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Of course: Hollywood Leftists Jimmy Kimmel and Jimmy Fallon ignore Virginia “blackface” controversy because they did it too


) Kimmel donned blackface to mock NBA player Karl “The Mailman” Malone, who played 18 seasons with the Utah Jazz. Meanwhile, Fallon once donned blackface and other African American characteristics to imitate and mock comedian Chris Rock. "...

Megan Kelly fired from NBC over “blackface” Halloween costume suggestion proves there is no placating the language police of the Left


Kelly made the unforgivable mistake of defending the use of “blackface” as part of a Halloween costume that accurately depicted the ethnicity of the person or character being played. ... “You truly do get in trouble if you are a white person who puts on blackface at Halloween or a black person who puts on a white face. "...

No protests allowed: Virginia governor "Blackface" Northam signs bevy of gun control bills while citizens are locked down due to coronavirus


No protests allowed: Virginia governor “Blackface” Northam signs bevy of gun control bills while citizens are locked down due to coronavirus Sunday, April 12, 2020 by: JD Heyes background checks , blackface , democrats , evil , gun control , gun limits , hypocrites , infringement , infringement clause , laws , left cult , Liberty , Orwellian , patriot , Ralph Northam , Restrictions , Second Amendment , Second Amendment sanctuary , Tyranny , Virginia Bypass censorship by sharing ...

BOMBSHELL: Virginia Gov. Ralph “Infanticide” Northam’s med school yearbook features him in a photo wearing either blackface or a KKK hood


Ralph “Infanticide” Northam’s med school yearbook features him in a photo wearing either blackface or a KKK hood Friday, February 01, 2019 by: JD Heyes abortions , blackface , democrat , governor , hypocrisy , KKK , KKK hood , left cult , Left-wing , medical school , photograph , racism , racist , Ralph Northam , Twisted , Virginia , white supremacist , yearbook Bypass censorship by sharing this link: https://www.distributednews.com/324886.html Copy URL - (Natural News ) It’s not ...

Jimmy Kimmel impersonated comedian George Wallace, used the 'N-word' multiple times in parody song


Jimmy Kimmel impersonated comedian George Wallace, used the ‘N-word’ multiple times in parody song Tuesday, June 23, 2020 by: News Editors blackface , deception , double standard , entertainment , hollywood , intolerance , Jimmy Kimmel , karl malone , lies , lunatics , N-word , parody , propaganda , racism , racist Bypass censorship by sharing this link: https://www.distributednews.com/435002.html Copy URL - (Natural News ) When Jimmy Fallon held an extended apology on his show for appearing ...

Why hasn't Jimmy Kimmel been canceled?


Yet Fallon had to perform a groveling, on-air apology for his single blackface routine on “The Tonight Show.” Kimmel, by comparison eventually released a non-apology apology for his serial blackface work, a statement which spent much of its attacking his critics . "...

The latest libtard stupidity: Boston U professor claims "Jingle Bells" is racist


In addition to the supposed “blackface minstrel origins” of the song, Hamill takes issue with early stage performances of it in which “elements of ‘male display,’ boasting, and the unbridled behavior of the male body onstage” were visible to audience members. ... “As I mentioned in my article, the first documented performance of the song is in a blackface minstrel hall in Boston in 1857, the same year it was copyrighted,” she reportedly told Fox News in an interview. "...

Democrat Gov. of Virginia blasts critics as "disgusting" for exposing his sick desire to MURDER human babies after they're born


Democrat Gov. of Virginia blasts critics as “disgusting” for exposing his sick desire to MURDER human babies after they’re born Wednesday, February 06, 2019 by: Ethan Huff abortion , babies , Big League Politics , blackface , botched abortions , child murder , Coonman , Governor Blackface , human life , infanticide , KKK , Ku Klux Klan , medical school , Mollie Hemingway , murder , Ralph Northam , Susan B. ... Even Democrats are calling on “Governor Blackface” to resign ...

New Va. Gov. Glenn Youngkin cleans house, asks all "diversity" office staffers (liberal fascists) to resign, appoints anti-CRT official


Ralph “Blackface” Northam established as a way to placate party members calling for him to resign after a controversial photo surfaced during his tenure. ... Ralph Northam created the state’s Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in 2019 in the aftermath of the blackface scandal that nearly ended his term. "...

OPEN CARRY transforms into OPEN TYRANNY in Virginia as judge rules Second Amendment null and void in state capitol


Ralph “Blackface” Northam (D) issued an emergency edict barring Virginians from carrying firearms on the grounds of the state capitol during the annual gun rights lobbying event coming up on Monday. "...

