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AstraZeneca changes the name of its coronavirus vaccine after wave of blood clot deaths


“I don’t think that blockades of either vaccines or medicines or ingredients for vaccines are sensible and I think that the long-term damage done by blockades can be very big,” he told the Commons liaison committee after the EU announcement. “I would just gently push anybody considering a blockade or interruption of supply chains that companies may look at such actions and draw conclusions about whether or not it is sensible to make future investments in countries where arbitrary ...

Is France reaching a breaking point? Fuel supplies now depleted across western France as the masses rise up against corruption and government waste


As reported by Zero Hedge : France is bracing for major transportation disruptions throughout the country starting Thursday, as trade unions launch a strike in response to changes President Emmanuel Macron wants to make to the country’s retirement system, while port blockades have resulted in widespread fuel shortages across the country. ... Sources include: ZeroHedge.com NaturalNews.com Previous :Tesla drivers forced to wait up to an hour in long lines to charge their vehicles Next : Constitutional ...

Argentinian Monsanto protester threatened, then physically beaten, by industry goons


She is also currently leading efforts to prevent the establishment of a new Monsanto facility in the Malvinas region of Argentina, where she helped set up blockades to impede construction. ... Gatica and many other local residents are obviously opposed to this takeover and have made their voices heard in recent days by setting up the blockades and gathering signatures for a petition. "...

President Trump will declare a national EMERGENCY soon


The Health Ranger Report Posted 3/6/2020 • Comments • Share Tagged Under: Air Travel , Martial Law , National Emergency , Travel , Cities , Roads , Highways , Quarantines , Blockades Related Videos 13:59 Pandemic model warns of 2.1 million DEATHS in America The Health Ranger Report • 3/6/2020 13:09 Coronavirus QUARANTINES Coming to AMERICA? "...

Protesters in Argentina force Monsanto to destroy GMO seed manufacturing plant


While the spokesman claimed financial concerns to be the primary reason for the decision, he also admitted that the local pressure and blockades of the construction site by Malvinas residents and anti-GMO environmentalists did play a part in the decision to halt the construction of the site. "...

Mexican cartels now using weaponized DRONES to fight law enforcement in escalating drug war


State law enforcement officers were clearing blockades placed by feuding cartels along the highway in the town of El Aguaje as part of a routine operation when a drone suddenly flew over police officers and dropped a gunpowder bomb, wounding two in the arms and legs. "...

West African locals quarantined at gunpoint grow desperate for food rations as Ebola continues to ravage the region


Armed blockades now hold more than 20,000 people in quarantine. Dolo Town church goes vacant; quarantined village fighting over rations Along with the military lock-down, pictures now show that the quarantined village is running out of food, as rations continue to dwindle. "...

Canadian cops sent to search for flood victims confiscate people's guns instead


Area residents decry 'Nazi-like' checkpoints blocking them from entering neighborhoods, homes But many local residents are not buying the rhetoric, especially after they were denied entry into their homes and neighborhoods by police blockades. "...

Prepper fitness: Survive physically challenging emergencies with these SHTF workout tips


Vertical and horizontal movement exercises If you’re in the middle of a big city when you decide to bug out , you may come across different obstacles, such as car crashes and blockades. "...

Food shortages about to hit Canada due to coronavirus


And they likely will if something doesn’t change quickly, as there are already delays getting grain to market due to strikes and rail blockades. "...

How to construct a "bugout" home for $250


The site also suggests that Earth bags could be utilized for different types of blockades and defilades for cover from gunfire. "...

Detroit citizens launch Detroit Water Brigade as battle looms with corporate monopolization of water supply


He and other Detroit Water Brigade volunteers have put their bodies on the line, forming blockades to prevent local water officials from shutting off water to some homes. "...

Top 11 ways to avoid cancer


Conventional bread is loaded with chemicals and sticky gluten that blockades your intestines, causing food to rot inside your body, eventually leading to cancer Bread contains many chemicals, including ones to soften it, condition it, and preserve it. "...

Family farms under attack: Poles to stage massive protest at embassy in defense of traditional farming


According to the latest reports, hundreds of Polish farmers have been staging around-the-clock protests and blockades in the city of Szczecin, located in the West Pomerania Province where the Land Agency facility is situated, since January. "...

Portland rioters attempt to create new autonomous zone


They then set up a series of barricades there to cordon off the area using “industrial kitchen appliances, road blockades and flashing traffic signs.” "...

WATCH: CNN’s Anderson Cooper interviews BLM/Antifa leader who was part of Capitol siege, recently arrested for RIOTING, caught on video threatening to beat a woman… Treats him like he was a reporter on the scene


Already, blockades , demonstrations , riots , and clashes are occuring regularly. "...

Situation Update, Dec. 13th - Trump readies evidence to leverage against Biden, Gen. Perna announces "vaccine D-Day... the beginning of the end"


. - Trucker blockades coming. Siege warfare against blue cities will begin. - New executive order alters chain of succession at DoD in case Secretary of Defense is killed. - Biden, Harris to be named in DNI Ratcliffe’s Dec. 18th report… huge implications, Trump can leverage against Biden to try to force Biden to concede. - Gen. "...