with other countries including Mexico are dramatically lowering illegal immigration, Democrats are devising a work-around: They are planning to import third-world impoverished individuals by the tens of thousands by calling them “climate refugees.” ... Recall that several political analysts have said they believe that President Trump swamped Hillary Clinton in 2016 almost solely on his ...

HYPOCRISY: Democrats now demanding barriers for Capitol yet oppose Mexico border wall


In the op-ed article, Carlson argued that border fences were less racist compared to walls as these were “much easier to climb over.” He elaborated: “Fences are the perfect solution if you’re trying to pretend you care about border security, while simultaneously encouraging much of the third world to move [to the U.S.] without permission.” "...

They're racist! No more walls for borders, prisons, homes, offices, or bathrooms at retail stores (humor)


All these rich celebrities and politicians think they’re better than everyone else, and they live in these mansions with huge walls and massive border fences around their property. ... No more fences for cattle ranches and no more walls or cages at zoos Since wild animals are “wild” they should all roam free. "...

Democrats finally reveal their true agenda: Giving illegals the “right” to vote proves the party cares more about them than you


Democrats finally reveal their true agenda: Giving illegals the “right” to vote proves the party cares more about them than you Thursday, March 14, 2019 by: JD Heyes 2020 election , border security , civil war , conflict , democrats , election fraud , far Left , For the People Act , GOP , H.R. 1 , illegal alien voters , Illegal aliens , illegal immigration , left cult , migrants , Open Borders , President Trump , Republicans , vote fraud Bypass censorship by sharing this link: https://www....

If border walls are immoral like Nancy Pelosi says, are all of these countries immoral too?


If border walls are immoral like Nancy Pelosi says, are all of these countries immoral too? ... What’s more, border walls and/or fences have greatly expanded since the end of World War II, when there were seven. "...

Defensive gardening: How to protect your home garden from various threats


Make sure that the top edge of the netting is buried, and the netting sheets run down the slope, not across it. ... Using aluminum, bricks, cinder blocks, and concretes – instead of highly flammable materials, such as wooden furniture, fences, and decks can also help. "...

Remain self-sufficient during the coronavirus pandemic by growing vegetables in buckets


Use drainage material like lightweight hardwood bark nuggets, small rocks or gravel to give each bucket a compact, loose edge that facilitates passage of air and water through the open spaces between them. ... Use stakes or relocate your buckets to fences or trellis that will support your heavier plants. "...

Radiation-induced mutation breeding of plants was precursor to modern-day GMOs


Fences and alarms were installed to keep others from wandering in. Obviously, they knew of the dangers, but assumed it would be okay to radiate food plants. The plants being radiated would be in wedges with the largest part at the edge of the circle and the smallest part in the center. "...

Amazon caught selling portable concentration camps to imprison children at the border... cue HYSTERIA


Amazon caught selling portable concentration camps to imprison children at the border… cue HYSTERIA Monday, June 18, 2018 by: Mike Adams Amazon , children , concentration camps , detection centers , fake news , Illegal aliens , Jeff Bezos , Journalism , mass hysteria , migrants , President Trump , refugees - (Natural News ) If you’ve paid any attention to the deranged left-wing media lately, you’ve no doubt heard absurd claims that the Trump administration is running “concentration camps” ...

Dig reveals 2,600-year-old military castle that withstood "serious" attacks


Estimated to be 2,600 years old, the “castle” acted as the gateway to the border between the modern-day nations of Egypt and Iran. ... “Pottery and dem were built inside the walls of the fences at regular distances, perhaps the purpose of reducing pressure on the 11 M Castle Wall Body, and maybe these rooms are also used as rainwater banks and are a feature of architecture during the Zionist era,” explained Khader. "...

Sea Water Applications for Drinking, Gardening, and Growing Crops


They know where to go and it's often why you'll see cattle and horses sticking their heads through fences. ... To find out more aboutabundance, optimum health and self motivation click here ... or you're interested in the vegan and raw food diet and cutting edge holistic nutrition click here . "...