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Clip of then-Sen. Biden bragging about how he proposed 78-day NATO air bombardment of Belgrade goes viral in China


Foreign Policy Expert” claiming credit during a Senate hearing for proposing the bombing campaign. > “I was the one who suggested the bombing of Belgrade. ... Another event that occurred during this bombing campaign that has never been publicly explained was the bombing of China’s embassy in Belgrade in May of that year. "...

Serbia cancels EuroPride event following massive protest by Serbian Christians


He warned that those attending the LGBT event would “flaunt and desecrate the city of Belgrade, the holy Serbian city.” ... EPOA added that EuroPride in Belgrade “will not be canceled and will bring together thousands of LGBTI+ people from across Europe with LGBTI+ people from Serbia and the wider western Balkans. "...

Hungary, Serbia building pipeline for Russian oil and gas to dodge EU sanctions


Hungarian Secretary of State for Public Diplomacy and Relations Zoltan Kovacs made the announcement in a tweet, specifically citing the new sanctions imposed by the EU as one of the main reasons for the new pipeline deal inked with Belgrade. ... Meanwhile, a Serbian energy security report pointed out that Belgrade is limited to the supply of natural gas from the Russian state-owned gas company Gazprom – its lone supplier. "...

Serbian president warns of global war if East and West don't reconcile


He made these comments while Belgrade was committed to a path to joining the European Union (EU) while maintaining good and healthy relations with Russia and China. The remarks also came after a protest was held in the capital of Belgrade against the holding of a gay pride rally in the city. "...

Conservatives unite to stop events exposing children to LGBT ideologies


Watch this video where thousands of Serbs rally in Belgrade calling for the cancellation of the “EuroPride” LGBT festival . "...

Man charged with importing, selling millions of dollars' worth of illegal cancer pharmaceuticals


No one knows that better than Paul Bottomley of Belgrade, who angered the beast for selling millions of dollars worth of unapproved oncology medications in the U.S. that were imported from several countries. ... Bottomley, a citizen of the United Kingdom who lives in Belgrade, bought land in Montana with some of his earnings. "...

China goes on the charm offensive with “mask diplomacy” in Europe – but not everyone’s buying it


He did, however, kiss the Chinese flag when coronavirus medical aid landed in Belgrade. > A friendship kiss! Serbian President #AleksandarVucic greeted Chinese doctors who arrived in Serbia on Sat with "touching elbows" at Belgrade's Nikola Tesla Airport, kissing the Chinese flag in a show of gratitude for the country's timely support in assisting against #COVID19 . pic.twitter.com/KQm5LYescF > > — Global Times (@globaltimesnews) March 22, 2020 Chinese diplomats in the European ...

New head of left-leaning Toronto Star said last year she opposes COVID vaccine passports in now-deleted tweet


Glogovac was born in the Serbian city of Belgrade when it was under the rule of the former communist Yugoslavian state, which itself was a satellite state of the now-defunct U.S.S.R. "...

If they keep pushing for WW3, they might get it


While that complies with the Belgrade Agreement of 1991 when Ukraine gave up its nuclear weapons promising to not join NATO and remain neutral, he is still refusing to comply with the Minsk Agreement of 2014 where he was to honor the democratic right of the Donbas to vote on their own sovereignty since they were Russians and Ukraine was merely created by the Soviet Union in drawing borders. "...

Trump slaps Hillary Clinton with lawsuit, alleges she "maliciously conspired" to create bogus "Russian collusion" narrative


Biden bragging about how he proposed 78-day NATO air bombardment of Belgrade goes viral in China Next : Russian energy chief says country will begin taking payment for oil in gold, bitcoin to bypass Western sanctions - More news on CIA A Soviet pipeline to Europe was sabotaged in 1982, and the culprit was the CIA Mockingbird media dishes up a load of (half) truth, 50 years too late CIA recently warned Germany about possible Nord Stream pipeline attack, says German magazine Confirmed: US ...

DHS spied on Americans, collected their financial information in bulk: U.S. senator


Biden bragging about how he proposed 78-day NATO air bombardment of Belgrade goes viral in China - More news on Big Brother India’s covid contact tracing app turned into “sophisticated surveillance system” Legislation would require social media users be assigned a ‘truth score’ in latest dystopian effort by Western leaders to control the masses CREEPY FOOD SURVEILLANCE: Norway launches new monitoring scheme to track all food purchases of private citizens Republicans slam FBI for spying on ...

One more reason to supplement: Probiotics reduce cadmium toxicity


Researchers at the in Belgrade, Serbia and the in Libya found that probiotics can help eliminate in the body by binding to their bacterial cell wall and excreting them through feces. "...

Dominion Voting Systems' years-long court battle in Georgia reveals flawed software and weak testing


Among the connections that had accessed the servers were a network from China’s Hunan province, an IP address from Iran and users from the Serbian capital of Belgrade where Dominion has operations. "...

Fraudulent Dominion voting machines tied to Obama's ACORN scam


Barack Obama appears to be a kingpin behind election fraud Belgrade and Serbia, both countries of which house Dominion employees, are also connected to Dominion, along with ACORN, evidence shows. "...

Arsenic in drinking water found to lower intelligence of children


"I worry when we can't replace the filter as quickly as we should," stated Wendy Brennan, a resident of Belgrade who recently invested in an $800 reverse osmosis filtration system, to the Kennebec Journal. "...

Serbian ecology leader arrested for openly defying GMOs and chemtrails


Earlier on his way to a conference in Belgrade, an attempt was reportedly made on his life. "...

Russia feeling newly aggressive now that Trump is gone: Moscow threatens to BOMB British warship HMS Defender if it sails close to Crimea again


Biden bragging about how he proposed 78-day NATO air bombardment of Belgrade goes viral in China Dozens of U.S. military personnel, dead, wounded after coordinated attacks at Kabul airport; calls ring out for Biden, Harris to resign Russia feeling newly aggressive now that Trump is gone: Moscow threatens to BOMB British warship HMS Defender if it sails close to Crimea again Biden’s airstrike on Syria killed more people than both of Trump’s strikes, proving again that Democrats are the warmonger ...

Long-time friends? China has manipulated Wall Street long before Trump was elected


He stated that prior to this, all other crises between the United States and China, such as the U.S. bombing of the Chinese Embassy in Belgrade in 199, were resolved “within two months.” "...

These healthy foods are proven to lower blood pressure better than drugs


A 2015 study conducted by the University of Belgrade found that 13 ounces (400 milliliters) of chokeberry juice can positively affect blood pressure in a matter of weeks. "...

The great currency reset and why Europe is trapped


It’s also why the EU is pressuring Serbia so hard on going along with the Russian war propaganda because the rail line that serves those countries from the Greek port at Thessaloniki runs through Belgrade. "...