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Spy cams installed in NY hospital bathrooms to monitor handwashing


Here goes the last great American sanctuary from intrusion- bathrooms with spy cams. ... Follow real-time breaking news headlines on Spy cams at FETCH.news The world of independent media, all in one place. - More news on spy cams Hospitals encouraging new mothers to breastfeed by scrapping free formula programs Another Obamacare surprise: Major hospitals all across the country not included under new insurance plans Antibiotics continue to be abused in U.S. hospitals despite worsening superbug ...

Ecuador's health system buckles under coronavirus: Morgues full, dead piled up in bathrooms


With many morgues in Guayaquil filled beyond capacity, hospitals have had to wrap up bodies and store them in bathrooms. ... “There were many dead in the bathrooms, many lying on the floors, many dead in armchairs,” she told AFP. "...

They're racist! No more walls for borders, prisons, homes, offices, or bathrooms at retail stores (humor)


No more walls for borders, prisons, homes, offices, or bathrooms at retail stores (humor) Saturday, February 16, 2019 by: A. ... People just pee on the floor in Starbucks anyway, so why have bathrooms at all? "...

Democrats rob privacy rights from women, forcing them to urinate next to men in 'gender-neutral' bathrooms


Democrats rob privacy rights from women, forcing them to urinate next to men in 'gender-neutral' bathrooms Saturday, July 30, 2016 by: Isabelle Z. ... Gender-neutral bathrooms becoming obligatory Colleges throughout the country have been creating "gender-neutral" bathrooms to accommodate students who are "uncomfortable" using facilities that are specifically designated male or female, and the Obama administration is trying to force all public schools to permit students ...

Homeless people can shoot up in the bathrooms, but customers can no longer bring personal cups to Starbucks because of coronavirus


Homeless people can shoot up in the bathrooms, but customers can no longer bring personal cups to Starbucks because of coronavirus Monday, March 09, 2020 by: Ethan Huff banned , China , coronavirus , covid-19 , disease , global emergency , infection , infections , novel coronavirus , outbreak , pandemic , personal cups , sanitizing , Starbucks , virus , Wuhan , Wuhan coronavirus - (Natural News ) A popular “green” trend at the Starbucks coffee chain is coming to an end because of the Wuhan ...

Teen Vogue: ‘We need to think beyond the incorrect idea that periods are just for women,’ wants tampons provided in men’s bathrooms


Teen Vogue: ‘We need to think beyond the incorrect idea that periods are just for women,’ wants tampons provided in men’s bathrooms Monday, October 21, 2019 by: News Editors backlash , biology , gender , gender confused , gender equity , insanity , left cult , Liberal Mob , Libtards , lunatics , men , menstruation , Mental illness , period , stupid , Tampons , Teen Vogue , women - (Natural News ) Teen Vogue, the publication that encourages teenagers to consider sex work, is now telling ...

P.C. insanity: Cornell to offer free tampons to men ... yes, men!


As noted by The College Fix, so-called "human rights" now extend into the realm of providing feminine hygiene products for men in college bathrooms. ... The Cornell Daily Sun reported recently that "thousands" of students at the Ivy League university have come out in support of a "referendum" for free feminine pads and tampons to be placed in all bathrooms, including men's bathrooms. "...

STUDY: Restroom hand dryers blow microscopic feces particles all over the place... but it's called "green technology"


When they placed the plates in still bathrooms, they caught no more than one bacterial landing per plate on average. ... At the university where the study was carried out, paper towels are now also offered in bathrooms. "...

We were told this wouldn’t happen: Perv exposes himself to a little girl in a Target “gender neutral” bathroom


Those things informed my decision, for example, to oppose the “gender neutralization” of bathrooms in all Target stores. ... But if Target really cared about “guest” safety (hey Target, you’re a retailer, not a hotel, so we’re customers), they’d have someone on duty in the bathrooms to guard against this eventuality. "...

Twitter is directly enabling PEDOPHILES by banning those who call them out


Vaid-Menon apparently believes that fears about transgender “women,” which are just biological males in drag, going into girls’ bathrooms and sexually assaulting little girls are unfounded because those little girls want to be victimized. “The narrative is that transgender people will come into bathrooms and abuse little girls,” Vaid-Menon says. "...