Jimmy Kimmel mocks black people with impunity ... because he's a liberal, and liberals never face any consequences for their BIGOTRY


But when late-night hack Jimmy Kimmel did far worse, painting himself in “blackface” and making fun of African-Americans way back when on The Man Show, nobody on the Left batted an eye. ... Jimmy Kimmel has mocked black people, the vaccine-injured and homosexuals, while making jokes about sexual abuse and pedophilia What’s not at all shocking if you’ve followed the sordid career of Jimmy Kimmel over the years is the fact that this liberal nut-job has never once apologized for using blackface ...

Justin Trudeau pushing for "significant penalties" for online "hate speech" in Canada – speech police will be on patrol to throw you in jail


Blackface” himself – Canada’s version, anyway – has come out in condemnation of online free speech, declaring that it’s time to start imposing “significant penalties” on social media companies that refuse to remove all “hate speech” within 24 hours. ... It remains unclear whether or not Trudeau’s blackface photos, should they be posted on social media in Canada, will qualify as “hate speech” under the proposed new laws. "...

BLACK BABIES MATTER ... unless you’re a Democrat politician


This is the racist freak who’s featured in medical school yearbook photos as either a man in blackface standing with his buddy who’s in a KKK fully-hooded costume, or Ralph himself IS the man in the KKK outfit. ... Watch: That’s right folks, this KKK-supporting, BlackFace wearing Virginia Governor is STILL in office and just grinning his way through justifying the execution of healthy Black babies on their day of birth. "...

Ultra-liberal Chelsea Handler reminds black people how they're "allowed" to vote, according to white-skinned people like herself


Speaking to fellow alleged comedian Jimmy Fallon, who infamously painted himself in “blackface,” Handler lamented the fact that her ex-boyfriend “50 Cent” (whose real name is Curtis James Jackson III), a black man, endorsed Donald Trump for reelection. "...

HYPOCRITE Hillary Clinton condemns VA governor Ralph "Coon-Man" Northam for racism and infanticide, but she supports Planned Parenthood, KKK, and wore "BlackFace" herself


First, Northam admitted being in the photo (either in the BlackFace costume or in the KKK hood and robe) but then, after speaking with his advisers, recanted the whole thing, including his apology (and mass media immediately deleted all of his admissions), saying he wasn’t even in the photo. ... Hillary Clinton dressed up with her scumbag husband and accused rapist, Bill “Slick Willy” for what looks like a costume party or Halloween affair, and Hillary wore the liberal-offending BlackFace ...

Sweeping Democrat victory in Virginia linked to Big Tech's illegal censorship of conservatives?


Ralph “Blackface Infanticide” Northam still in office as well, the Old Dominion is about to be completely transformed into an authoritarian, over-taxed, gun-regulated haven that would have made King George very proud. "...

ANALYSIS: Virginia Gov. Northam may soon need ten thousand body bags for his State Police and National Guard troops, since "Biblical MAYHEM" will be unleashed following any gun confiscation attempt


Northam may soon need ten thousand body bags for his State Police and National Guard troops, since “Biblical MAYHEM” will be unleashed following any gun confiscation attempt Thursday, January 02, 2020 by: Mike Adams body bags , civil rights , civil war , gun confiscation , gun rights , National Guard , Northam , Second Amendment , self-defense , state police , Tyranny , Virginia Bypass censorship by sharing this link: https://www.distributednews.com/400456.html Copy URL - (Natural News ) If Virginia’s ...

Facebook gives even more power to its leftist fact-checkers to police 'MISSING CONTEXT'


Rosen then suggested truly grotesque examples, “such as content depicting blackface, or stereotypes about Jewish people controlling the world.” ... ADL CEO Jonathan Greenblatt tweeted his support for the changes: > “Facebook announces it’s explicitly adding blackface and common #antisemitic conspiracy theories to its hate speech policy. "...

INSANE CNN reporter now claims Covington students' HAND gestures screamed "ni##er" when no such words were uttered... desperate media now fabricating everything they report


Even the DailyMail Online made the suggestion that the Covington boys are guilty of racism based on past pep rallies at their school where some of the children painted themselves in all-black, which the mainstream media can only interpret as being a racial slur in the form of “blackface.” ... “Two sources at Covington told Breitbart News that the students were not wearing ‘blackface’ but had been participating in ‘blackout’ sporting events several years ago, like other color-themed ...

Courage: The remedy for the violence of abortion


But I’m not equal according to pro-abortion politicians like blackface-slash-KKK-impersonating Governor Ralph Northam. ... Isn’t that like the pot calling the kettle blackface? That’s not courage; that’s contradiction. "...