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Be sure to buy biodegradable sunscreen to protect coral reefs


The staff hand out samples of chemical-free sunscreen and offers free sunscreen dispensers with biodegradable lotion. ... In Mexico, snorkeling favorites Xel-Há and Chankanaab Beach Adventure Park have banned non-biodegradable sunscreen. "...

New environmentally friendly sunscreen could soon be made from seaweed


(Related: 84% of sunscreen products are harmful to health, says alarming EWG study .) ... Here are 9 ways to start Taking recycled waste to a whole new level: Scientists have found that human feces makes an energy-efficient material for building houses Presto, change-o: Innovative company is turning avocado pits into biodegradable drinking straws and cutlery Finally a use for biosludge: Scientists recycle biosolids into construction-ready bricks SHOCK: Americans waste around 150,000 ...

Glitter sunscreen is this summer's biggest beauty trend, but experts warn it is harmful to the environment


No wonder sunscreen is subject to the same regulations as over-the-counter drugs. ... The active ingredients in ordinary sunscreen are already considered dangerous for coral reefs. "...

"Sounds" like home: Baby coral choose their home using acoustics and low-frequency sound


(Related: Be sure to buy biodegradable sunscreen to protect coral reefs .) Coral larvae judge a potential home by the quality of its soundscape “Sound is a sensory cue that a lot of marine animals rely on to communicate and navigate,” explained WHOI researcher Amy Apprill. ... Sources include: Newswise.com RSJ-Prod.LiteratumOnline.com Previous :Men, give your prostate a clean bill of health using natural treatments Next : These healthy foods are proven to lower blood pressure better ...

Drug-resistant bacteria responsible for increased infection rates in surgery patients


Sources include: Science.news TheLancet.com VOANews.com Previous :Be sure to buy biodegradable sunscreen to protect coral reefs Next : Our desire to live a long, healthy life is what motivates us to buy bottled water, according to study - More news on antibiotic resistance Researchers investigate green tea compounds that may help resolve antibiotic resistance Antioxidant found in green tea could be the key to eliminating antibiotic resistant bacteria Say no to raw fish: Eating raw ...

Chiropractic care can be used for a variety of health needs, including relief, maintenance and corrective applications


Sources include: AlternativeMedicineOnline.com ArrowheadClinic.com MyNWWellness.com Previous :Nutrition can help manage Alzheimer’s, from mild to severe stages Next : Be sure to buy biodegradable sunscreen to protect coral reefs - More news on alternative treatments Patients with insomnia can benefit more from cognitive behavior therapy than from medication, study shows Experts claim that acetyl-L-carnitine can boost memory in Alzheimer’s patients Researchers determine local acupuncture ...

Coral reefs in the Lower Florida Keys being destroyed by a mysterious disease


Commercial sunscreens have also been found to be harmful to corals, so be sure to buy biodegradable sunscreen . - Volunteer in beach clean-ups. "...

"Eco-friendly" glitter just as damaging to the environment as conventional glitter, study finds


However, so-called biodegradable glitter is still coated with the same aluminum and plastic. ... The ponds were treated with six different kinds of conventional and biodegradable glitter. "...

Exposure to microplastics weakens the grip of mussels, which may affect biodiversity and reduce aquaculture yields


In the 52-day-long trial, Green and her team exposed blue mussels to different amounts of tiny pieces of non-biodegradable plastics. ... Even biodegradable plastics pose a toxic threat to mussels “Tenacity is vital for mussels to form and maintain reefs without being dislodged by hydrodynamic forces,” Green explained. "...

Prepper projects: How to make DIY foaming hand soap


Castile soap is a biodegradable, natural, non-toxic vegetable soap that is free of animal fats and synthetic ingredients. - How to get the ratio right – As mentioned in the recipe above, the optimal ratio is one part Castile soap to four parts water. ... Sources include: TheHomesteadingHippy.com HealthyWomen.org Previous :Medicinal plants: The survival uses of gumweed Next : Prep and start a survival stockpile: Mainstream media tells citizens to “get used” to supply shortages amid the pandemic ...

From trash to treasure: Scientists to turn food waste into "high-value products" for new markets like cosmetics and packaging


They plan to make sunscreen from mushroom waste, skincare products from apples and berries, and high-tech materials from Brussels sprout stalks, among other things. ... A third project involves extracting vitamin D , beta-glucans and chitosan from mushroom waste for use in nutraceuticals and sunscreen materials. "...

Watch out - These 5 everyday products may be contaminated with plastics


Sunscreen Regular Natural News readers know that most artificial sunscreen brands contain harmful chemicals that damage the environment. ... Sunscreen, which is classified as a “leave-on” product, is not covered by this ban, however. "...

Plastic food packaging overtakes cigarette butts as most abundant litter on beaches


Non-biodegradable cigarette filters used to hold the top spot for the most dominant beach litter, but the 4.2 million butts collected in 2019’s cleanup paled in comparison to the 4.7 million plastic-based items. ... In the long run, biodegradable packaging could help keep both humans and animals safe. "...

Scientists successfully 3D print human cartilage with a breakthrough stem cell printer


Researchers at the Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine have also developed a new type of 3D printer, called the Integrated Tissue and Organ Printing System, that used biodegradable plastic and human cells in developing a range of human tissues such as cartilage, human muscles, and bones. ... Sources include: ScienceDaily.com News.PSU.edu PopularMechanics.com Previous :Sunscreen is KILLING people by blocking vitamin D production which prevents cancer, diabetes, kidney ...

Hudson River flooded with micropollutants including insect repellant, pharmaceuticals harmful to aquatic life


Other noxious substances identified in the Hudson River include: • Acetaminophen (Tylenol) • Atrazine (an agricultural pesticide) • 2,4-D (a herbicide derived from ) • Oxybenzone (a sunscreen chemical) • Perfluoroctanoic acid (an industrial polymer used in non-stick cookware) • Triclosan (an antibiotic chemical used in liquid hand soap) • Sucralose (artificial sweetener) • Caffeine (Coffee anyone?)... But even more important than this is trying to minimize or eliminate the use of persistent ...

Xenoestrogens in make-up and consumer products put women at risk of breast cancer, miscarriage, diabetes and more


The build up of xenoestrogens (estrogen mimickers) can result in several cancers, infertility and miscarriages Xenoestrogens are not biodegradable and accumulate in fat cells. ... Xenoestrogens are commonly found in products like pharmaceuticals (birth control), fingernail polish, makeup, lotions, deodorants and sunscreen. "...

Self-healing fabric: Scientists have found many uses for the sharp teeth inside a squid's tentacles


“SRT photonics are biocompatible and biodegradable, so could be used to make not only wearable health monitors but also implantable devices for biosensing and biodetection,” Demirel added. ... Sources include: ScienceFocus.com Dailymail.co.uk OceanService.NOAA.gov TheGuardian.com Previous :3 Tricks for controlling your emotions in any situation Next : The health benefits of lemon water - More news on animals Octopuses taste with their tentacles – scientists show how The longest trail of ...