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Scientists argue that the world needs more natural "biopesticides" rather than synthetic chemical pesticides


According to the research team, the relative complexity of biopesticide regulations in the EU may explain why the region lags behind other countries in biopesticide research. ... The EPA promotes biopesticide use as the compounds pose fewer risks compared with conventional pesticides . "...

Four ways Monsanto threatens the environment and public health


Bt-containing gmo crops are spawning mutated superbugs Going beyond the initial genetic modification process, Monsanto also offers GM crops filled with a toxic biopesticide known as Bt. Incorporated into the crops to kill insects, Bt usage has led to the development of mutated insects that are resistant to the biopesticide. "...

This smart, harmless pesticide patent could take down Monsanto and change the world


"The present invention relates to the use of fungal mycelium as a biopesticide. "...

Brand new GMO food can rewire your body: more evil coming


Also on the way: next-generation biopesticide food crops that repel insect predators. "...

GreenMedInfo blows the lid on SOYLENT, a cocktail of GMOs, chemical "vitamins" and questionable ingredients


Bt toxin, the same one built into Monsanto’s GMO soy crops, is a biopesticide that is known to be highly toxic and potentially deadly at levels above 270 milligrams per kilogram. "...

Carolanne Wright


Good news on the honeybee front - a team of scientists in the UK have created a biopesticide made from spider venom and plant protein that may provide hope for the endangered pollinators. "...