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Is Whatfinger News the next Drudge Report? More news and more liberty WITHOUT all the Drudge attacks on nutrition and natural medicine


(Related: Twitter censors Drudge as outrageous “scorched earth” campaign against conservative voices accelerates .) ... “That happens often on other aggregates,” said Mike of news sites that sort of ‘trick’ readers into visiting a link that contains material they don’t want to read or patronize. "...

IT'S REAL: Science paper documents "self-assembled magnetic nanosystems" for cybernetic biocircuitry interface and control systems in humans, including "DNA hydrogel" tech


Every biological creature on Earth is a living example of self-assembly, by the way, since DNA is a self-assembled nanostructure. ... The paper focuses on, “Self-assembled magnetic nanomaterials (MNMs)” and details their use in biomedicine, writing: [M]agnetic fields have been widely used for nanomaterials assembled of one-dimensional (1D), two-dimensional (2D), and three-dimensional (3D) aggregates. "...

Environmental activists compile images of McDonald's balloons washing up on coastlines around the world


In particular, concerned campaigners from Blue Planet Society have called on McDonald’s branches in the U.K. to stop giving away balloons by collecting pictures of balloons from the fast-food giant that have washed up on beaches across the world. "...

A convergence of EVIL: Google, Amazon and Facebook use technology to enslave humanity, suppress knowledge and accelerate human suffering


. - Facebook follows a similar algorithmic censorship track, penalizing websites that dare talk about children being harmed by vaccines, science corruption in the genetic engineering industry, the dangers of pesticides or the scientifically validated benefits of carbon dioxide to planet Earth. ... For searching news and the independent media, use GoodGopher.com or read Censored.news each day, which aggregates headlines from the internet’s most censored indy news sites. ...

Stress news, articles and information:


Hugging is an immediate way for us to bond with loved ones, and virtually every culture on Earth appreciates the feelings of well-being that arise from a warm physical embrace. ... Protein tangles known as tau aggregates strangle neural synapses, blocking the vital flow of neurotransmitter and electrical signals necessary to form memories and personality.... "...

Protein news, articles and information:


Spirulina - the ultimate ocean protein 2/27/2014 - Is spirulina the best protein on Earth? ... Protein tangles known as tau aggregates strangle neural synapses, blocking the vital flow of neurotransmitter and electrical signals necessary to form memories and personality.... "...

Green news, articles and information:


Rise in carbon dioxide unleashing global greening, faster food production, reforestation and new vegetation across the planet 5/3/2016 - A new study shows that Earth's vegetated lands or surfaces covered in plant life have greened "significantly" over the last 35 years. ... If carbon dioxide is so bad for the planet, why do greenhouse growers buy CO2 generators to double plant growth? "...

Tea news, articles and information:


The herb has been praised for hundreds of years because of its effectiveness against a wide range of invasive organisms such as fungi, bacteria and... 8/21/2013 - Alzheimer's disease is characterized by an unnatural accumulation of amyloid plaque aggregates around nerve synapses that block the transmission of electrical and chemical transmitters that allow the brain to retain a high level of cognitive function and to store and retain memories. ... Five amazing herbal teas and the conditions ...



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