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The health benefits of antioxidant-rich black pepper and piperine


Black pepper improves blood sugar control. Piperine in black pepper may also help with diabetes . ... Black pepper helps lower blood cholesterol. Besides lowering blood sugar, black pepper can also help decrease blood cholesterol levels. "...

Have you heard of this great alternative to black pepper?


While you truly can use this spice anywhere you would use black pepper, there are some dishes where it really shines. ... Hotze Report: Rapamycin offers significant health benefits to just about everybody – Brighteon.TV Nutritious berries contain compounds that help fight cancer Study: Onion varieties with the strongest flavor offer impressive anticancer benefits Study shows apigenin, a compound in parsley, offers cancer-fighting benefits Compounds in ginger and chili peppers found ...

Black pepper is the "king" of spices, thanks to these 11 health benefits


Black pepper comes from ground peppercorns, which are dried berries from the vine Piper nigrum. ... Researchers found that black pepper can lower cholesterol levels in animal subjects. "...

Combine turmeric and black pepper to boost health benefits of curcumin


Black pepper increases the efficiency of digestive enzymes that extract curcumin from turmeric . ... The recommended dose is one pinch of black pepper, or five percent of a teaspoon. "...

Organic turmeric powder with black pepper is the ultimate combination for optimal health


As for black pepper, around five percent of it is composed of the active alkaloid compound, piperine. ... Here are a few good reasons to take black pepper together with turmeric powder. "...

8 Reasons to season your food with black pepper, the "King of Spices"


Black pepper offers the following health benefits : - Aids in digestion: Black pepper aids in digestion by promoting the release of hydrochloric acid. ... In addition, black pepper contains piperine, which can also help produce gastric acid. "...

Curcumin and black pepper combine to stop breast cancer tumor cells


Natural chemicals found in the spices turmeric and black pepper appear to stop the growth of breast tumors, according to a study conducted by researchers from the University of Michigan Comprehensive Cancer Center and published in the journal Breast Cancer Research and Treatment. ... Black pepper and piperine have both also been shown to suppress the development of colon and lung tumors in animal tests. "...

Skin Pigment Disease Reversed with Piperine Nutrient From Black Pepper


An extract derived from black pepper may be able to help reverse the effects of the skin pigmentation disease known as vitiligo, according to research conducted by scientists from Kings College London and published in the Ridge Journal of Dermatology. ... The current study focused on piperine, the chemical that gives black pepper its spiciness. "...

Better together: Consuming turmeric and black pepper together enhances the bioavailability of curcumin


Turmeric and black pepper, the potent superfood duo Black pepper (Piper nigrum), an aromatic spice with many benefits, contains the major bioactive element piperine. On its own, black pepper may help improve digestion and prevent cancer. Black pepper’s pungent flavor and health benefits come from the natural compound piperine. "...

Scientists find turmeric and black pepper spices may prevent breast cancer


Seasoning food with turmeric and black pepper can do more than just spice up a meal. "...

Black Pepper Offers a Powerful Boost to Overall Health at a Very Low Cost


Black pepper does a whole lot more than hang around with salt. "...

Substance in Black Pepper Increases Nutrient Absorption up to Two Thousand Percent


Putting black pepper on your food may be one of the easiest, most economical ways to boost your overall health status. "...

Substance in Black Pepper Increases Nutrient Absorption up to Two Thousand Percent


Putting black pepper on your food may be one of the easiest, most economical ways to boost your overall health status. "...

Black pepper could help fight obesity: Research shows it lowers body fat and blood sugar


Then, they drew out piperonal, the compound in black pepper, from black pepper seeds and included it to the rats’ diet starting from the 16th week. The study results showed that the obese rats that were supplemented the black pepper compound gained lean body mass, bone mineral concentration, and bone mineral density compared with the control group of rats. "...

Unusual uses for pepper that resourceful preppers know


(h/t to MyFamilySurvivalPlan.com) Survival uses of black pepper Black pepper is commonly used in various dishes, and after salt, it’s probably the second most used seasoning. ... Fast facts on black pepper Common black pepper beads come from the plant’s berries/fruits. "...

Stock up on these 12 healing herbs and spices that boost flavor and your overall well-being


Black pepper According to the Indian system of medicine called Ayurveda, black pepper’s pungency and heat can help metabolize food as you digest it in your body. Additionally, black pepper’s warming qualities can clear congestion in your respiratory system. "...

7 unconventional uses for pepper


Not only will the black pepper make the colors pop once more, they’ll prevent them from running as well. ... As a bonus, the vitamins in cayenne pepper can improve bird plumage. Do yourself a favor and stock up on some cayenne pepper and black pepper. "...

Black is the new green: Discover the health benefits of black foods


Three super healthy black foods Black pepper's peppercorns are the fruit of the vine from the Piper Nigrum plant. Incredibly, black pepper increases nutrient absorption from other foods up to 2,000 percent! "...

Mustard, cayenne pepper and green tea boost your metabolism for weight loss


Other spices that increase metabolism include ginger, black pepper, and mustard seed. ... Black pepper interferes with adipogenesis, the body's ability to make new fat cells. "...

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