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SHTF bartering dos and don'ts


SHTF bartering dos and don’ts Wednesday, October 07, 2020 by: Virgilio Marin bartering , bug out prepper , prepping , self-defense , SHTF , survival , tips , trade , weapons Bypass censorship by sharing this link: https://www.clearnewswire.com/463655.html Copy URL - (Natural News ) Bartering after SHTF comes with a lot of risks. ... Don’t barter by yourself Bring someone with you whenever you’re going bartering. "...

Tips for bartering effectively when SHTF


When SHTF, these everyday items will be more valuable and you can use them for bartering or selling. ... Keep your post-collapse bartering plans to yourself and secure your supplies before SHTF. "...

Prepper skills: How to barter effectively after SHTF


It was nearly forgotten until the Wuhan coronavirus pandemic struck last year and revived bartering . ... On your second visit, bring along some items and try your hand at bartering. - Build a network of allies. "...

10 Bartering items to have when "S" really hits the fan


To most survivalists, maintaining good personal hygiene will still be very important, so toiletry items are great for bartering when SHTF. ... That being said, it’s a good idea to stock up on them not just for your own personal use, but also for trading and bartering in a survival situation . "...

Barter is New Medium of Exchange as Credit and Payment Systems Collapse


Bartering in the U.S. is estimated to generate more than $3 billion in business, and this figure does not include direct bartering between corporations. ... Sites like these make bartering seem like fun, something the kids might enjoy. Even on the individual to individual level bartering is on the increase. "...

Why you should learn to barter for when SHTF


Bob Rodgers from PreppersWill.com recently penned a helpful article about bartering with some helpful tips about how to be a skilled barterer. He explains how things like alcohol, cigarettes, ammunition, and of course food, are all critical goods to have on hand for bartering purposes. "...

Declare economic independence with revolutionary micro-currency


Communities around the world who find the mainstream economic system taxing at best and downright disempowering at worst are taking matters into their own hands. ... As more cities, towns and rural hamlets embrace alternative currencies and bartering, abundance thrives - free of national and global financial strangleholds. "...

25 Survival supplies you'll need to stock up on before SHTF


They’re also perfect for bartering. - Duct tape – Duct tape is a versatile item that deserves space in your stockpile. ... Stocking up on extra water filters and purifiers is also a great tactic if you plan on bartering with fellow preppers. "...

What happens when socialists run out of money: Venezuelans reach point of desperation as starvation and inflation both go ballistic


Hugo Chavez had once touted the “marvelous community experience” of bartering. Now his collapsing narcostate is reduced to bartering its precious metals and jewels to survive. ... But increasingly they’re just bartering them to avoid the increasingly worthless currency. "...

Greece reverts back to a BARTER economy as global financial system unravels


Squeezed on all sides, the 41-year-old farmer began informal bartering to get around the cash crunch. ... "I've begun bartering in some forms - it existed in the past but now it is growing... "...

Skills assessment: What you really need to know in case SHTF


Aside from having a way to provide food for your family, you can use the produce for bartering. - Self-defense — You can’t be too safe, so get some camouflage clothing, a heavy duty knife, and sandbags so you can secure your homestead. ... Shelter, construction, and bartering Other useful skills to have include camp cooking, basket weaving, pottery making, animal tracking, tool making, tanning hides, rock climbing, and knot tying. "...

Living simply and frugally is key: Homesteading on a limited income


.) - Bartering — Homesteading experts say that bartering is an effective way to cut back on certain expenses such as food. "...

Ravens are PREPPERS? Common bird found to engage in complex resource planning that exceeds the intelligence of many humans


When offered the bottle cap along with other distractors, their success rate in choosing the bottle cap was 78 percent, despite the fact that would then have to wait 15 minutes in order to use it for bartering. ... The ability of ravens to plan tasks that they don’t use in their natural surroundings, such as bartering and utilizing tools, illustrates how flexible their planning skills are. "...

Always ready: 12 Must-have supplies to stock up on before SHTF


(h/t to HomesteadSurvivalSite.com ) These 12 items are versatile like salt, which can be used both in the kitchen and in your garden, and liquor, which can be consumed as is or used for trading and bartering in a post-SHTF world. ... Liquor doesn’t go bad and you can stockpile it for personal use or for bartering. "...

MUST-HAVE items to use for trade during an economic collapse


Preppers should set up a separate stockpile of such goods and reserve it for bartering and trade during post-collapse events, according to an article on The Prepping Guide . ... Next : Scientists have developed new semiconductors that are more environmentally friendly - More news on barter 10 Ugly truths about long-term power outages and how to deal with them MUST-HAVE items to use for trade during an economic collapse 10 Bartering items to have when “S” really hits the fan The ...

You must act fast when SHTF: What to do in the first hour


Aside from food, don’t forget to stock up on these medical and health supplies: - Baby/Toddler Supplies — If you don’t have a baby, items like cloth diapers, formula, toys, and washcloths can be used as bartering tools . - First aid kits - Herbal supplements/vitamins - Hygiene supplies – Feminine hygiene products, floss, shampoo, toothbrushes, and toothpaste. - Toilet paper - Wine/liquors – Alcoholic drinks are good bartering tools and they can be used medicinally, such as vodka....

It's TOTALLY possible: How to homestead when you're flat broke


It’s TOTALLY possible: How to homestead when you’re flat broke Monday, November 20, 2017 by: Rita Winters bartering , family involvement , homesteading , homesteading when broke , lifestyle choices , preparedness , prepping , reduce reuse recycle , repurpose , resourcefulness , survival - (Natural News ) Most people interested in an independent lifestyle are wary of the costs that come with it. ... Sources include: NewLifeOnAHomestead.com TheFrugalChicken.com Previous :Huge study proves ...

Inspiration: See how this couple asserts their food independence


. - Try bartering. For the things that you can’t grow in your backyard, barter with other individuals. Bartering benefits both you and the other party, and best of all, it’s free. It can also enable you and other people to be more food independent. "...

Nothing lasts forever – except these 15 foods


Keep several bottles in your pantry because alcohol is a useful bartering item when SHTF. ... Stock up on a lot of coffee because it’s also a useful bartering item. Maple syrup Real maple syrup stored in glass jars can last for at least 50 years. "...

Knowledge is power: 31 Crucial skills for every homesteader


. - BarteringBartering requires people skills and a basic knowledge of trading. "...