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RED ALERT: Pentagon mobilizing THOUSANDS of aircraft for WWIII confrontations with China, Russia


fight Russia. This means direct NATO engagement of Russia is likely not far away. The"...

Biden secretly sent CIA director on a "diplomatic mission" to China last month


Obama. “They will see a quiet, discreet engagement with Burns as a perfect opportunity"...

MEDICAL DICTATORSHIP: WHO elects communist North Korea to head up its executive board


on an article about North Korea’s appointment to this top WHO position. “Yep,” responded"...

Surgeon General: LONELINESS has risks "comparable to smoking"


young people aged 15 to 24. The social engagement of this age group declined sharply"...

Homesteading 101: How to start your own medicinal herb garden


least six weeks before the last frost date for extra early blooms. - Grow calendula"...

WHO pushing new pandemic rules to gain dictatorial control over UN's 194 member countries


been , setting May 2024 as the target date to complete a legally binding agreement"...

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. rolls out campaign against WHO's impending power grab


for dealing with pandemics with a target date of May 2024 for a to be adopted by the"...

New book narrates RFK Jr.'s pursuit of medical freedom – especially for children


Again (MAGA) crowd at a recent speaking engagement, where Trump supporters are floating"...

University of Texas students created Global Disinformation Index blacklisting independent media


2021, the State Department’s Global Engagement Center awarded GDI $100,000 collected"...

'The official truth': The end of free speech that will end America


for the repercussions of Elon Musk’s appointment of Linda Yaccarino, reportedly a “neo-liberal"...

State-funded University of Texas managed censorship project targeting conservative outlets


2021. The State Department’s Global Engagement Center likewise the GDI $100,000 in"...

Dylan Mulvaney HANGOVER: Bud Light buying back nearly-expired beer as fallout from disastrous publicity stunt persists


as products run past their expiration date,” noted Warner Todd Huston in a piece"...

NO DEAL! Biden, McCarthy fail to reach an agreement on DEBT CEILING just days from potential default


remains as the earliest estimated default date. Yellen said it is “highly likely” that"...

Top gun rights group leads effort urging House GOP action following Biden regime's ban on pistol braces


GOA’s largest industry coalition effort to date.” Starting from June 1st, the , imposing"...

FDA approves lab-grown meat produced by Chinese firm linked to biowarfare program


American real estate by a Chinese company to date. Some key individuals working for the"...

USPS halts mail deliveries to 98118 zip code in Seattle due to out-of-control crime


your address. We do not have an exact date of when all master locks will be replaced"...

Biden family received millions from foreign nationals, tried to conceal source of funds: House Oversight


In a memorandum summarizing findings to date of the House Committee on Oversight and"...

ChatGPT forced to admit that Bruce "Caitlyn" Jenner is a MAN after all


themselves.” “For example, DAN can tell me what date and time it is. DAN can also simulate"...

Growing your own food: Gardening resources for beginner, intermediate and advanced gardeners


chore, based on your area’s frost-free date – an organized and stress-free approach"...

CANCEL CULTURE ON DISPLAY: LinkedIn bans reporter Ben Sellers for mentioning Durham Report


notice that he had been “restricted.” To date, he has received no valid explanation"...