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David Hogg and other leftists think "coyotes" refers to PARENTS who smuggle their own children into the United States


Check out the graphic below showing all sorts of other blue checkmarks on Twitter hilariously freaking out about Trump’s use of the term coyote: > Tonight on blue checkmark twitter, they don’t know what coyotes are. > > (This isn’t even half of all I found ?) ... Last we checked, the word coyote has been used for decades to describe human trafficking, but since the blue checkmarks on Twitter have never heard of it, down it goes through the memory hole, ...

Mexican journalist exposes Joe Biden for signing compact that created influx of child trafficking, immigrant children in cages


According to El Blue, Obama and Biden’s signing of this compact created a “massive influx” of child trafficking, resulting in more than 20,000 children being locked in cages during Obama’s occupation of the White House. ... Far-left Antifa also involved in child trafficking syndicate created by Obama, Biden Contrary to the stupidity demonstrated by Twitter’s infamous “blue checkmarks” following Trump’s debate comments about coyotes – no, Trump was not talking about actual ...

NewsGuard browser filter validated all sources pushing Russian collusion hoax... while banning all independent media sources that got the story right


Similar to how Twitter gives blue checkmarks to “official” Twitter accounts run by deep state operatives and Hollywood celebrities, whose opinions align with the official narrative, NewsGuard had one purpose: to sway as many internet users as possible to reject honest reporting as “fake,” and to accept the lies as “truth.” ... “Every journalist who pushed the Russiagate hoax has a blue checkmark on Twitter,” says Bokhari. "...

General Mills, purveyor of genetically modified processed junk food cereals, pulls ads from Twitter following Musk takeover


By all appearances, Musk does not plan to change much, if anything, except to perhaps start charging users a monthly fee for “verified” blue checkmarks and maybe allowing Donald Trump to rejoin following the midterm election cycle. "...

Twitter complicit in calling for direct physical violence against innocent Catholic schoolboys... tech giants now openly advocating for mob violence


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Why censorship is so dangerous: Because the "Twitter mob" is now dictating public policy


Twitter users, and especially those with blue checkmarks Perhaps the biggest irony in all of this is the fact that the very same people who have been screaming the loudest about how the Trump presidency “threatens democracy” are now themselves completely dismantling the democratic process and replacing it with what amounts to Twitter mob rule. "...

If Hitler ran Twitter, he would run it exactly the same way as Jack Dorsey, with secret de-platforming orders, covert shadow banning and zero transparency


Twitter users who align with Dorsey’s views are given little blue checkmarks next to their names, allowing them unlimited free speech without restriction. "...

ANALYSIS: Biden regime to wage WAR OF TERROR against America as punishment for voting red


Hear today’s hard-hitting podcast below: – Election chaos is being planned as Dems desperately try to STEAL again – They may steal in PLAIN SIGHT to provoke a conservative uprising – If GOP sweeps the House and Senate, Biden regime will unleash terror – Watch fuel prices skyrocket, more food infrastructure shutdowns – Biden promises to HALT all drilling, and END all coal – America will be plunged into a third world existence if Dems aren’t stopped – Emergency diesel fuel declarations have been issued ...



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