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German gas giant asks Berlin for BAILOUT as country faces energy crisis


Uniper CEO Klaus-Dieter Maubach made this admission, warning that the energy company could also run out of cash originally given by Berlin as aid. ... Moreover, Uniper’s losses – the biggest in German corporate history – prompted Berlin to intervene. "...

Berlin agrees to send "tanks" to Ukraine but they're not going to be much help


According to reports, Berlin has agreed to send “tanks” to Ukraine as Kyiv continues to fight off the Russian onslaught. ... A closer look at the Gepard indicates what a pathetic, even insulting, “offer” this is from Berlin. "...

BMW launches test fleet of 100 hydrogen vehicles in Berlin


Soaring gas prices and dwindling fossil fuel supplies have increased interest in alternatives such as hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, and while that technology has had many hurdles, German automaker BMW is now making progress with a test fleet of hydrogen driven vehicles. ... Klaus Schearer of BMW's Traffic and Environment Board, at last week's launch of the vehicle in Berlin. "...

Terrorism suspected in new truck attack in Berlin as scores mowed down, killed


The alleged attack in Berlin came on the heels of an incident in Ankara, Turkey, where an off-duty police officer assassinated Russia’s ambassador to Turkey , Andrey G. ... In the days leading up to the assassination and the Berlin attacks, authorities in France arrested terrorist suspects who were caught with handguns and submachine guns. "...

Russian TV airs discussion about possibility of launching nuclear missiles against Berlin, Paris and London


The infographic suggested that nuclear missiles launched from Kaliningrad could reach Berlin in 106 seconds, Paris in 200 seconds and London in 202 seconds. ... Watch this episode of “The Pete Santilli Show” as host Pete Santilli discusses the Russian threat to launch nuclear missiles against London, Berlin and Paris. "...

The vaccine "Berlin Wall" is finally being TORN DOWN as NY Supreme Court strikes down "capricious" NYC vaccine mandate


Search Follow The vaccine “Berlin Wall” is finally being TORN DOWN as NY Supreme Court strikes down “capricious” NYC vaccine mandate Wednesday, October 26, 2022 by: , This article may contain statements that reflect the opinion of the author Bypass censorship by sharing this link: https://citizens.news/669740.html - ( ) Staten Island Supreme Court Justice Ralph Porzio has struck down the NYC vaccine mandate, calling it “arbitrary and capricious” while explaining, “it was all about ...

17-year-old hospitalized after being beaten by group of adults for riding a Berlin train without a mask


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Ocasio-Cortez has no idea the Berlin Wall was built to keep people IN, not out... because everybody wants to flee socialism


I think it’s, like, the Berlin Wall. The stupidity of that statement is astounding. ... Anyone caught trying to escape East Berlin/East Germany was shot on sight. “In all, at least 171 people were killed trying to get over, under or around the Berlin Wall,” the History Channel reported. "...

Top Ukrainian official complains Western military aid 'not enough' as war with Russia continues to rage


in response to the news that Berlin is now sending 18 Leopard 2 tanks to Kiev, after initially ruling out such a delivery. The minister noted that Berlin has changed its position and is now “so proud” to be sending the tanks. "...

Pentagon expediting delivery of Abrams tanks to Ukraine in acceleration toward continental war


(Related: ) Berlin, Warsaw and Kyiv signed the tripartite agreement to establish the tank repair hub during the meeting. "...

Tractor-driving protesters descend on German town to oppose limits on FARM ANIMALS


The demonstrators driving the tractors protested limits imposed by Berlin on the number of animals farmers can own. ... For its part, Berlin defended the measures as being about animal welfare and a good starting point for those wanting to transition to organic farming. "...

Young male athletes now developing "turbo" testicular cancer – are covid "vaccines" to blame?


Then there is Hertha Berlin’s Jean-Paul Boëtius who was diagnosed with testicular cancer following a urological examination. "...

More Nord Stream 'bombshells' to come – Seymour Hersh


The article backed up Moscow’s repeated that the US carried out the strike in order to prevent rapprochement between Russia and Germany, while making Berlin dependent on more expensive American liquefied natural gas. ... However, Hersh told Germany’s Berliner Zeitung newspaper on Tuesday that the Biden administration feared Berlin would lift these sanctions and resume gas transit as temperatures dropped over the winter. "...

WHERE'S THE BEEF? Data show US has lowest beef cattle inventory in over 60 years


A coalition of Berlin environmental economists said livestock farming is a huge contributor to greenhouse gas emissions as well as soil and water pollution. "...

Pfizer found to have covered up injuries and deaths of study participants in their clinical covid-19 vaccine trials


“According to the current state of science, these two cases would be assigned to the vaccination,” said Berlin pharmaceutical specialist Susanne Wagner, “especially since the US health authority CDC is currently investigating strokes in vaccinated people and it is known.” "...

Germany latest NATO country to begin running out of ammunition after sending supplies to Ukraine


Timothy Heath, a senior international defense researcher at RAND Corporation, remarked that Berlin’s ammo and military equipment shortfalls “reflects the globalized nature of production. ... “Furthermore, Berlin’s need for weapons has increased due to the federal government providing Ukraine with weapons from the Bundeswehr stockpile.” "...

Germans take to the streets to protest rising energy prices


State-owned broadcaster DW reported that the rallies – organized by the Berlin-based trade union ver.di and environmental activist group Greenpeace – occurred in the capital Berlin and the cities of Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Hanover and Dresden. ... According to their estimates, attendees in the Berlin, Hanover, Dusseldorf and Frankfurt protests did not go beyond 3,000 people. "...

West dead set on hastening start of World War III after approving heavy tanks for Ukraine


As a first step, Germany will provide a company of 14 Leopard 2A6 tanks from its army’s stocks, the government in Berlin said in a statement. "...

With Pandora's box opened, the rush to nuclear annihilation quickens: Russian citizens are calling on Putin to nuke 'western aggressors' and then, '75 seconds and DC disappears'


And as Steve warns us, ‘Pandora’s Box is now open,’ and if we stay on this track with German leaders saying they’re already at war with Russia, pretty soon, Russian citizens will be calling on Putin to nuke Berlin, and London and Brussels and Washington DC. "...

LGBTQNATO: Send arms to Ukraine to 'Make Pride in Mariupol Possible’


The Berlin-based event, which took place on Saturday, was one of many Christopher Street Day demonstrations across Europe, with the pan-European celebration occurring annually in memory of the Stonewall Riots. ... Meanwhile, leftist Berlin mayor Franziska Giffey declared that her city “is and will remain the rainbow capital”, demanding that all citizens of Germany “resolutely oppose” what she described as “hate and exclusion”. 23 July 2022, Berlin: Subdog is taking part ...