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Experimental covid vaccines are bioweapon delivery systems that flood vital organs and the blood stream with inflammatory spike proteins


Experimental covid vaccines are bioweapon delivery systems that flood vital organs and the blood stream with inflammatory spike proteins Friday, June 11, 2021 by: Lance D Johnson badhealth , badmedicine , badscience , biological weapons , biowarfare , bioweapon delivery systems , bioweapons , blood brain barrier , Blood clots , brain bleed , brain damage , bribery , cardiovascular damage , central nervous system , cerebral edema , coercion , Dangerous Medicine ...

Plasma donation impairs the circulation


Without exception, any infection or disease process will be marked by a diminished level of this incredible blood plasma protein in the blood stream. ... Albumin holds most of the water in your blood stream, keeping your blood from total collapse at all times. "...

Plasma donation may result in premature natural death


Normally there is a very dynamic exchange of the liquid portion of your plasma between your blood stream and your tissues. Water irrigates from the arterial side and straight across into the venous side with extreme ease (when the blood stream is properly constituted). "...

Conquer Candida naturally


The worst part is that it emits over 70 different toxins into the blood stream and body. ... When Candida eats it releases toxic metabolites that acidify the blood stream and damage tissues. "...

Author Dr. Doug Graham (Part II): Fats, Sugars and Your Body


We do so through the delivery system of the blood stream. When we want to get more sugar to the blood through the blood stream, out of the blood stream, to the cells, this is done through a carrier system, essentially a doorman, that we call insulin, produced by the pancreas. ... There is a microbe that lives in the blood stream that literally consumes the excess sugar. "...

Scientists find that eating more berries is a powerful way to avoid diabetes


The food you eat contains sugar, which is distributed into your blood stream after digestion. Usually, this sugar doesn’t just stay in your blood stream. Your body produces a hormone called insulin to transfer the sugar from your blood into your cells and turn it into energy. "...

Yeast and chronic inflammation


Any "foreign chemical" in the blood stream will create an inflammatory reaction that can be measured by various blood tests. ... Such a phenomenon is called "leaky gut" - a superhighway to the blood stream with nothing to block toxins trickling across the gut lining. "...

Diet helps combat acne


This is because they hit the blood stream at a much more controlled pace than refined grains. ... The fiber helps to slow the absorption of the high sugar foods into the blood stream, therefore lessening their overall glycemic impact. "...

Compound found in broccoli, cabbage and avocado could slow down aging


Once the NMN was mixed with water and given to the mice, it quickly reached the blood stream. As the NMN reaches the blood stream, it is rapidly converted into NAD. In the clinical trials , the scientists observed that the mice we experiencing positive effects with regard to immune function, insulin levels, body weight, eyesight, liver function, bones and skeletal muscles. "...

Medicine From Fish: How to reverse disease with therapeutic protein page 3


You are saying that previously, conventional doctors thought that these peptides were molecularly too large to be absorbed into the blood stream through the intestinal wall, correct? ... Mike: You are saying that the new research shows these are, in fact, passed through the wall into the blood stream intact as peptides? "...

Part II: Understand Your Metabolic Type


They do not get a quick release of glucose into their blood stream but instead they have a sustained release over time when they eat carbohydrates. ... As long as insulin is elevated in the blood stream the body cannot effectively burn fat for fuel. "...

Natural Ways Control Your Blood Sugar


Vegetables are a great food choice because they contain natural fiber, which helps slow the release of insulin into the blood stream. ... Their density and fiber content help slow the release of carbohydrates and sugars into the blood stream. "...

Pain and its lymphological relief


Think of these sensors as an alarm for the blood stream. 2) Most times, pain can be quickly and easily relieved naturally (without pain killers) by mitigating inflammation and hastening the withdrawal of any (toxic) excess fluids, thereby returning the tissues to the same state that they were in before any tissue injury. ... The poisons then dilate the blood capillaries, causing a certain amount of blood proteins and water to escape (from the blood stream) ...

N-acetyl cysteine for detoxification, cognitive protection and more


When administered, it has demonstrated liver detoxification benefits, and helps to remove environmental contaminants and toxins from the blood stream. ... It is also used as a detoxification measure for aluminum and other heavy metal exposure since it is very effective at removing these toxins from the organs and the blood stream. "...

Why you should choose sodium lauryl sulfate free hair and body care


It has the ability to easily penetrate the dermal layers and enter the blood stream. ... When you use products with both SLS and other chemical toxins and preservatives, you are inviting these other toxins to more easily penetrate the skin and enter the blood stream. "...

Raw goat's milk offers many benefits


Goat's milk alkalizes the digestive system and also helps to increase the ph level in the blood stream. ... When entering the blood stream, this enzyme can cause tissue on the heart to scar that results in the liver supplying more cholesterol in order to protect the heart. "...

Try natural hair coloring alternatives


It is capable of absorbing, and passing along to the blood stream, anything that comes into contact with it. Anything that you put on your skin or your scalp will absorb into your blood stream. "...

Grapes Offer Natural Cures for Gout and Rheumatoid Arthritis Pain Relief


It has recently been recognized that adding grapes to the diet can also lower uric acid in the blood stream helping to prevent gout. ... Uric acid crystals, formed as a result of lowered kidney function, are dissolved in alkaline urine, allowing them to be removed from the blood stream and preventing deposits in the joints of gout patients. "...

Supplements that give your brain the boost it needs


When the gut is damaged, it allows food particles to cross into the blood stream where the immune system creates an inflammatory attack. ... The parasites and opportunistic bacteria release toxins into the blood stream that get into the brain and cause inflammation leading to poor memory, brain fog and advanced states of brain degeneration. "...

Nosodes: The Homeopathic Alternative to Vaccines - by Celeste Yarnall, Ph.D


For instance, the nosode, distemperinum may be used to treat distemper and the immune response to this or any nosode offers a more natural response to disease without the introduction of killed or modified viruses and harmful preservatives that can weaken the immune system when injected directly into the blood stream. It is important to note that very few diseases are introduced directly into the blood stream. "...