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Russian submarine armed with Poseidon nuclear drones to be deployed in the Pacific


The Belgorod submarine will serve the Russian Navy once it clears state tests starting in May. ... Belgorod’s deployment appears to be in preparation for possible conflict The Belgorod submarine’s deployment coincides with a possible conflict involving Russia. "...

Russian Navy's "doomsday" submarine can carry 6 Poseidon nuclear torpedoes


Constructed by Sevmash in the port city of Severodvinsk, the submarine was built under Project 09852 and officially named the K-329 Belgorod. ... Belgorod is also the first submarine carrier of the Poseidon . It is also designed to bring the special mission submarine and other unmanned underwater espionage platforms. "...

North Korea just tested their version of the Poseidon doomsday weapon that can create a “radioactive tsunami” that could kill millions


There is no weapon that can counter them in the world today,” Putin said. > > “The first set of Poseidons have been manufactured, and the Belgorod submarine will receive them in the near future,” Russia’s state-run Tass news agency claimed on January 16. The Belgorod is a new class of Russian submarine designed to carry the huge 80-foot-long Poseidon torpedoes. "...

Russia deploys doomsday nuclear ocean drones as global economic MELTDOWN looms


The K-329 Belgorod submarine is the only one of its kind in the world, and it reportedly can travel at a speed of 125 mph using a secret, highly-advanced propulsion system. ... Infographic credit: TheSun.co.uk: Stealth submarine travels at extreme speeds, dropping nuclear drones at will The Belgorod submarine was built using exotic technology that allows it to achieve almost unimaginable speeds (125 mph) while still operating covertly. "...

Putin orders first batch of nuclear-armed Poseidon torpedoes produced that can wipe out coastlines


Earlier, Natural News reported on the Russian submarine that was going to be carrying Poseidon nuclear drones. ... Constructed by Sevmash in the port city of Severodvinsk, the submarine was built under Project 09852 and officially named the K-329 Belgorod. "...

Norway tightens security on gas and oil sites in North Sea after spotting mysterious drones in the area


Russia does have the capacity to carry out such an attack, as it has the most significant spy submarine fleet in the world and has spent years updating its capabilities. The Belgorod, which is a nuclear-powered stealth submarine, can sabotage undersea cables and has the capacity to target a pipe. "...