Starbucks to install needle disposal units all across America after drug users "camp" in their restrooms thanks to "tolerance" policies


Multiple employees were pricked by dirty hypodermic needles in the bathrooms that were left behind by drug addicts. ... “They generally appear in bathrooms, either wrapped up in paper towels or lurking at the surface of the garbage. "...

Women kicked out of women's shelter for refusing to share room with a man claiming to be a woman


Additionally, women are becoming victims of sexual threats and harassment as they are forced to share bathrooms, locker rooms, and other facilities with men who self-identify as females. ... If these laws were to be enacted via the courts in the United States, it would essentially outlaw all single-sex facilities and institutions, like bathrooms, locker rooms, sports leagues, and women’s shelters. "...

Houston residents vote against liberal plan to allow men to use women's restrooms


While the paper said the ordinance would have "broadly" extended "non-discrimination" measures, what wasn't said was what HERO actually would have done had it passed – allow men and women to "identify" as the opposite gender to use bathrooms of the opposite sex throughout the city, among other things. ... The Tribune also noted that some restaurants in Houston are making their bathrooms unisex anyway – which is their right, if that's what the individual business owners want to do....

GREENWALD WARNS: Journalists start demanding Substack censor its writers: to bar critiques of journalists


This group of writers, he says, is “focusing on culture war Twitter drama about being ‘canceled’ and trans people in bathrooms and woke college students.” ... Any even casual reader of mine knows that I have rarely if ever even mentioned let alone focused on “trans people in bathrooms” or “woke college students” in the reporting and analysis I do here. "...

Man raised by lesbians warns Americans to fight against Equality Act


Man raised by lesbians warns Americans to fight against Equality Act Thursday, June 20, 2019 by: News Editors Child abuse , cruelty , equality act , gender confused , gender issues , lesbian , LGBT , parenting , sexual abuse - (Natural News ) A social conservative professor who was raised by his mom and her lesbian partner is warning Americans that the Equality Act is a trojan horse that will “nullify” pro-life laws passed in various states and contains language that could lead to the abolishment ...

60 percent of toothbrushes found to be contaminated with fecal bacteria


To carry out the study, a team of researchers collected toothbrush samples from students using communal bathrooms at the Quinnipiac University in Connecticut. ... “The main concern is not with the presence of your own fecal matter on your toothbrush but, rather, when a toothbrush is contaminated with fecal matter from someone else, which contains bacteria, viruses, or parasites that are not part of your normal flora…Using a toothbrush cover…actually creates an environment where bacteria ...

More gender insanity: Rapist gets moved into women's prison after sex change operation


Americans are being encouraged to use gender-neutral pronouns and schools have been instructed to allow students to use the bathrooms and locker rooms of their choice. ... Men and women are different, even when drunk: Research says men’s brains are more affected than women Teen Vogue: ‘We need to think beyond the incorrect idea that periods are just for women,’ wants tampons provided in men’s bathrooms Gaming and social competence: Young girls who play video games have poorer social ...

At least 10% of Airbnb rentals found to have hidden video cameras


While it’s considered permissible for Airbnb hosts to install surveillance cameras outside of their properties, or even indoors in common areas like kitchens and living rooms if they feel the need, under no circumstances should hidden cameras ever be installed in bedrooms or bathrooms – though this may be happening at a very small percentage of properties. ... Most Airbnb guests still say they’ve had positive experiences, and have never encountered hidden cameras where they shouldn’t be ...

Hong Kong airport trying out innovative technologies to prevent coronavirus spread


The ISRs are tasked with disinfecting key operating areas in the airport’s terminal building, such as public bathrooms. ... Some of these high-touch surfaces include, but are not limited to: - Elevator buttons - Baggage trolleys - Seating areas in the terminal - Check-in counters and smart check-in kiosks - Handles and seats on people movers and airline passenger buses - Toilets and other surfaces on public bathrooms The HKIA will try out the CLeanTech channel, the ISRs and the ...

Loopy liberals now trying to say the definition of a 'woman' is merely a decision not rooted in biological reality


Defining "men" and "women" used to be a no-brainer "In a battle that has ranged from bathroom etiquette to gender rights to constitutional debates over religious freedom, a key skirmish broke out after former Houston Astros baseball all-star Lance Berkman appeared in an ad saying that the Nov. 3 ballot measure would 'allow troubled men who claim to be women to enter women's bathrooms, showers and locker rooms.' " "Prop. 1 will NOT allow men to enter women's restrooms," a post on the website ...