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Australian national broadcaster embraces covid lab-leak theory as Biden administration takes closer look at the possibility


“They can’t find the bat. The Chinese have been out there looking for the bat and the Chinese would trumpet the bat if they found it because it would take the heat off the Institute of Virology,” Swan said recently on ABC. ... On April 30, 2020, the Washington Post published an article headlined “Chinese lab conducted extensive research on deadly bat viruses, but there is no evidence of accidental release;” also on April 30, 2020, the New York Times described ...

Emails show NIH funded gain-of-function research on bat coronaviruses


Chmura was reportedly referencing EcoHealth’s direct funding of bat coronavirus gain-of-function research at the WIV. According to the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), gain-of-function research aims to make viruses more dangerous or transmissible in order to “enable assessment of the pandemic potential of emerging infectious agents.” "...

Chinese researchers in Wuhan conduct experiments on MUTANT ANIMALS, infect them with engineered viruses


The article mentioned how one of the researchers there was once attacked by bats and that a bat’s blood made contact with the person’s skin. ... Another article described how a team led by a well-known bat expert and virologist from Wuhan used a horseshoe bat to create a highly infectious virus that targeted the human upper respiratory tract. "...

Fauci's NIAID awarded the grant that funded Wuhan lab to genetically modify bat-based coronaviruses


EcoHealth’s grant to study bat-based coronaviruses in China included the transfer of $600,000 to the WIV. ... An annex to the World Health Organization’s COVID-19 origin report describes the WIV’s work using “recombinant viruses” in tests involving bat coronaviruses, which Ebright said are descriptions of gain-of-function research. "...

Documents prove NIH funded coronavirus research in Wuhan


Analysis of early strains of the SARS-CoV-2 virus also showed that they may be more similar to bat viruses than previously thought. During lab experimentation with the said bat viruses, it is possible that a novel virus was produced with greater similarity to SARS-CoV-2 than reported in the NIH grant. "...

Fox News’ Tucker Carlson calls out Google for funding Wuhan bat research


Anthony Fauci’s National Institute of Allergy and Infection Diseases to the Chinese virology lab for its studies on bat-borne coronaviruses. ... The National Pulse also dug up detailed descriptions by Daszak of research he carried out alongside Chinese colleagues like “bat lady” Shi Zhengli and admits manipulating bat coronaviruses into “killer viruses.” "...

Fauci email shows that Daszak was manipulating bat coronaviruses to make them attack human cells


Attached to the incriminating email was an unpublished paper on “novel bat-origin coronavirus” that is “not known to be zoonotic.” ... Rand Paul and to the American people – under oath – about his involvement in illegal gain of function research on bat coronaviruses. "...

Official documents reveal scientists sent dangerous viral DNA samples to Wuhan lab before the pandemic


Before Banal-52 was discovered, the EcoHealth Alliance was studying other bat viruses , including some from Yunnan, China, and sending them to WIV. ... Study of SARS-like viruses could have continued without US funding Ridley suggested two possibilities: First, a Wuhan bat sampler was infected on a field sampling trip; second, a research accident in Wuhan occurred when scientists were “manipulating a Laos Banal-like bat coronavirus.” "...

Shi's lying: China's "Bat Woman" Shi Zhengli lied about WIV's connection with the communist Chinese military


The title was also changed from “Wildlife-borne Viral Pathogen Database” to “Bat And Rodent-borne Viral Pathogen Database.” The term “wild animal” was replaced with “bat and rodent” or “bat and rat.” Other terms connecting the database with the outbreak were also deleted. "...

EXPOSED: CDC, NIH officials partnered with EcoHealth to perform illegal gain-of-function research on bat coronaviruses in Wuhan


Feldmann is described in his NIH biography as a “laboratory expert on high containment viruses (BSL-4),” which just so happens to be the same biosafety level of the Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV) where bat coronaviruses were being tampered with by mad scientists. ... Apathy, cowardice and inaction are three viruses that have been spreading in the U.S. for decades. "...

