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Discover the Powerful Benefits of Garlic


Eating a clove of garlic might not be the tastiest snack in the world, but it will give you some powerful health benefits. ... There are many other benefits garlic has, and this article has just touched upon them. "...

Cooking with the "stinking rose": The 7 health benefits of garlic


Here are seven evidence-based health benefits that garlic offers : Garlic slashes your risk of heart attack and stroke by half Eating garlic is good for your heart. ... In addition to taking it in supplement form, you can reap garlic’s health benefits by using it in soups, sauces, dressings , and more. "...

The benefits of growing your own garlic


Garlic is an important plant to grow because it is so good for the body! ... Including garlic in one's daily life adds many benefits. However, the majority of the garlic that is sold in the US is grown in China. "...

Cancer prevention tips: 5 Natural ways to reduce your breast cancer risk


Some of the in numerous studies include: - Apples - Blueberries - Broccoli - Coffee - Garlic - Kale - Raspberries - Tea - Walnuts - Whole grains When it comes to breast cancer prevention, research has found that increased intake of cruciferous vegetables, particularly broccoli and cauliflower, . ... Reduce your breast cancer risk by quitting smoking or drinking, exercising regularly and incorporating foods with anticancer benefits into your daily diet. "...

Garlic is the ultimate survival food for the smart prepper


Research on the health benefits of garlic Some studies have shown that garlic contains certain compounds with potent anti-tumor actions in cell culture and animal tests. ... You can read more articles about the other health benefits of garlic at Healing.news . "...

Don't Throw the Sprouts Away: Sprouted Garlic Is A Great Cure That Kills 14 Types Of Cancer Cells


- Don’t Throw the Sprouts Away: Sprouted Garlic Is A Great Cure That Kills 14 Types Of Cancer Cells - - - By Posted Friday, February 12, 2016 at 02:34pm EST Keywords: , Most of us are aware of the phenomenal health benefits of garlic as an antiviral agent and immune system booster. ... Unfortunately, we may not be getting the benefits of older garlic bulbs that sport new, green growth. "...

Discover the ancient secrets and modern magic of garlic


Modern science supports many health claims of the ancients while also revealing newly discovered benefits of garlic. ... These sulfuric elements are what give garlic its odor but also many of its health enhancing benefits. "...

Time for a second serving: Garlic and onions reduce the effects of a high-fat diet


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Benefits of common root vegetables


Root vegetables are exactly what the name implies - they are the root of the plant. ... Garlic Garlic is antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal, and anti-inflammatory. Regularly used in alternative treatments, garlic has a long history of medicinal excellence, among them, cancer prevention and cardiovascular benefits. "...

Fascinating study finds that men who eat 4 cloves of garlic per day smell more attractive to women


“As the health benefits of garlic consumption include antioxidant, immune-stimulant, cardiovascular, bactericidal, and anti-carcinogenic (anti-cancer) effects, it is plausible that human odor preferences have been similarly shaped by sexual selection,” explained the researchers. ... Read more news stories and studies on the benefits of eating garlic at SuperFoods.news . "...

The immune boosting power of garlic


Garlic is a pungent herb and one of nature's best anti-biotics. ... The benefits of garlic can be enhanced by letting it sit for a few minutes directly after chopping. "...

This little-known trick allows you to unlock the healing properties of garlic


This little-known trick still gives you the same health benefits as fresh garlic with the added convenience of a longer shelf life . ... Making your own garlic powder To make your own garlic powder, follow these simple steps: - Place around three pounds of peeled garlic into a blender and pulse it to a rough texture. "...

What you should know before you decide to eat raw garlic


Why is garlic good for you? Aside from strengthening your immune system, garlic also has other health benefits . - It can help lower your blood pressure. ... You can read more articles about the health benefits of eating garlic at FoodCures.news . "...

Garlic found to remove lead from the body better than a common chelator drug


Used for seasoning food and as a condiment, garlic is also known for its health benefits. ... You can visit Food.news to learn more about the amazing health benefits of garlic. "...