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The end of chemical fertilizers? New device uses bacteria to nourish soil


But, there could be a new hope on the horizon: A way to fertilize soil naturally, with the help of what can only be described as a “bionic leaf.” ... The crops that received the bionic leaf fertilizer weighed 150 percent more than the control crops, on average. "...

Researchers believe plant based food could be used as an effective treatment for cancer


For example, the coca leaf in South America is a widely used medicinal herb. It is also the source of the illicit street drug cocaine. Cocaine is one alkaloid found naturally in the coca leaf, when taken in isolation it obviously has a very powerful and addicting action on the body. "...

Scientists news, articles and information:


These bionic plants are advanced at the cellular level, with new biochemical detection functions and improved photosynthesis capabilities. ... By collecting resins from leaf buds and vegetables, they are able to produce propolis. "...



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