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Word Games:


Word Games: "Bail Out" Magically Transforms Into "Rescue" Overnight as MSM Follows Language Police Thursday, October 02, 2008 by Mike Adams , the Health Ranger Editor of NaturalNews.com (See all articles...) ... The Washington Post jumped on board (http://voices.washingtonpost.com/capitol-bri... ), then Reuters, the Associated Press and Bloomberg all fell into step within minutes, magically replacing "bail out" with "rescue" across all their articles. "...

Water, gardening, community and more: 11 Important tips for preppers


Entertainment should also be a part of your preps Toys and board games might seem unimportant, but having things that can entertain can improve your mental and emotional health when things are difficult or scary, especially if you are bugging in with young children. Here are some things to stock up on so you can stay entertained after SHTF : For young kids: - Children’s books - Coloring books - Frisbee - Games - Kites - Music - Pen and paper for drawing/doodling - Skipping ...

Feeling uninspired? Boost your creativity with these 9 activities


Board games and puzzles Board games are fun, and they help you bond with family and friends. ... Board games and puzzles also help improve your decision-making skills. Cooking Cooking alone can be a meditative experience. "...

Excessive use of video games, social media and the internet linked to poor academic performance


Social media, video games and video streaming, for instance, foster peer bonding and relationship building. ... Sources include: DailyMail.co.uk ScienceDirect.com ScienceDaily.com Previous :World’s most powerful magnet to be shipped to France for nuclear fusion experiment - More news on academic performance Excessive use of video games, social media and the internet linked to poor academic performance Indoor pollution in classrooms threatens the health of schoolchildren, scientists ...

Israel conducts nationwide "war games" to prepare for future post-vaccine COVID-19 outbreaks


The goal of the war games was also to figure out a way for Israel to deal with a new COVID-19 outbreak without economically sanctioning its citizens. ... The war games were conducted around the same time the government approved giving COVID-19 vaccines to children aged five to 11. "...

Virginia school board actually considering new curriculum that teaches kids there is NO such thing as “biological sex”


And the Fairfax School Board members need to find another line of work,” Ruse wrote. Apparently, the school board thinks the curriculum is just fine. Or, more correctly, the board believes that further corruption of traditional views on religion, families, and sexuality is not at all harmful to kids attending Fairfax County schools. "...

Marxist Democrats and their Pravda media are playing word games to deny Obama was “spying” on POTUS Trump’s 2016 campaign


Marxist Democrats and their Pravda media are playing word games to deny Obama was “spying” on POTUS Trump’s 2016 campaign Wednesday, May 30, 2018 by: JD Heyes 2016 election , American Pravda , CNN , corruption , deception , deep state , democrats , fake news , FBI , intelligence , investigation , Journalism , mainstream media , New York Times , news cartels , Obama Administration , Orwellian , political scandal , Pravda media , President Donald Trump , spy , Spygate , Trump campaign , Washington ...

Virtual pain relief: Researchers believe video games can reprogram your brain, or at least distract you


Virtual pain relief: Researchers believe video games can reprogram your brain, or at least distract you Monday, September 25, 2017 by: Michelle Simmons acute pain , brain programming , chronic pain , distraction , health technology , opioid alternative , pain relief , technology , Video Games , Virtual reality - (Natural News ) A recent study suggested that virtual reality games might help relieve pain by distracting players or by triggering changes in the brain, as reported ...

Survival 101: Preparing for a nuclear emergency


Before SHTF, make sure your “nuclear safe room” has enough survival basics for the whole family like a water purifier, water for drinking and hygiene, shelf-stable food, sanitation supplies, an indoor toilet and books, board games and other forms of entertainment. "...

