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Candace Owens: George Floyd was a violent criminal felon, and racially-motivated police brutality against blacks is a fabricated media myth


Candace Owens: George Floyd was a violent criminal felon, and racially-motivated police brutality against blacks is a fabricated media myth Thursday, June 04, 2020 by: Mike Adams black america , Candace Owens , criminals , Fact Check , George Floyd , honest , Journalism , lies , Police brutality , Police Violence , propaganda , rioting , riots , truth , violence Bypass censorship by sharing this link: https://www.distributednews.com/429705.html Copy URL - (Natural News ) Candace Owens, one of the ...

St. Louis police captain’s murder by violent rioters captured on Facebook Live video


On June 1, police found Dorn’s body outside of Lee’s Pawn and Jewelry Store. He was shot in the torso at around 2:30 am and died on the sidewalk outside of the shop. ... He can be seen lying on the ground with blood running from his body; it’s not clear why the person recording the video didn’t try to intervene. "...

Pain under the shoulder blade: 7 Possible causes and how to prevent it


However, overuse of the torso can cause intense pain along the arms, shoulders and chest. ... Cervical herniated disc A cervical herniated disc occurs when the cushions between the vertebrae in the neck rupture and tear, causing pain and numbness throughout the torso. "...

Yoga for beginners: 7 poses even newbies can do


Take a deep breath, elongate your torso, and raise your arms, reaching for the ceiling with your fingertips. ... Exhale and bring down your upper body, extending and stretching your arms forward. "...

Belly fat begone! Top 10 most insane ways to eliminate belly fat without diet or exercise


Your entire torso can be surgically removed for just a few dollars out of pocket, and if you're concerned that your arms have so much droopy fat that they flutter in the wind like a sailboat sail, you can also have both arms removed for no extra cost! ... Have you ever noticed that aliens always grow in your torso and eat up all your belly fat before bursting out of your chest? "...

Where your low back pain is coming from and how to fix it


While seated, your thighs are at 90 degrees to your torso. This position mimics the action of the iliopsoas muscle , which is flexing the thigh. ... Once you can't slide any further, try to bring your torso to an upright position. "...

Five easy ways to detox lymph nodes and boost your immune system


Dry brushing vigorously on the arms, torso, and legs is also recommended for moving lymph. The brush stroke directions should go from neck and calves to torso. Herbs to help purify lymph Herbs and teas can be used to purify the lymph. "...

Texas Democrats paid homeless man to falsify ballots: Police body camera footage


Last week, The Gateway Pundit released police body camera footage that shows an officer talking to a homeless man named, Charles Jackson , a felon previously convicted of voter fraud in 2019, who claims Deborah Peoples and her associate Stuart Clegg paid him $200 for every ballot that he fraudulently acquired from elderly voters. ... Time to end election fraud Almost 15 million 2020 mail-in ballots unaccounted for The devastating reality of the Arizona forensic audit Judge ordered ballot ...

Commercially available exoskeletons should be used with caution by workers doing heavy lifting


They usually consist of a metal arm connected to a vest-like harness, which attaches the unit to the user’s upper body and torso. ... The stress on different muscles in the torso also increased by anywhere from 56 to 120 percent while using the exoskeleton. "...

Excess belly fat - How it happens and how to get rid of it for good


But it's possible to experience belly fat without being generally obese with fat enlarged torso, arms, and legs that demand waddling while walking. Your arms, upper torso, face, and legs can appear normal with an extended belly and expanded waistline. "...

The hows and whys of the perfect push-up


Tuck your elbows at a 20- to 40-degree angle close to your torso. Keep your shoulders down and prevent them shrugging towards your ears. Ensure that your hips and torso are straight. Like what was previously mentioned, the push-up is a whole-body workout. "...

Study shows 3 months of high-intensity exercise can help restore heart function in patients with Type 2 diabetes


Twist your torso from side to side. - Superman with lateral raises – Lie on your stomach and lift your arms and legs. ... After this, bend the knees toward the torso one at a time. - Flutter kicks – Lie on your back and crunch to lift your shoulders and head off the floor. "...

Relieve pain caused by tight hips with these 10 hip stretches


. - Raise your hips until it levels with your legs and torso. They should make a straight line. - Hold this position for a few seconds before gently lowering your hips on the mat. ... This lowers the upper body onto your forearms. - Repeat the to and fro motion for 60 seconds. "...

Need a workout that is quick and easy that you can do almost anywhere? Jumping rope gives you a full-body workout in 5 minutes


Do this for one minute. - Jump with torso rotations – As you jump, twist your torso, legs, and feet to the right. ... Jumping rope gives you a full-body workout in 5 minutes Sitting on a chair all day? "...

Revitalizing natural remedies for common complaints


The twisting motion of the torso in yoga can squeeze the intestines so that the stool loosens in the colon. Seated twist and supine twists are two yoga positions that incorporate twisting the torso. "...

Body snatchers: Bodies donated to research don't always reach the lab, according to new investigation


The investigation led the authorities to a suburban warehouse owned by Southern Nevada where they saw a man in medical scrubs, thawing a frozen human torso using a garden hose. ... The severed torso was just one of the body parts being sold by the facility. Body brokers are also known as non-transplant tissue banks – selling hearts, kidneys and tendons for transplant, which is illegal. "...

Surgeon leaves rolled-up towel inside chest cavity of patient


Not only did the surgeon leave a towel in the torso of this woman, he also blamed her condition, for the pain she was experiencing as a result. "...

Study finds mRNA material in BREAST MILK of vaccinated mothers


But Hanna added that the “real impact” of the study is how it proved that vaccine mRNA spreads throughout the body and how this can potentially be very harmful, especially for infants with developing immune systems. ... “Not only is this a disaster for babies, but it provides more evidence that the mRNA and lipid nanoparticles in the jabs are coming into contact with virtually every cell in the body,” wrote Baxter Dmitry for NewsPunch. "...

Experts unearth unique leather scale armor at 2,500-year-old Chinese burial site


According to a reconstruction of the body armor, it had an impressive 5,444 small leather scales and 140 larger scales that are likely made of cow rawhide. ... The armor mainly protects the wearer’s front torso, hips, left side and the lower back. "...