Shi Zhengli, the “Bat Lady” publishes propaganda piece in MIT Technology Review to cover up for crimes against humanity


Bat Lady’s personal propagandist tries to make bioweapons research look good In 2020, Qju wrote a notorious piece in Scientific American titled, “How China’s ‘Bat Woman” Hunted Down Viruses from SARS to the New Coronavirus.” ... Peculiarly, the Bat Lady went on to investigate the mine for three years, while collecting 1,322 bat samples, 1,100 miles from the Wuhan lab. "...

Anthony Fauci defends funding Wuhan bat coronavirus research that focused on gain-of-function breakthroughs to infect human cells


In CNN’s “State of the Union,” Fauci told host Jake Tapper that it would be “negligent” not to fund the research of whether or not bat coronaviruses could be transmitted to humans. ... Bat coronavirus not a gain of function research Gain of Function Research (GOF) is a controversial practice that alters viruses or pathogens to study the development and transmission of new diseases. "...

Fauci-funded Peter Daszak is now working with Kremlin-backed researchers, isolating new coronavirus strains


Researchers conducted “analyses of bat viromes,” which “have been used to identify novel viruses with potential to cause human infection.” ... Analysis of the complete genome of the novel coronavirus discovered in the paper shows that it “falls into clade of human/camel’s MERS viruses together with a few bat viruses.” "...

Report: Wuhan lab requested funding from DARPA to make chimeric viruses, genetically alter coronaviruses to make them more infectious to humans


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BIOWAR CABAL: Partners of Fauci-funded EcoHealth Alliance that directed gain-of-function weaponization research include US and WHO officials


A 2016 progress report also described to the NIH its plans to carry out two-planned experiments infecting humanized mice with hybrid viruses, or chimeric viruses. ... The other used chimeras developed from bat viruses related to SARS. The researchers then went on to infect the genetically engineered mice with the altered viruses. "...

Peter Daszak's latest grift allegedly involves isolating new coronavirus strains alongside Kremlin-backed researchers


“Researchers conducted ‘analyses of bat viromes,’ which ‘have been used to identify novel viruses with potential to cause human infection,'” she further adds, citing the paper directly. ... A full analysis of the complete genomes of the novel coronavirus “discovered” in the paper further reveals that it “falls into clade of human/camel’s MERS viruses together with a few bat viruses.” "...

Scientists say coronavirus has higher affinity for human cells than bat cells – does this prove it was laboratory made?


Scientists say coronavirus has higher affinity for human cells than bat cells – does this prove it was laboratory made? ... He explained that such a high affinity to human cells is unusual for emerging viruses that have just jumped species. "...

How NIH-funded research in China could have led to the COVID-19 pandemic


The researchers had access to troves of novel coronaviruses collected during fieldwork, including unreported bat viruses . ... Infection of hACE-2 mice with the novel chimeric bat coronaviruses could have supported new viruses with sequence changes that make them better able to infect human cells. "...

Covid-19 ORIGINS revealed: Vaccine spike proteins are Chinese military bioweapons designed to kill


They argued that they could do so safely, and that by getting ahead of nature they could predict and prevent natural “spillovers…” Researchers at the Wuhan Institute of Virology, led by China’s leading expert on bat viruses, Shi Zheng-li or “Bat Lady,” mounted frequent expeditions to the bat-infested caves of Yunnan in southern China and collected around a hundred different bat coronaviruses. ... Their work focused on enhancing the ability of bat ...

Fauci accused of misleading Congress about taxpayers' money given to Wuhan lab


The purpose of it was to study the animal-human interface, to do surveillance and to determine if these bat viruses were even capable of infecting humans.” ... The project title was “Understanding the Risk of Bat Coronavirus Emergence.” In numerous interviews and public appearances, Fauci maintained that the money donated to the Wuhan lab was not meant for gain-of-function experiments , which are conducted to make viruses more contagious or deadly. "...