Olympian Simone Biles being celebrated by warped left-wing counter culture for dropping OUT of Olympic games instead of competing


No question she’s one of the best in her sport and Team USA was lucky to have her on board — or so everyone thought until she just decided to quit mid-competition during the current games in Tokyo because she wasn’t having much success. ... Next : America’s debt bomb set to explode thanks to massive new spending as Democrats, Republicans eye more multi-trillion dollar “stimulus” packages - More news on apologists Olympian Simone Biles being celebrated by warped left-wing counter ...

Shocking scientific study concludes violent video games may REDUCE real-world violence by providing a safe outlet for aggression


(Related: Do violent video games affect empathy? This new study may surprise you .) ... The other benefits of video games Aside from helping individuals channel aggression, video games offer the following benefits : - Games can help reduce pain — Games are one way of escaping real-life challenges, and they may provide gamers with a sense of relief. - Games can help control your memory — Playing video games, such as a challenging puzzle, ...

After a stroke, brain exercise is key: Virtual reality training found to be effective supplemental therapy for regaining movement


(Related: Virtual pain relief: Researchers believe video games can reprogram your brain, or at least distract you .) ... Brain exercise is a primary factor in regaining movement after a stroke, and the following activities can help you relax and reduce tension in both the mind and body: - Aromatherapy - Hobbies like reading, solving word puzzles or playing board games - Positive self-talk - Meditation - Getting enough rest You can learn more about virtual reality applications ...

Home is where the heart is: Families who spend quality time at home are happier, says study


Home is where the heart is: Families who spend quality time at home are happier, says study Sunday, December 08, 2019 by: Grace Olson at home , community , discoveries , Families , family , family games , family leisure , family life , family time , family vacations , goodhealth , goodscience , happiness , happy family , happy lifestyle , home life , hurting families , leisure activities , mental health , quality time , research Bypass censorship by sharing this link: https://www.distributednews....

Bonding with your kids in today's tech-obsessed world


Many of us from an earlier generation have fond and funny memories of rousing games like Monopoly, Scrabble, or Yahtzee. It's time to dust of those old but still fun board games and introduce them to your kids . "...

Survival medicine: Basic tips and supplies for a pandemic


Having a bunch of board games, party games, and even video games can help keep everyone entertained. - Set up sanitation stations. "...

Not a single House Democrat supports freedom for unvaccinated Americans; the left wants constant "monitoring and prosecuting" for refuseniks


“For oligarchs it’s all fun and games. If you’re so rich and have access to everything and never have to do any honest work, you’ll start rotting and this is what you organize. You make books, movies and board games become alive.” More related news about the Democrats’ betrayal of Americans’ constitutional rights can be found at Treason.news . "...

Don't forget these 53 items when stocking up for emergencies


.) - Duct tape - Glue - Paracord - Sewing kit - Ziploc bags - Batteries - Lighters and matches - Pens, pencils, notepads and other writing materials - Cash on hand — $20 to $100 or more if you can afford it - Entertainment items like books, card games and board games It’s always important to stock up on the essentials, especially during SHTF scenarios like disease outbreaks and natural disasters. "...

Here are 9 ways to stay healthy at home during the coronavirus lockdown


Try brain-stimulating games such as : - Board games - Crossword puzzles - Online memory games - Scrabble - Sudoku - Word games Quit unhealthy habits like drinking and smoking Even without the coronavirus pandemic and enforced lockdowns, it’s a good idea to limit your alcohol consumption, a habit often associated with health problems. "...

Family columnist warns of 'electronic apocalypse' from online generation of electronics-addicted youth


Board games are great for creating that present moment, face-to-face interaction. "...

Reduce Your Risk of Alzheimer's Dementia


Reading, working crossword puzzles, and playing board games are a few examples of things that require concentration and preserve cognitive function. ... Follow real-time breaking news headlines on Dementia at FETCH.news The world of independent media, all in one place. - More news on dementia Woman cured of terminal vascular dementia with plant-based nutritional protocol Miracle: 101-year-old woman with dementia remains talented pianist, playing 400 songs by ear Dementia epidemic ...