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Biomaterials used in novel injectable bandage that can be used in warfare


Search Follow Biomaterials used in novel injectable bandage that can be used in warfare"...

From transplanting organs to repairing and regrowing them: Biomaterials may save a lot of lives


organs to repairing and regrowing them: Biomaterials may save a lot of lives Friday, February"...

Scientists develop a new biomaterial made from citrate to help hasten bone regeneration


release citrate into the body. Their biomaterials are expected to accelerate healing"...

Healing with hair: Can nanostructures from human hair be used to design smart biomedical materials?


shown that might be turned into useful biomaterials. (WHU) researchers examined the melanin"...

Mushroom-based products could soon replace leather, cloth, and even bricks


sustainable source of eco-friendly biomaterials for many common products. In 2016"...

Eggshells may one day be used to repair bones, experts claim


reported a recent study published in Biomaterials Science. A team of researchers from"...

New biopolymer liquid bandage has received FDA approval


the first commercial product by the biomaterials and medical device start-up, Aleo"...

Silk hybrid material can attack bacteria when illuminated by a green light


interactions between light-reactive biomaterials and visible light. According to them"...

China launching seeds into space to develop advanced plant varieties with increased nutrition


with fungi and sequenced molecular biomaterials. During its 15-day journey through"...

Study: Cancer cells thrive in stiffer tissue


findings in the scientific journal Biomaterials. Researchers want tissue engineering"...

Russian officials: American biolabs in Ukraine conducted illegal experiments on rivers and infected children with tuberculosis


contamination [using] leaflets with biomaterials of high pathogenicity.” The Russian"...

GENOCIDE: US-run biolabs in Ukraine have been building bioweapons targeting certain ethnic groups after harvesting DNA from Russians


Kharkov and Odessa, including databases, biomaterials and equipment to the Lvov Research"...

Novel chemistry method paves the way for large-scale production of bioplastic bottles


commodity chemicals from sugar-based biomaterials.” Sources include: - More news on"...

Korean herbal medicine shows clinical potential for treating inflammation of the prostate gland


provides an excellent resource for biomaterials containing secondary metabolites that"...

New hope for spinal cord injuries: Silk from moths can be used to stabilize the injury and promote repair, according to experts


which had been supplied by Oxford Biomaterials Ltd., proved to have the important"...

Can floating islands help threatened insects such as bees and butterflies?


islands are . Most islands are made from biomaterials that are constructed into a matrix"...

Food waste from fish found to have a biomedical application: Collagen in fish scales promotes wound healing


as alternative resource resilient biomaterials for tissue engineering applications"...

4 Powerful healing properties of manuka honey (and why you should stock up on it now)


published in the International Journal of Biomaterials found that combining manuka honey"...

Researchers to 3D-print living human pancreas for diabetes research


paper published in the journal ACS Biomaterials Science & Engineering, the researchers"...

Prickly superfood: The juice of this cactus has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that reduce colon damage from ulcerative colitis


in the Journal of Biotechnology & Biomaterials, the cactus plant is , but is also"...