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Study: Metformin useless in improving beta cell dysfunction in childhood diabetes


Researchers continue to search for ways to prevent beta cell dysfunction and reduce insulin resistance. ... In addition, beta cell dysfunction continued to deteriorate despite the treatments. "...

All it takes is 14 days: Two weeks' worth of exercise significantly improves beta cell function and reduces pancreatic fat in adults with Type 2 diabetes


They aimed to determine the effect of these exercises on pancreatic fat, beta cell function, and insulin sensitivity. ... Moreover, both exercise types also exhibited similar improvement in beta cell function. "...

How can a plant-based diet help diabetics? Study explains


According to the researchers, modern medicine only slightly slows down the decline of beta-cell function in people with Type 2 diabetes . ... “In this context, it seems plausible that a low-fat vegan diet in our study decreased hepatic insulin resistance and led to a subsequent improvement in beta-cell function.” "...

Plant-based diet improves insulin sensitivity in overweight people with no history of diabetes


A study published in the journal Nutrients found that adhering to a plant-based diet improves insulin sensitivity and beta cell function in overweight adults with no history of diabetes. ... After the 16-week intervention period, the researchers found that those who followed a plant-based diet had better meal-stimulated insulin secretion and beta-cell glucose sensitivity than those in the control group. "...

Can insulin production be restored? Study finds potential new treatments for Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes


The researchers reported that some of the beta cells transformed into a different type of cell. ... However, the pancreatic beta cells of mice didn’t transform into delta cells. Instead, they became yet another type of cell called alpha cells. "...

Berry good: Researchers discover lifespan-extending compound in blueberries


This then helped fight breast cancer cells by interfering with their telomerase activity, inhibiting their growth and triggering cell cycle arrest. Results showed that the breast cancer cells inhibited by the two compounds were triple-negative, a notoriously aggressive type of cell. "...

Essential oils: Must-have items from Mother Nature for your survival cache


According to a study that appeared in Natural Product Communications, the active constituents of peppermint oil – menthol and menthone, cineole, limonene, beta-pinene and beta-caryophyllene – demonstrate strong antioxidant activity against the harmful effects of free radicals, as well as antispasmodic activity that helps relieve stomach cramps, bloating and farting, especially if you have irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). ... Roman chamomile essential oil has a light, fresh apple ...

6 Scientifically proven benefits of green tea


The tea also contains EGCG, which suppresses the neurotoxicity induced by amyloid-beta protein. Scientists suggest that EGCG can help trigger glycogen synthase kinase-3 beta (GSK-3 beta) and also inhibits c-Abl/FE65 or the cytoplasmic nonreceptor tyrosine kinase with a role in nervous system development and nuclear translocation. "...

Un-beet-able: Study shows beetroot can boost athletic performance


Un-beet-able: Study shows beetroot can boost athletic performance Friday, June 24, 2022 by: Zoey Sky Athletes , athletic performance , beetroot , beets , Beta vulgaris , endurance , exercise , fitness , food cures , food is medicine , goodfood , goodhealth , goodmedicine , natural cures , Nitrate , nutrients , superfoods This article may contain statements that reflect the opinion of the author Bypass censorship by sharing this link: https://citizens.news/631739.html Copy URL - (Natural ...

Study shows apigenin, a compound in parsley, offers cancer-fighting benefits


The herb is also full of carotenoids, which protect against cancer-causing cell damage. ... Parsley is also full of vitamins A, C and E, along with nutrients like beta-carotene, folate, chlorophyll, fiber, lutein, zeaxanthin and cryptoxanthin. "...

Pumpkin seeds: A nutritious, inexpensive and versatile snack with plenty of health benefits


Your body can turn beta-carotene in pumpkin seeds into vitamin A, which strengthens the immune system. ... They are a skin superfood because they’re so high in zinc , which protects your cell membranes, helps maintain collagen and promotes skin renewal. "...

Compounds in ginger and chili peppers found to prevent cancer


This is because 6-gingerol binds to capsaicin to create a new, extremely strong compound that can help inhibit tumor-growing cell receptors in the body. ... Combining the two forms a powerful compound that binds to cell receptors that would otherwise trigger tumor growth. "...

Study shows that psychotropic plants can help treat diabetes


The combination of harmine and transforming growth factor-beta superfamily (TGFbetaSF) inhibitor could speed up the replication of beta cells, the cells in the pancreas that produce insulin. ... Beta cells only undergo replication during the early phase of life. However, researchers at the Mount Sinai Hospital believed that harmine-based therapy could get beta cells to divide again. "...

Specific combination of mushroom extracts found to boost the immune system, researchers find


Beta-glucans are complex carbohydrates made up of multiple sugar molecules. Commonly found in the cell wall of plants, they are also present in other foods such as barley, oats and seaweed . ... grams of the supplements increased lymphocyte (another type of white blood cell) counts and natural killer cell activity. "...

Boost your body's regenerative potential with these healing foods and nutrients


Boost your body’s regenerative potential with these healing foods and nutrients Sunday, March 11, 2018 by: Zoey Sky beta-cell , beta-cell regeneration , body tissue , cardia cell , cardiac cell regeneration , cartilage , cartilage regeneration , goodfood , goodhealth , goodmedicine , healing , healing foods , herbal medicine , herbal remedies , Hormone , hormone regeneration , joint regeneration , joints , liver regeneration , natural remedies ...

Prebiotic fiber containing beta-glucan shows promise for leaky gut sufferers


It is rich in beta-glucans, a group of sugars found in the cell walls of bacteria, fungi, yeasts, and certain plants like oats and barley . ... “Beta-glucan was able to attenuate paracellular and transcellular hyperpermeability caused by mast cell-degranulation,” he said. "...

Processed cows milk linked to diabetes


Cell-mediated immune responses to GAD and beta-casein in type 1 diabetes mellitus in Thailand. ... Establishment of T cell lines to bovine beta-casein and beta-casein-derived epitopes in patients with type 1 diabetes. "...

Improve your immune system with beta glucan


Much of 21st century chronic disease is due to a breakdown in the coordination and balance of the immune system. ... Beta glucan and the immune system Beta glucan (B-glucan) is a powerful immune stimulating compound found in several mushrooms, yeasts and other foods. "...

Just One Week of Exercise Boosts Function of Insulin-Producing Beta Cells in Pancreas


After one week, insulin sensitivity in the participants had decreased by 53 percent, while beta cell function had improved by 28 percent. ... Aging is known to lead to decreases in insulin sensitivity and beta cell function, though the reason for these changes is not understood. "...

Researchers discover how a high-fat diet causes type 2 diabetes (press release)


Those transporters, such as Glut-2, play a crucial role in allowing the beta cell to sense how much glucose is in the blood. Transport of glucose across the cell membrane into pancreatic beta cells triggers insulin secretion. "...