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Fukushima to financial collapse: Bank of Japan announces negative interest rates on account deposits to prop up collapsing economy


In an attempt to stave off the specter of looming financial collapse , the Bank of Japan has announced a "negative interest rate," in an effort to coerce banks into giving out more loans, thereby stimulating the economy. ... "Global financial markets have been volatile against the backdrop of the further decline in crude oil prices and uncertainty such as over future developments in emerging and commodity-exporting economies, especially the Chinese economy," Bank ...

Inflation worries reach Japan as global financial crisis looms


Japan’s 10-year breakeven rate – a gauge investors and financial analysts use to predict the country’s potential inflation rate over the next 10 years – has hit its highest since 2018. ... Financial analysts do not expect this rise to reverse anytime soon. “Japan’s breakeven is unlikely to fall immediately as it typically tracks the U.S. breakeven inflation rate which is also on the rise,” explains Katsutoshi Inadome, a financial strategist for Mitsubishi ...

Bank of Japan is buying up it's own government's debt: Bond holdings top 50% for first time


The Bank of Japan’s move to buy up Japanese government bonds is leading to a series of distortions within the bond market. ... When Bank of Japan Governor Haruhiko Kuroda began a monetary easing program in 2013, the country’s central bank’s government bond holdings were in the 10 percent range. "...

The Glories of Change: Why Financial Institution Failures Spell Good News For All


The Glories of Change: Why Financial Institution Failures Spell Good News For All Tuesday, September 16, 2008 by: Jeffrey A Tucker Wall Street , health news , Natural News - https://www.naturalnews.com/024220_good_news_movement_natural_health.html Tweet View this article in a printer friendly layout - The events on Wall Street, the collapse of Lehman and the selling off of Merrill, are magnificent and inspiring events. ... No matter how large, how entrenched, how exalted the institution, ...

More bank failures coming? FDIC takes control of First Republic Bank after second-biggest collapse in nation's history


FDIC takes control of First Republic Bank after second-biggest collapse in nation’s history Monday, May 01, 2023 by: This article may contain statements that reflect the opinion of the author Bypass censorship by sharing this link: https://citizens.news/721687.html - ( ) The FDIC has once again had to move in and support a collapsed financial institution — First Republic Bank — after the second-largest banking failure in the history of the country. ... That ...

The Federal Reserve just made an emergency decision which will fundamentally change banking in America forever


These actions will reduce stress across the financial system, support financial stability and minimize any impact on businesses, households, taxpayers, and the broader economy. > > The Board is carefully monitoring developments in financial markets. The capital and liquidity positions of the U.S. banking system are strong and the U.S. financial system is resilient. > > Depository institutions may obtain liquidity against a wide range of collateral through ...

Biden says U.S. banking system is 'safe and sound' after second-largest bank collapse in U.S. history


House Financial Services Committee Chairman Patrick McHenry (R-N.C.) praised the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. ... The announcement was made that JPMorgan, the nation’s largest financial institution, would take over First Republic’s 84 locations across eight states and convert them into JPMorgan branches, providing depositors with full access to their accounts. "...

JD Heyes


The FDIC has once again had to move in and support a collapsed financial institution — First Republic Bank — after the second-largest banking failure in the history of the country. "...

House GOP passes bill protecting female sports in schools, but Democrats and Biden vow to oppose these protections


It also calls for prohibiting schools that receive federal financial assistance from operating athletic activities that allow transgender women and girls from joining female sports teams. The bill does not block female-to-male transgenders from training or practicing with biologically female athletes in their respective athletic programs “so long as no female is deprived of a roster spot on a team or sport, opportunity to participate in a practice or competition, scholarship, admission to ...

BRICS New Development Bank ditching US dollar by offering loans in local currencies


NDB President Dilma Rousseff confirmed the move, adding that the financial institution in the local currencies of member nations. ... Lula was the first head of state to visit the institution’s headquarters. Rousseff succeeded Lula after the latter served two presidential terms from 2003 until 2010. "...

Credit Suisse lost over $68 billion in assets in Q1, bank's turmoil continues


No end in sight for Credit Suisse’s troubles Credit Suisse’s report of net asset outflows is just the latest blow to the reputation of the 167-year-old Swiss financial institution, which has been pummeled in recent years over stock price declines, a string of scandals, the flight of customers worried about the bank’s future and, more recently, the debacle with the Swiss government. ... The Swiss government will also provide UBS with 200 billion francs ($224.75 billion) in financial ...

Data leak alert: Government watchdog employee sends info on 256,000 private consumers to personal email


While most of this personal information was tied to consumers at just one institution, the emails also included information on consumers from seven other firms and confidential supervisory information on 45 financial institutions. ... Patrick McHenry of North Carolina, chairman of the House Financial Services Committee. "...