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Why do you like specific music over others? Turns out our expectations and biases greatly impact how our brain responds to music


In a Science Daily article , American researchers reported that our biases and expectations affect the way our brain interprets music. ... The researchers concluded that people can overcome their biases and stereotypes if they put deliberate thought and effort into it. "...

Former Trump national security adviser warns that DEEP STATE operatives within the FBI, CIA and DOJ are planning to rig the 2024 elections


Furthermore, subsequent investigations, such as the DOJ inspector general’s report, revealed flaws and biases in the handling of the investigation into alleged collusion. "...

Century-old writings by Nikola Tesla predict development of artificial intelligence


“This perhaps better illustrates the potential benefits, yet dangers, of unrestricted AI – for where the mind is ‘borrowed’ from could make all the difference since it will be built upon the work of human beings who may be unable to contain their inherent flaws or biases,” said Sikorski in an interview with Fox News Digital. "...

BlackRock owns 15.1% of the Fox Corporation


That the biases, the censorship is only going to get worse. And no, I am not necessarily writing of Tucker’s departure, although that too is another signpost. "...

Trans activist's call for violence sparks outrage and concern


The lack of extensive coverage about these incidents raises questions about potential biases in media reporting. "...

Unmasking the Great Reset: Schwab, Gates, and the sinister WEF plot to depopulate the world using COVID vaccines & climate change lies


These investigations should be conducted by reputable organizations or individuals with expertise in relevant fields, free from any potential biases or conflicts of interest. "...

The government’s sprawling effort to censor (true) information during the pandemic


How this happened was partially explored by Zweig, who explained Twitter’s convoluted censorship process, which relied heavily on bots, contractors in foreign countries who lacked the expertise to make informed decisions, and Twitter brass who carried their own biases and incentives. "...

France may use 2024 Olympics to introduce Big Brother-style SURVEILLANCE


Some opponents zoomed on the algorithm for the AI that they believe incorporates discriminatory biases. ... They will, therefore, be able to incorporate the discriminatory biases of the people who conceived and designed them.” "...

Pentagon researchers recommend expanded access to gender-affirming care for military kids


“Affirming care has only recently become politicized; protection of gender-affirming medical care for military-affiliated [transgender] youths may require a declarative position without tolerance for personal biases, as the DoD has historically achieved for other minoritized groups,” the authors wrote and further urged the department to “publicly declare a position” in favor of cross-gender treatments and take steps to counteract what the doctors view as health-jeopardizing barriers to treatment....

We must stop militant liberals from politicizing artificial intelligence


Data can have biases, of course, as can data scientists. And algorithms that are coded by humans can in principle do whatever we tell them. ... What cleaning up algorithms means, in practice, is inserting into them biases favoring specific groups, in effect reestablishing in automated form the social controls that the political left is so intent on. "...

Cambridge University blocked White students from applying for post-graduate programme


Nevertheless, the attempt at excluding the white working class has been seen as revealing the left-wing biases of the university. "...

Luciferian leftists are teaching AI systems to push antichrist propaganda


Then, researchers use filters to prevent models from providing accurate information, resulting in the spreading of harmful biases, including hatred of white people, non-gays, and religious folks (especially Christians). "...

A.I. proves itself to be 'demonic fallen angel intelligence' used to indoctrinate the masses into an alternative 'woke' reality


Without transparency about Ion’s inner workings, Romanians have no promise that their government’s new AI advisor won’t develop its own harmful biases. "...

Google shares lose $100 billion after new AI chatbot gives an incorrect answer in demo


However, in addition to concerns about accuracy, these systems are being criticized for their vulnerability to inherent biases in their algorithms that can skew their results. "...

News outlets announce they're abandoning "objectivity" because it's racist


“The media figures argued that journalists should include their own beliefs, biases, and experiences to convey truth, and that journalistic objectivity was either unrealistic or undesirable,” reports . "...

Corporate media heads say "objectivity" in news coverage is "racist" – a relic of "white newsrooms"


“The media figures argued that journalists should include their own beliefs, biases, and experiences to convey truth, and that journalistic objectivity was either unrealistic or undesirable,” reported The Daily Caller about this shift away from objective news coverage. "...

Campus bias training: ‘If you’re breathing, you’re biased’


“You probably don’t even know you have biases. The problem is that biases are unconscious,” the event listing reads: > As a result, you may be unaware of some of the reasons underlying your actions and reactions. ... The workshop promised to “take a look at defining bias, identifying personal and potential biases, and consider the effects of biases in the workplace as well as within the Baylor community.” > Is this nonsense really what our tuition is going towards?...

University of Florida College of Medicine pushing "woke" CRT and other anti-white propaganda on students


“We as physicians need to overcome our biases by making ourselves aware of them,” says Dr. "...

Spain turning into a police state: Spanish police to use automated facial recognition technology soon


It is also necessary to know what precautions have been taken to avoid algorithmic biases. "...

‘P’ for public or propaganda? How NPR morphed into a voice for the 'elite establishment'


However, the comments reflected wider debates over NPR’s politics and biases — namely, whether NPR’s programming and perspectives are a breath of fresh air (pun intended, this is the name of a ) in a commercialized media landscape or a soothing, soft-spoken variation of mainstream news media. ... Such staffing biases also arguably resulted in a lack of diversity within NPR’s ranks, which is also reflected in its journalistic product. "...