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Bank of Japan is buying up it's own government's debt: Bond holdings top 50% for first time


Bank of Japan is buying up it’s own government’s debt: Bond holdings top 50% for first time Monday, July 04, 2022 by: Cassie B. ... Sources for this article include: ZeroHedge.com Asia.Nikkei.com Previous :51 Migrants died in sweltering tractor-trailer in San Antonio; TX governor blames Biden Next : Major crypto hedge fund Three Arrows Capital files for bankruptcy and fires 25% of workforce as crypto implosion spreads - More news on bank of Japan Bank of Japan is buying ...

Aussie central bank goes BUST, declaring wiped-out reserves and bond losses


For the bond buying, the central bank bought Australian government bonds and semi-government securities in the secondary market to lower interest rates on bonds maturing between five and 10 years out,” McMillan explained. ... In that sense, the RBA’s bond buying “broadly achieved its aims,” she concluded. "...

Central banks are willing to destroy the global economy if it means saving the stock market


The Federal Reserve followed suit, and now we have this unlimited bond-buying program.” Bond-buying plan also a way to prop up indebted governments Economists everywhere believe this bond-buying tool will only lead to disaster. "...

Failsafe activated: Rich are getting richer while the market system is failing, thanks to bail-ins and bailouts


Mannarino, an active and full time trader , noted that central banks are buying all the debt. ... According to Mannarino, the European Central Bank (ECB) is now involved in an unlimited bond-buying program and the Federal Reserve is following suit. "...

Trading of Evergrande shares HALTED as Ponzi collapse spreads, bond holders left as bag holders


During the first half of 2021, 12 different real estate companies reported bond defaults due to all this. ... The Chinese government has made it clear that its own population will be taken care of first, leaving offshore bond holders with nothing. "...

A real-life example of a gross loss in purchasing power


The teller logged on to the Treasury site (they actually call it “negotiating” the bond, ha) and informed us “a $100 bond can be cashed in today for $157.76.” ... Consider further that gold is a static metal that doesn’t earn interest, while a bond supposedly accrues, and compounds, interest. "...

China's bond market implosion now a financial CONTAGION as debt defaults spread


China’s 10-year government bond futures drop to three-month low amid liquidity drain To make matters worse, government bond futures in China plummeted to a three-month low as the country’s central bank drained liquidity rather than pumping more fake fiat into the mess like the U.S. always does. ... “The U.S. bailout (in 2008) helped banks by letting the property market tank while making bond holders and banks whole.” "...

Why did this reporter


A newly retrieved article by Bird that appeared on line at The Wall Street Journal on August 21, 2013, shows the reporter had also presciently made an early connection between the Federal Reserve ending its massive bond-buying program known as "quantitative easing" [QE] and a potential crash in the price of oil - a crash that has now cut the price of oil almost in half in the past six months. ... "Traders are worried that the end of the $85 billion-a-month bond-buying ...

Glenn Beck: An economic and financial hurricane is coming and Americans need to prepare for it


The Federal Reserve has signaled it will reverse its emergency bond-buying programs and shrink its balance sheet. The so-called quantitative tightening, or QT, is scheduled to begin this month and will ramp up to $95 billion a month in reduced bond holdings. "...

Concurrent deflation and hyperinflation will ravage the world


Additional trillions have been lost in bond markets. Bonds The 39 year bull market in bond prices (bear market in interest rates) has now come to an end. ... Many debtors, both sovereign and private will fail and bond rates will reach infinite levels as bond prices collapse. "...

The Federal Reserve hides price inflation, but why?


It can also opt to buy bonds: by influencing bond prices, the central bank can influence bond yields. ... This is why the Fed wants to dispel the notion of hiking interest rates soon: tapering would not result in an immediate upward pressure on the interest rates, and if investors willingly buy the bonds that the Fed is no longer interested in buying, or if the bond supply declines. "...

US economy crashes headlong into recession


Even the Fed didn’t seem to realize it was shunting its own recession meter.) > I gave all my readers a key for understanding the events that would come at the start of 2022 (Patrons first, of course): realize that the Fed would inevitably be relinquishing all of that control over bond yields when it stopped its QE bond purchases, which would allow the bond vigilantes to price in the inflation that the yield curve had been incapable of showing for the past two years…. ....

“Take the tragedy in Sri Lanka and multiply by ten”: The Fed just lobbed a financial nuke that will obliterate the global economy


Just twenty months ago – central bankers were offering to buy nearly every junk bond known to mankind, dramatically distorting the “true cost of capital.” ... With the low-income countries, debt risks and debt crises are not hypothetical – try buying oil in USD in an EM currency. "...

Fed survey shows Americans expect inflation to get worse


He has decided he wants to end the Fed’s bond-buying program sooner than planned, which could potentially lead to a faster-than-expected rise in interest rates. "...

Inflation climbed to 6.8% in November – highest rate in nearly 40 years


Aneta Markowska, the chief financial economist for the Jefferies Financial Group, blamed the inflation on more consumers buying more stuff. ... Fed officials are expected to do what Zaccarelli suggested and double the tapering off of bond purchases to $30 billion per month. "...

Our world of lies


Most likely the stock market fell because the Federal Reserve said it is halting its policy of printing money to support stock and bond prices. Instead, the Federal Reserve is going to sell stocks and bonds from its $9 trillion dollar portfolio built by buying stocks and bonds for more than a decade in order to support the New York Banks and Wall Street. "...

Higher interest rates, inflation weigh down housing market


Mortgage interest rates have not moved much this week, but that could change soon due to increasing bond market volatility. ... Pension funds are buying up entire neighborhoods of single family homes, contributing to America’s housing crisis . "...

Companies believe supply chain issues, labor shortages are main causes of inflation crisis


The Fed has been buying $120 billion in Treasury bonds and mortgage-backed securities since the spring of 2020. ... But Powell’s recent comments before Congress suggest that the central bank may make larger monthly reductions in the future so that the bond purchases can be ended earlier than the expected end-date of June 2022. "...

Major crypto hedge fund Three Arrows Capital files for bankruptcy and fires 25% of workforce as crypto implosion spreads


Sources include: TechCrunch.com CoinDesk.com Fortune.com Previous :Bank of Japan is buying up it’s own government’s debt: Bond holdings top 50% for first time - More news on bankruptcy Major crypto hedge fund Three Arrows Capital files for bankruptcy and fires 25% of workforce as crypto implosion spreads Sri Lanka on the brink of bankruptcy, faces food, fuel and medicine shortages If Coinbase goes bankrupt, all of its users’ funds could disappear The most epic and dangerous economic ...

July 22 is "doomsday" for Europe if Russian gas pipeline is not restarted


The rush for safe assets would also drive benchmark German bond yields to 0 percent. ... Gazprom declares it can no longer guarantee gas deliveries to Germany Next : In anticipation of widespread gas shortages, Germany announces “warm up spaces” for freezing citizens - More news on Collapse National railway strike APPROVED by locomotive union… all trains in America may HALT this coming Monday I stand with the farmers of the world protesting the Great Reset’s food agenda Obvious agenda: Biden ...