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There is a 'second brain' in your gut -- and it controls more than you might imagine


There is a 'second brain' in your gut - and it controls more than you might imagine Sunday, October 09, 2016 by: Ethan A. ... "The system is way too complicated to have evolved only to make sure things move out of your colon," says Emeran Mayer, a professor of physiology, psychiatry, and behavioral sciences at the David Geffen School of Medicine at the University of California, Los Angeles, as quoted by Scientific American. "...

UN, Big Tech, and World Economic Forum launch behavioral control experiment to boost vaccine compliance and push communist economic system


UN, Big Tech, and World Economic Forum launch behavioral control experiment to boost vaccine compliance and push communist economic system Wednesday, December 02, 2020 by: Lance D Johnson badmedicine , behavioral control , big tech censorship , bodily requirements , Collusion , communism , compliance , economic control , freedom of information , great reset , health freedom , infections , informed consent , Liberty , manipulation , medical fascism , Medical Tyranny , obey , pandemic ...

MENTAL illness is rising in people who have recovered from COVID, as the controlling germaphobic approach to disease fails their body and mind


Is there psychological fallout when a person becomes infected after following strict behavioral controls for months? ... They must face the fact that the behavioral controls are a worthless daily strain on their mind and body. "...

Computer security from a new angle: your typing style is your fingerprint


This falls under the category of what I call "behavioral metrics" for identification of end users. ... Related Articles: • Air traveler choked to death in police custody at Phoenix airport after being handcuffed, detained • TSA is not tracking security breach patterns, new report reveals • TSA now needs false flag security incident to convince Americans to accept obscene pat-downs • Fatal security flaw discovered in software that controls U.S. power plants • Never going back: Air ...

How many more lives could be saved if Vitamin D had been distributed when the China virus hit?


Instead, populations around the world were forced to live under arbitrary behavioral controls that did further damage to their stress level and livelihood. ... Social distancing and other behavioral controls will not stop viral load. Only a replete immune system will be able to stop viruses from multiplying within the body, stopping the spread. "...

Dr. Lee Merritt warns: Forced vaccines are a Holocaust-level crime against humanity


A free society does not enforce bodily requirements, behavioral controls and various levels of obedience training, all to prop up medical fraud, bio-terror, medical error, fraudulently-calibrated medical tests , and censorship and omission of science-backed antiviral strategies that support healthy immune function . ... Fauci funds the organ trafficking of aborted babies, helping researchers graft baby scalps onto rodents - More news on behavioral controls Dr. ...

Article updated with new message from the Health Ranger


The article which originally appeared here has been removed because it is no longer aligned with the science-based investigative mission of Natural News. ... Coupled with that, I was blessed with the cognitive capacities needed to discover a new paradigm of scientific knowledge that can help end suffering and eradicate much of the degenerative disease, mental illness and behavioral violence that currently plagues humankind. "...

High school in Washington finally opens up, teaches hypochondria and paranoia, and stuffs band students into suffocating cocoons


High school in Washington finally opens up, teaches hypochondria and paranoia, and stuffs band students into suffocating cocoons Saturday, February 27, 2021 by: Lance D Johnson behavioral control , bubble living , Child abuse , education system , Fear , germ theory , Group Think , hypochondria , immune system , learning , lockdown mentality , masking , mental health , Mental illness , obedience , outbreak , pandemic , paranoia , public education , public school , stress , Students , stupid ...

Say what? Wales to “play a leading role” in tackling climate change by banning ROAD construction


Wales to “play a leading role” in tackling climate change by banning ROAD construction Saturday, September 19, 2020 by: Lance D Johnson badclimate , badscience , behavioral controls , carbon footprint , central economic planning , climate alarmism , economic controls , infrastructure collapse , left cult , Libtards , paris climate agreement , road construction , stupid , transportation , United Nations , Wales Bypass censorship by sharing this link: https://www.clearnewswire....

US infrastructure to be converted to a mass vaccine compliance system, rife with propaganda and entry requirements


The blueprint is called — The Public’s Role in COVID-19 Vaccination: Planning Recommendations Informed by Design, Thinking, and the Social, Behavioral, and Communication Sciences. ... These behavioral controls are being placed on society as a whole, to suffocate human independence and soul, to reinforce the lie that everyone is an infectious public health risk at all times, into perpetuity. "...

