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British media runs with 'Putin replaced with body double' conspiracy theory


Just four days later, The Daily Mail reported that Putin actually appeared too spry, “animated” and “alert” on his visit to Iran and must have been replaced by a “body double,” according to Ukrainian intelligence. ... What we were told was Putin’s new signature limping and hobbling is now his uncharacteristic youthful spring in his step that can only be explained by him having a body double! "...

Ukraine claims that Vladimir Putin was replaced by a 'body double' during recent trip to Turkey, pushing propaganda narrative that claims Russian leader is sick


The country’s media went on to report that Budanov believes Putin sent a body double to the meeting instead. ... Sources include: DailyMail.co.uk NaturalNews.com Previous :Biden admin has refused to remove Chinese-made Huawei cellphone tower equipment believed capable of intercepting US nuclear communications Next : Global monkeypox study finds nearly all cases involve gay male sex, but “woke” researchers won’t admit it - More news on body double Ukraine claims ...

FAKE KAMALA GOT LOOMERED – Laura Loomer catches Kamala Harris BODY DOUBLE at Palm Beach polling place! (VIDEO - PHOTOS)


A fake Kamala Harris Body Double Got Loomered today at a Palm Beach polling place! ... Here is the video– Read more at: TheGatewayPundit.com Previous :Top coup experts training Left with revolutionary tactics ahead of election Next : Censorship by Big Tech is imperiling America’s democracy - More news on body double Ukraine claims that Vladimir Putin was replaced by a ‘body double’ during recent trip to Turkey, pushing propaganda narrative that ...

Relieve pain caused by tight hips with these 10 hip stretches


. - Raise your hips until it levels with your legs and torso. They should make a straight line. - Hold this position for a few seconds before gently lowering your hips on the mat. ... Double hip rotation - Lie on your back and spread your arms to the side, making a T-shape. - Bend your knees to make an upside-down L-shape from your hips. - Keep your knees together as you twist your hip to one side and your head in the opposite direction. - Hold this position for 30 seconds before ...

Survival 101: What to do after a nuclear blast


The flash from a nuclear explosion has a characteristic double pulse. It first flares bright, dims for a fraction of a second as the shockwave turns the air to plasma and hides the fireball. ... Since you turned to face it, your torso will help weigh you down so you don’t get picked up by the sudden wind. "...

Edward Szall claims there is a MASSIVE COVERUP regarding the murder of COVID researcher Dr. Bing Liu


“If it was just a murder – a double murder at that – it would have required more than just a month worth investigating. ... Gu shot him 10 times on the head, the torso and the extremities. First of all, that sounds like an assassination, a hit. "...

Merritt Medical Hour: Cory Hillis discusses the dangers of EMF on the human body – Brighteon.TV


These activated channels then trigger helpful or harmful effects in the human body. ... He previously shared that people used to think that only ionizing radiation could cause single or double-strand breaks in DNA within cells, but this is not the case. despite not causing the damage directly. "...

The FOREVER BATTLE: There is no time clock for when mRNA stops producing toxic spike proteins


Many scientists double as pharma shills, who will say (or read from a script/teleprompter) anything to sell the public on the old false mantra of “safe and effective.” ... This will tax the body and surely cause health detriment and a shortened lifespan, if true. "...

Biotechnology is being forced onto us without anyone knowing the consequences


(Article by Rhoda Wilson republished from Expose-News.com ) In 1953 the double helix molecular structure of DNA was discovered. ... No one knows how much the integrity of DNA and its expressions are involved in creating and maintaining the connection between mind and body. "...

Can a hysterectomy (the surgical removal of the uterus) negatively affect brain function?


Sunday, June 09, 2019 by: Edsel Cook bad doctors , badhealth , badmedicine , brain function , Dangerous Medicine , dementia , harmful medicine , hysterectomy , medical operation , Medical procedure , memory loss , mind body science , surgery , This article may contain statements that reflect the opinion of the author Bypass censorship by sharing this link: https://citizens.news/357194.html Copy URL - (Natural News ) The surgical removal of any organ is bound to cause a lot of health problems....

