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Scientists look to magnesium for better electric vehicle batteries


The researchers behind the study found that these extremely tiny magnesium crystals on the battery anode played a role in improving the magnesium battery’s performance. ... They proposed the use of liquid sulfur/sulfide composites for the cathode – the battery’s negative terminal – to match the magnesium anode. "...

Antimony-carbon anode could pave the way for developing next-gen batteries


The antimony-carbon anode is designed for use in a highly concentrated electrolyte. ... These properties ensured the anode’s cycling stability over long periods of time. "...

"Holy grail" electric vehicle battery takes design cues from BLT sandwich


A lithium metal battery whose design is inspired by the sandwich addressed needle-like growths that undermine battery performance. ... These dendrites penetrate the lithium layer between the anode and cathode, shorting the battery and potentially catching fire. "...

New Lithium Nanowire Technology Boosts Lithium Ion Battery Capacity by 1000 Percent


Traditional lithium ion batteries use graphite as the anode, or the part of the battery that positive current flows into. ... On the first charge cycle, the anode attained silicon's maximum theoretical charge. "...

Revolutionary battery can self-assemble and charge your phone in SECONDS


A conventional battery is composed of an anode on one side and a cathode on another, separated by a non-conducting separator. ... In the new battery, space is maximized for storing and transmitting charges. Except for its structure, the new battery isn’t too different from normal batteries though. "...

Latest lithium-ion battery uses water-salt solution, reducing risk of fire and explosion in household electronics


The mixture, called an interphase, protects the anode from reactions that weaken its power. ... “The key innovation here is making the right gel that can block water contact with the anode so that the water doesn’t decompose and can also form the right interphase to support high battery performance,” said co-senior author Chunsheng Wang, Professor of Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering at the University of Maryland’s A. "...

Battery breakthrough could double range of electric vehicles


The two fundamental functions of a battery are storing energy and discharging it. ... This layout makes it possible to reduce the size, and cost, of a complete battery system. "...

Magnesium battery breakthrough means safer batteries that won't explode


However, the new battery still needs a better cathode and more efficient electrolytes — the medium through which the ionic charge flows between cathode and anode. ... Energy is stored in the new battery through inserting magnesium monochloride into a host, such as titanium disulfide. "...

Zinc battery breakthrough may allow homes to efficiently store energy for off-grid use


This new generation of magnesium dioxide-zinc battery may be the answer. The scientists say that these zinc-anode versions are inexpensive and could potentially be mass-produced as the main ingredient is an abundant metal found on Earth. ... Numerous groups have called for improved technologies in battery development. (Related: Battery breakthrough? "...

Tiny disorganized crystals may hold the key to new magnesium battery energy storage technology


A material with reversible ion storage abilities would be perfect for the cathode part of a magnesium battery. ... An anode made of pure lithium could trigger short circuits and fires that pose considerable danger to humans. "...

Army to see 30 percent cut in hydrocarbon fuel use – thanks to new EV battery technology


NanoGraf described its new battery technology as a “breakthrough in energy density of silicon anode cells.” ... Silicon allows batteries to store ten times more energy at the cost of battery durability. "...

Engineers develop high energy density all-solid-state batteries


All-solid-state batteries with a lithium metal anode offer a way to increase energy density. ... The solid electrolyte materials grow unstable when they interact with the lithium anode. "...

Paving the way to faster power: Scientists discover adding asphalt to lithium-ion batteries makes them charge up to 20 times faster


The anode was then combined with a cathode of sulfurized carbon – because pure sulfur tends to react with many chemicals, and using this material can create the possibility of damaging the battery as a whole – to create the final product. ... The new batteries are also capable of derailing the formation of dendrites, which are tiny lithium tentacles that sprout on the anode during the charging process and which spreads itself throughout the device until they go over to ...

Old chemistry may be the secret to new batteries for storing renewable energy


According to Wanli Yang, a staff scientist at Berkeley Lab, the key difference in their new battery creation is in the anode. ... “Typically, in lithium ion and sodium-ion batteries, the anode is more often carbon-based,” Yang remarked. "...

Researchers develop high-energy magnesium batteries that can store more energy


A new magnesium battery that ditches chloride electrolytes and uses organic electrodes After Yao and his research team removed all traces of chloride from the electrolyte, they paired up the charge-carrying material with organic cathodes and a metal anode. ... A cathode acts as the battery’s point of entry for an electric current. Electrolytes serve as the bridge between the cathode and the anode. "...

New catalyst material can help spur the rise of lithium-sulfur batteries


These actions together enhanced the battery’s longevity, performance and energy storage capacity. (Related: Battery breakthrough? Membraneless ‘flow battery’ stores 10 times the energy of lithium-ion .) "...

Researchers are "storing" energy using eggshells with new conductive material


They installed the electrode in an experimental cell with a metallic lithium anode and an electrolyte that didn’t use any water. ... They kept track of how much the battery’s energy storage capacity degraded with repeated cycles. "...



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