Peak Prosperity’s Chris Martenson has come to the realization that Big Pharma is EVIL and lockdowns are part of a socialist takeover


Peak Prosperity’s Chris Martenson has come to the realization that Big Pharma is EVIL and lockdowns are part of a socialist takeover Friday, November 06, 2020 by: Lance D Johnson behavioral controls , Big Pharma , cognitive dissonance , control , destitution , free markets , great reset , infection recovery , mass compliance , medical error , power , socialism Bypass censorship by sharing this link: https://www.distributednews.com/472201.html Copy URL - (Natural News ) Brilliant ...

Brain development study: An imbalance between GABA and glutamate can contribute to behavior issues, autism, seizures


A team of researchers at the King’s College London enrolled 17 autism patients and 20 controls as part of the study. ... The scientists also observed that the drug treatment led to a slight decrease in GABA levels in otherwise healthy controls. "...

The mind can control the body: Body sensations found to be controlled by psychological stimuli more often than physical stimuli


The mind controls attention-driven body sensations The study began by noting the importance of attention-driven body sensations during subjective evaluations of a person’s physical health. ... These sensations appear to be affected by developments in the peripheral nervous system – the nerves that connect the CNS with the rest of the body – and the somatic nervous system, which controls the skeletal muscles responsible for voluntary movement of the body. "...

BPA, found in plastic water bottles, linked to abnormal brain development in fetuses ... Mothers BEWARE


However, this is by no means the first test to make the connection between BPA in the womb and behavioral problems. ... At that age, the mothers also completed behavioral surveys regarding any behavioral issues or anxiety, aggression, depression or hyperactivity displayed by their children. "...

Groundbreaking study on trans-generational alcohol damage of developing brains proves existence of epigenetic, non-DNA "inheritance" factors


For the study, the UCR scientists generated a mouse model of FASD and tested many aspects of brain and behavioral development across three generations. ... The authors of the study noted that body weight and brain size were significantly reduced in all generations of PrEE animals when compared to controls. "...

Infants who drink formula and ride in shopping carts at greater risk for Salmonella infection


Jones of the Tennessee Department of Health in Nashville - compared the dietary and environmental exposure of 442 infants who had been infected with Salmonella with those of 928 age-matched controls who had not been infected. ... "Many of the risk factors identified in this study are potentially modifiable through targeted preventive education and behavioral change among the caretakers of infants," Jones and colleagues wrote in their report. "...

Powerful discussion: Pastor Leon Benjamin interviewed by Mike Adams on faith, life and the future of humanity


There is something these people of faith have in common, and this power continues to show itself — as tyrannical and abusive controls are lifted, as dictators fall in their folly, as people take their health back, as more souls are set free from addictions and a mental state of death and disease expectation. ... This mentality does nothing to address the underlying health problems that people may face, nor do these behavioral controls prevent disease, treat infection or ...

GAVI Vaccine Alliance: The source of terror behind global lockdowns and vaccine coercion


The behavioral controls and livelihood restrictions imposed by WHO have no basis in immune system health, mental health, or general well being. ... Bill Gates now controls Swissmedic, the FDA of Switzerland, due to a three-way vaccine distribution contract agreement reached by Gates, WHO, and the Swiss regulatory agency. "...

The psychopathic plot to inject 7 billion people starts with compliance conditioning, pandemic messaging, stolen freedoms


To ensure that populations would submit their bodies and livelihood to upcoming controls, a decrepit mentality was set early on. ... The economic, behavioral, and personal liberty controls pose a greater threat to humanity than a select pathogen, and are still being used against people coercing populations to submit to experimental injections. "...

Google and Facebook are engineered to spread fear about infections, to keep the public ignorant of how the immune system works


In their ignorance, a person is made to feel helpless, abiding by authority’s controls to feel safe. ... “And the methods they’re using are invisible, they are subliminal, they are more powerful than most any effects I’ve ever seen in the behavioral science and I’ve been in the behavioral science for almost forty years.” "...