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Use Tips from David Wolfe to Increase Bone Density


The well-known author and supporter of the raw-vegan lifestyle, David Wolfe (www.davidwolfe.com ) states that, "Calcium does not build bones. ... He states that silicon and magnesium are the keys to increasing bone density. So, stop taking calcium and start taking silicon and magnesium to increase your bone density. "...

Omega-3 fatty acids boost bone density in men


The objective was to quantify a relationship between the levels of omega-3 fatty acids and bone density. ... Higher bone density in youth can decrease the chances of brittle bones or osteoporosis later in life. "...

Potassium supplements boost bone density in women, prevent osteoporosis


Older women who take potassium citrate supplements can increase their bone density, reducing the risk of osteoporosis, according to new research appearing in the Journal of the American Society of Nephrology. ... The group taking the potassium citrate (base) supplements experienced a one percent increase in bone mineral density in the lumbar spine area, as well as a one percent increase in bone density in the hips. "...

11 Natural ways to boost your bone density and overall health


Along with calcium, magnesium and zinc help support bone health and maintain bone density. ... Manage your weight and follow a balanced diet to boost bone density. Avoid a low-calorie diet Not consuming enough calories may cause health problems, such as bone density loss. "...

Better bone density achieved by simply eating more dried plums


They lose an average of three to five percent of bone density each year during the first five to seven years of menopause. ... Next : Medicinal food: Aronia berry found to have an anti-diabetic effect - More news on bone density 11 Natural ways to boost your bone density and overall health Prevent osteoporosis and boost bone health with vitamin E Falls, inactivity and lifestyle habits: 10 Risk factors that can increase osteoporosis risk ...

Natural grape compound resveratrol increases bone density in obese men


The results of a recent study suggest that a naturally occurring compound found in red wine could help treat osteoporosis , a condition in which our bones become weak and brittle, making them more susceptible to breaks and fractures. ... Through a randomized and double-blinded trial involving a placebo, scientists analyzed bone mineral density and signs of bone formation and resorption in overweight men 66 years of age. "...

Red clover improves blood flow, bone density and alleviates menopause symptoms


Red clover improves blood flow, bone density and alleviates menopause symptoms Wednesday, February 26, 2014 by: P. ... They immediately noted that the herb's isoflavones contributed to major improvements in not only blood flow and tissue integrity, but most importantly bone density. "...

Cadmium toxicity causes bone cells to self-destruct, reduces bone density and leads to disease


Two journal-published studies, one from China in 2004 and the other from the USA in 2007, reported that cadmium exposure effected measured reductions in bone density, osteoporosis, increased fractures in areas where cadmium pollution is high, and renal (kidney) dysfunction. ... See heavy metals lab results for off-the-shelf foods, superfoods, herbs, supplements and more at: Sources for this article include: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] - Follow real-time breaking news headlines ...

Probiotics are not only powerful gut-healers - they improve bone density, study shows


A doctor of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) once told this author that "disease begins in the gut." ... The researchers discovered that male mice had improved bone density after ingesting Lacobacillus reuteri, but oddly; female mice did not demonstrate improved bone density. "...

Use whole body vibration exercise for weight loss, bone density and muscle building


The Russians also used vibrations on cosmonauts in their space program to counter the negative effects of zero gravity such as loss of bone density and muscle mass. ... Whole body vibration has been used to build bone density, lose weight, pack on muscle , relieve back pain and alleviate stress and arthritis. "...

Relieve joint and muscle pain, maintain healthy bone density with high doses of vitamin D


A recent study published in the journal Breast Cancer Research and Treatment has found that taking high doses of vitamin D can help relieve the joint and muscle pain caused by taking aromatase inhibitor drugs for breast cancer. The research, which appears to apply generally to joint and muscle pain, also helps confirm that vitamin D helps to maintain bone density and prevent bone loss. "...

Vitamin E found to have bone health benefits: Research finds it improves bone density in postmenopausal women


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Phosphoric acid causes kidney disease, lowers bone density, is in Coca-Cola, despite label 'no artificial flavors, no preservatives'


Phosphoric acid causes kidney disease, lowers bone density, is in Coca-Cola, despite label 'no artificial flavors, no preservatives' Friday, August 29, 2014 by: L.J. ... On top of that, phosphoric acid lowers bone density and causes kidney disease. So is the new Coca-Cola label claim a downright lie? "...

Go Mediterranean after menopause: Good for more than your heart, the diet is linked to better bone density and higher muscle mass


A study suggested that in addition to its heart-healthy benefits, the Mediterranean diet can also support the bone density and muscle mass of postmenopausal women . ... Bone scans were conducted in order to determine their bone mineral density, total body fat, and appendicular lean mass. "...

Study: Exercise preserves bone mineral density in dieters


New research appearing in the Dec. 11 issue of the journal Archives of Internal Medicine found that overweight people who restrict calories to lose weight experience greater loss of bone mineral density than those who exercise for weight loss. ... The exercising group experienced no such bone mineral density loss, while the control group lost neither weight nor bone density. "...

Red Clover Shown to Improve Bone Mineral Density and Lower LDL Cholesterol


Red Clover Shown to Improve Bone Mineral Density and Lower LDL Cholesterol Monday, December 15, 2008 by: Barbara L. ... Earlier studies have also suggested that red clover isoflavones can slow bone loss and boost bone mineral density in pre and perimenopausal women. "...

Meta-analysis of observational studies suggest tea consumption can improve bone mineral density


Seven studies on bone mineral density showed that bone mineral density increased with tea consumption, while the remaining nine studies on fracture reported that tea consumption did not affect osteoporotic fracture. The results of the meta-analysis show that tea consumption could increase bone mineral density. "...

Radiation therapy causes sharp bone loss in animal experiments


A study of mice exposed to a single therapeutic dose of radiation found that they lost as much as 39 percent of the spongy, internal area of their bones, known as the trabecular bone. ... According to the researchers - who admitted surprise that the radiation had affected the spongy trabecular bone rather than the dense outer cortical bone - the significant loss makes for a less-efficient bone support structure, leaving the bone more vulnerable to fractures....

The manufacturing of bone diseases: The story of osteoporosis and osteopenia


Bone Mineral Density Is NOT Equivalent to Bone Strength As you can see there are a number of insurmountable problems with the WHO’s definitions, but perhaps the most fatal flaw is the fact that the DXA is only capable of revealing the mineral density of the bone, and this is not the same thing as bone quality/strength. ... Indeed, in some cases having higher bone density indicates that the bone is actually weaker. "...

Beyond calcium: 6 Supplements that promote bone health


If this pattern continues, bone density loss occurs. Vitamin C is also necessary for collagen production. As an antioxidant, vitamin C protects the bones from losing bone density and reducing turnover. "...