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Bilingual people are better at sensory perception: Study


Bilingual people are better at sensory perception: Study Monday, July 09, 2018 by: Michelle Simmons bilingual people , bilingualism , bilinguals , Brain , brain function , language , senses , sensory perception , speech - (Natural News ) A study published in the journal Brain Sciences has found that learning a second language can alter how the senses work together to interpret speech . ... Sources include: Newswise.com Telegraph.co.uk Previous :Nutrition study ...

Prepping for the elderly: Challenges that older people need to prepare for


In most cases, these people suffer from disabling health conditions. Many are unable to drive, preventing them from evacuating on time. ... In the chaos of SHTF events, they are often ill-equipped to compete with younger, stronger, and faster people for resources. "...

Is your brain getting enough blood flow? Natural ways to improve brain circulation


Natural ways to improve brain circulation Sunday, July 08, 2018 by: Carol Anderson acupunture , becoming bilingual , blood circuation , blood flow , Brain , brain blood flow , brain circulation , brain function , brain health , chewing gum , improving blood flow , listening to music , music , natural sunlight , nervous system , Neurofeedback , regular exercise - (Natural News ) It’s no secret that the brain does a lot of work. ... This technique works best if you actually listen to music ...

Whistleblower Zach Vorhies warns public of Google's push to "destabilize US and make it fall" – Brighteon.TV


However, no one knows the people who own or control the company – and that’s by design. ... Hartwig related his experience as bilingual content moderator for Facebook when he worked at Cognizant. "...

New research shows adults -- not just kids -- are capable of learning new languages


Some believe that people lose their ability to speak a foreign language with a native-like accent after age six; others, around puberty. ... Subjects who had been unable to master Chinese showed relatively greater blood flow in the brain while learning French vocabulary than did those who had become bilingual. "...

Nutrition study concludes that Spinacia oleracea (spinach) can be used to prevent bone changes caused by osteoarthritis


DOI: 10.1186/s12906-018-2117-9 Previous :The glossy privet fruit, a popular Chinese herbal medicine, can prevent osteoporosis in menopausal women Next : Bilingual people are better at sensory perception: Study - More news on alternative medicine Pomegranates are a cancer-fighting superfood: Here are 4 reasons why Studies show vitamin D can help reverse diabetes and heart disease Maintain oral health to lower your risk of conditions like pneumonia and rheumatoid arthritis Health ...

Eat more brown rice for a healthier brain


. - It helps regulate blood sugar levels – Brown rich aids in the regulation of blood sugar levels, which can be especially beneficial for people with diabetes. - It can treat candida yeast infections – Again, because of its high fiber content, brown rice can help sensitive digestive systems heal from an overgrowth of candida organisms. ... Sources include: Science.news VegKitchen.com Previous :Bilingual people are better at sensory perception: Study Next : The common purslane ...

Coca-Cola caught running massive payola scheme to churn out deceptive corporate propaganda on over 1,000 news sites


Why not just sign up to get paid by Big Tobacco to promote "cigarette wellness programs that help people 'balance' the nicotine in their lives"? ... And all these people writing about Coca-Cola would "...be recommending Coke anyway," they insist. "...