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Two Chinese real estate giants face financial disaster: Kaisa and Evergrande


Evergrande’s bondholders said on Tuesday, Dec. 7, that their interest payments have yet to arrive. ... Bondholders offload shares as Chinese property developers near financial collapse Meanwhile, panicked bondholders offloaded shares amid fears that some of China’s biggest property developers are close to a financial collapse . "...

Failsafe activated: Rich are getting richer while the market system is failing, thanks to bail-ins and bailouts


Banks use money from their unsecured creditors, including depositors and bondholders, to restructure their capital and stay afloat. "...

Evergrande’s future in limbo amid debt repayment default


Evergrande’s future in limbo amid debt repayment default Sunday, December 12, 2021 by: Kevin Hughes chaos , China , crash , creditors , default , Evergrande , Evergrande Group , finance , Hui Ka Yan , offshore bondholders , property developer , property sector , repayment , risk , stock exchange , Xi Jinping Bypass censorship by sharing this link: https://www.afinalwarning.com/577001.html Copy URL - (Natural News ) Uncertainties surround the future of Chinese property giant Evergrande Group ...

Governments on road to collapse as global supply chain crisis, inflation worsen; Sri Lanka now suspending foreign debt payments


All payments to bondholders, bilateral creditors and institutional lenders that are currently outstanding have been suspended until the Finance Ministry can arrange a debt restructuring plan, according to a Tuesday statement. "...

Chinese developer Evergrande misses bond payment, default "inevitable" (now officially declared)


Evergrande still has hundreds of billions of additional payments coming due over the next several years, but is unable to pay even a measly $85.2 million to offshore (dollar) bondholders right now. "...

Evergrande has officially defaulted: now what?


Evergrande’s default probably happened months ago , but it is only now being admitted publicly after the company missed yet another bond payment to offshore (dollar) bondholders. "...

China's bond market implosion now a financial CONTAGION as debt defaults spread


Fears continue to grow about a financial “contagion” event that many believe will eventually spread far outside of China as offshore bondholders become bag holders. "...

World Bank "pandemic bonds" may explain why the WHO has yet to declare the coronavirus a "pandemic" ... even as it spreads to over 60 countries


Armstrong noted further that it is in the global health organization’s interest to make the declaration, but in doing so, bondholders would suffer significant losses. "...

Ponzi: Treasury issues $1T in new debt to pay old debt


"If U.S. bondholders decided that they wanted to be repaid rather than continuing to roll over their investments, we could unexpectedly dissipate our entire cash balance." "...

Palmer House Hilton hotel hit with foreclosure, the latest blow to the industry by the coronavirus


Wells Fargo filed the foreclosure action as the trustee representing bondholders. "...