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3 Skills that will help you survive TEOTWAWKI


3 Skills that will help you survive TEOTWAWKI Saturday, February 08, 2020 by: Arsenio Toledo blacksmith , bug out , dentistry , emergency medicine , first aid , home gardening , homesteading , off grid , practical skills , preparedness , prepping , SHTF , skills , survival , survivalist , TEOTWAWKI Bypass censorship by sharing this link: https://www.distributednews.com/403737.html Copy URL - (Natural News ) Stockpiling can only take you so far. ... To start learning how to blacksmith ...

Most polluted city in Russia warns tourists that prolonged stays could jeopardize health


So polluted is the city, that the Blacksmith Institute , which focuses on environmental issues, named it one of the top 10 most polluted cities on the planet in 2007. ... Sources: NaturalNews.com Reuters.com BlacksmithInstitute.org EcoWatch.com DailyMail.co.uk RCINet.ca ADN.com - Search on GoodGopher.com GoodGopher.com is the new search engine for truth seekers. "...

Prepper skills: How to barter effectively after SHTF


If you’re an accomplished timber-frame carpenter or a professional blacksmith, then you may find people in your area open to bartering. "...

Pesticides are one of top three 'worst toxic pollution problems' on planet, say non-profit groups


The Blacksmith Institute (BI), an international non-profit environmental health organization devoted to solving pollution problems around the world, in conjunction with Green Cross Switzerland (GCS), a group that helps clean up pollution, recently co-released a comprehensive report entitled The World's Worst Toxic Pollution Problems. "...

The smart prepper knows how to build simple machines in the event of a collapse


Even these machines must be reduced to their ancestral, blacksmith-forged, mechanically-powered original forms. "...

Survival skills: Side jobs that will help you earn money after SHTF


Blacksmith Blacksmiths still exist in modern times and they continue to make a good living creating many useful and decorative items. "...

Why the Free Market Doesn't Work: Consumption vs. Conservation


You bought bread from Bob the bread maker, horse shoes from Burt the blacksmith, got your clothes mended from the local tailor, etc. "...