Lupus and mental health: New study discovers the disease doubles the risk of dementia, regardless of age


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Angry transgender sues psychiatrist after hormones and surgery destroyed her body through removal of healthy breasts and womb


She visited him because she was struggling with gender dysphoria and the feeling that she was a “male” stuck inside a female’s body. ... It was at this time that she decided to opt for a double mastectomy and a hysterectomy. "...

Body acupuncture found to improve post-stroke depression symptoms


The results of their study were published in The Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine. - Body acupuncture is an age-old therapy used in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). - To determine the effects of body acupuncture, the researchers recruited patients from the inpatient wards of the neurology and rehabilitation departments and conducted a single-blind double-simulated randomized controlled trial. - They enrolled 68 patients who met the criteria and randomly ...

California passes new law to protect abusive parents who mutilate their children in the name of transgenderism


Cole, like many others, now regrets her decision to get a double mastectomy. The day before SB 107 was passed, Cole testified for a second time before the Senate Judiciary Committee about how going trans has ruined her life. ... I was placed on puberty blockers and testosterone after expressing my gender dysphoria to my therapist, and I was approved for a double mastectomy all by the age of 15.” "...

Covid vaccines have killed at least three-quarters of a million people in the United States so far, and the body count keeps growing


Based on this methodology, it was determined that only about 34 percent of Americans drank the Kool-Aid, so to speak, and got the double dose of an mRNA (messenger RNA) injection as commanded by the Biden regime. ... Aseem Malhotra: The whistleblower who put the dangers of mRNA vaccines back in the news String of deaths among young Canadian doctors prompts call to end COVID-19 vaccine mandate Canada’s military to discharge unvaccinated soldiers despite withdrawal of vaccine mandates Tokyo ...

Full-body scanners used on air passengers may damage human DNA


Alexandrov (and colleagues) at the Center for Nonlinear Studies at Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico showed that these terahertz waves could "...unzip double-stranded DNA, creating bubbles in the double strand that could significantly interfere with processes such as gene expression and DNA replication." ... Radiology experts claim full-body scanners are safe Radiology experts are claiming that the radiation emitted from these full-body scanners is perfectly ...

Study: Supplementing with spirulina helps modulate body weight and appetite


The results led the researchers to conclude that spirulina supplementation (a gram per day for 12 weeks) could help in weight loss by modulating body weight and reducing appetite and serum lipids. ... THE EFFECTS OF SPIRULINA PLATENSIS ON ANTHROPOMETRIC INDICES, APPETITE, LIPID PROFILE AND SERUM VASCULAR ENDOTHELIAL GROWTH FACTOR (VEGF) IN OBESE INDIVIDUALS: A RANDOMIZED DOUBLE-BLINDED PLACEBO-CONTROLLED TRIAL. "...

Barefoot Sun Walking Heals the Body and Prevents Disease


Excess positive ions in the body are associated with disease and degenerative conditions. ... Summertime is an excellent opportunity to kick off your shoes and leverage these two free resources -the sun and the earth- in order to double your healing potential and positively impact your health. "...

Survival medicine: Relieve dry skin with this red clover salve


Ingredients: - 4 parts fresh red clover flowers or 2 parts dried red clover herb - 4 parts coconut oil - 1 part beeswax pellets or finely chopped beeswax pastilles - Other herbs, as desired - Water - Mason jar - Measuring cups - Measuring spoons - Fine mesh strainer - Double boiler or small cook pot Procedure: - Fill a double boiler or small cook pot with four inches of water. - Fill the mason jar with red clover herb and other herbs of your choice. - Pour coconut oil into the mason ...

Your Body… their Battlefield: COVID "vaccines" are biological warfare via 5 major fronts


Fuel prices have double and tripled in some arenas. Shipping costs have skyrocketed, even domestically. ... Graphene micro-device nano-bots (look like octopus) assemble inside the body #3. "...