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Lawyer for Covington teen releases jaw-dropping video laying out lies spread by mainstream media and Native American activist


Near where the Covington teens were standing were five black male members of a radical organization known as the “Hebrew Israelites.” ... For nearly an hour the Black Israelites hurled obscenities, racial, and homophobic slurs at the Covington teens — until Phillips approached them. "...

Leftists triggered by MAGA hats say people have no right to wear them... imagine the outcry if Christians were triggered by hijabs


As it turned out, the teens were targeted — victimized not only by the Native American activist, Nathan Phillips, but by a group of Black Israelites who hurled racial epithets and other insults at them. ... Sources include: TheNationalSentinel.com ZeroHedge.com Previous :Russia sends 400 armed mercenaries to try to defeat Venezuela’s uprising against the tyranny of socialist Maduro Next : Fox News turns against indy media, praises NewsGuard which gives them a green rating even though ...

Judge seals entire case involving two anti-Trump school shooters while Covington Catholic kids were savaged in public by the media and Democrats


But in reality, video of the entire event proves that Phillips approached Sandmann while Black Israelites laced them with profanities and racist comments while the kids were on a field trip in Washington, D.C. "...

Far left watch: Anti-White militia plans armed terror march in Louisville to project Black dominance


(Article by Shane Trejo republished from BigLeaguePolitics.com ) Far Left Watch reports that NFAC leader John Fitzgerald Johnson, aka “Grand Master Jay,” has proposed the replacement of the U.S. with a black ethnostate established by racist militant action. > NFAC's leader Grand Master Jay describing how he will build his black ethnostate inside the United States. > boasting they are all ex-military extremely disciplined & experts shooters..gonna end really bad for these guys.. ...

New Microsoft censorship tool “NewsGuard” gives favorable ratings to sites that falsely accused and attacked Convington Catholic High teens


But soon after their initial reports in which they condemned the mostly white teens, many of whom were wearing MAGA hats and having just come from a March for Life event, video evidence surfaced proving that Phillips initiated contact with the teens, not the other way around, and that the kids were also harassed by a small group of Black Israelites. ... “However, by Sunday, a fuller video of the incident emerged, showing ‘Black Israelite’ protesters taunting the students ...

Lawyer: Fake news media must retract false reporting on Covington Catholic School students or face a wave of lawsuits for slander and defamation


It’s important to note that, as the students were waiting for a bus to come pick them up after the Walk For Life event, another group — the Black Israelites, who have a reputation for being racist and anti-gay — also began verbally abusing them over their MAGA hats. "...

Anti-Defamation League claims Waukesha attack suspect Darrell Brooks isn't an extremist


The Hitler meme appears to share the religious views of the Black Hebrew Israelites extremist group, an organization known for preaching racial hatred of both white people and Jews. ... Establishment media organizations such as the Washington Post and CNN have gone radio silent on Brooks’ extensive extremist connections, declining to so much as mention the career criminal’s affiliation with the Black Lives Matter movement and his racist online postings. "...

Left-wing media's smear of high school students who were harassed by Native American activist proves yet again that mainstream media is FAKE NEWS


Left-wing media’s smear of high school students who were harassed by Native American activist proves yet again that mainstream media is FAKE NEWS Friday, January 25, 2019 by: Ethan Huff anti-white , attacking children , Black Hebrew Israelites , black supremacists , CNN , Covington , Covington Catholic High School , deception , fake news , high school students , hoax , insanity , Journalism , lies , mainstream media , March for Life , Nathan Phillips , Native American ...

Catholic leaders dump all over their own youth to appease the lunatic Left... the truth no longer matters to the Church


Catholic leaders dump all over their own youth to appease the lunatic Left… the truth no longer matters to the Church Wednesday, January 23, 2019 by: Ethan Huff anti-white , betrayal , bigotry , Black Hebrew Israelites , black supremacists , Catholic church , Catholics , Church , clergy , corruption , Covington boys , deception , discernment , evil , fake news , hoax , intolerance , left cult , Leftists , Libtards , lies , mainstream media , March for Life , media , Nathan ...

Left-wing “criminal reform” measures championed by NYC Mayor de Blasio and Gov. Cuomo seem like they’re enabling MORE attacks against Jews


Cuomo seem like they’re enabling MORE attacks against Jews Monday, December 30, 2019 by: JD Heyes anti-Semitism , attacks , bigotry , Black Hebrew Israelites , democrats , hate crime , Jew-hate , Jews , left cult , left-wing extremism , Leftists , New Jersey , New York , New York City , violence Bypass censorship by sharing this link: https://www.distributednews.com/397707.html Copy URL - (Natural News ) In recent months, there has been a startling increase in attacks against Jews ...

INSANE CNN reporter now claims Covington students' HAND gestures screamed "ni##er" when no such words were uttered... desperate media now fabricating everything they report


While acknowledging in her tweet that the black supremacists who instigated the whole thing actually did verbalize the word “ni##ger” out loud in reference to a black student who was present with the other Covington boys, Powers says that the white Covington students’ alleged hand response was the real infringement that deserves shame and punishment. “… at 1:18 the harassers (the anti-white “Black Hebrew Israelites” who started verbally assaulting the Covington ...

Why Portland is the center of the demonic realm's attacks


I personally saw black-clad Oregon Antifa terrorists marching with “Kill the Police” signs more than 20 years ago. ... He’s not a perfect man, but neither were any of the “Judges” raised by God in times of crisis to lead the Israelites. "...



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