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The Glories of Change: Why Financial Institution Failures Spell Good News For All


The Glories of Change: Why Financial Institution Failures Spell Good News For All Tuesday, September 16, 2008 by: Jeffrey A Tucker Wall Street , health news , Natural News - https://www.naturalnews.com/024220_good_news_movement_natural_health.html Tweet View this article in a printer friendly layout - The events on Wall Street, the collapse of Lehman and the selling off of Merrill, are magnificent and inspiring events. ... No matter how large, how entrenched, how exalted the institution, ...

Deposits at Capitol One bank frozen by NYC's banking commission amid insolvency fears


Consequently, Capital One and KeyBank will no longer receive any further deposits from the city. In addition, three other banks—International Finance Bank, PNC Bank, and Wells Fargo—were also denied the designation as eligible institutions to hold the city’s funds due to non-compliance with the same requirement, . "...

State-funded University of Texas managed censorship project targeting conservative outlets


Kaminsky stressed that the Global Disinformation Index, or GDI, says its mission is to “remove the financial incentive” to create “disinformation,” with its “core output” being the “dynamic exclusion list” that ranks news outlets based on their supposed disinformation “risk.” ... While the university withheld the actual methodology and research, citing “confidentiality of trade secrets” and “certain commercial or financial information,” the documents obtained by The Federalist nonetheless ...

Tennessee passes bill authorizing state treasurer to buy, sell and stockpile gold and silver


The bill, introduced in the Tennessee General Assembly by Republican senators and representatives, does not actually create a state reserve as a new, independent financial institution. ... While Tennessee is not a central bank, and it will have a hard time competing with the resources entire nations have, the passage of HB 1479 and SB 529 will still set a foundation for proper financial independence for Tennessee in the event of a financial crash. "...

The Federal Reserve just made an emergency decision which will fundamentally change banking in America forever


These actions will reduce stress across the financial system, support financial stability and minimize any impact on businesses, households, taxpayers, and the broader economy. > > The Board is carefully monitoring developments in financial markets. The capital and liquidity positions of the U.S. banking system are strong and the U.S. financial system is resilient. > > Depository institutions may obtain liquidity against a wide range of collateral through ...

Deutsche Bank agrees to $75 million settlement with victims of Jeffrey Epstein to settle federal lawsuit


Deutsche Bank spokesman Dylan Riddle would not comment on the deal, but noted that his bank has spent more than 4 billion euros [$4.34 billion] to strengthen internal financial controls. ... In the suit, Jane Doe alleged that Deutsche Bank had knowingly engaged in and financially profited from Epstein’s sex trafficking activities by providing the necessary financial support to sustain the operation. "...

NatWest bank now demanding that customers explain why they're withdrawing their own cash


Search Follow NatWest bank now demanding that customers explain why they’re withdrawing their own cash Friday, May 26, 2023 by: This article may contain statements that reflect the opinion of the author Bypass censorship by sharing this link: https://citizens.news/729724.html - ( ) An alleged customer of NatWest bank captured a photo of a sign plastered across the doorway entry to one of the bank’s branches that in order to withdraw their own cash, they must ...

Corporate America experiencing BANKRUPTCY BOOM as recession looms


Other notable include catalogue retailer AmeriMark Interactive, party store product chain Party City, wedding dress retailer David’s Bridal as well as several major banks like Silicon Valley Bank and Signature Bank. "...

Biden lied AGAIN: More banks are failing after president told Americans worst was over following collapse of First Republic


A fourth, PacWest Bank confirmed earlier Thursday that it’s looking for a financial lifeline.” ... It seems clear that the country is on the brink of yet another massive economic and financial institution upheaval just 15 years or so removed from the last near-economic death incident following a massive housing mortgage collapse. "...

Nonprofit warn: Brits' food bank dependency goes beyond cost-of-living crisis


According to the latest report by non-profit food bank operator Trussell Trust, it gave out nearly three million emergency food parcels across the U.K. between 2022 and 2023. ... ZeroHedge‘s Tyler Durden remarked that the nonprofit food bank operator’s report “illustrates the scale and widespread nature of food insecurity in the U.K., with food banks being relied on in all regions.” "...

More bank failures coming? FDIC takes control of First Republic Bank after second-biggest collapse in nation's history


Search Follow More bank failures coming? FDIC takes control of First Republic Bank after second-biggest collapse in nation’s history Monday, May 01, 2023 by: This article may contain statements that reflect the opinion of the author Bypass censorship by sharing this link: https://citizens.news/721687.html - ( ) The FDIC has once again had to move in and support a collapsed financial institution — First Republic Bank — after the second-largest ...

Biden says U.S. banking system is 'safe and sound' after second-largest bank collapse in U.S. history


Last week, regulators took over First Republic Bank after its financial position worsened, estimating that the takeover would cost the deposit insurance fund (DIF) around $13 billion. ... The announcement was made that JPMorgan, the nation’s largest financial institution, would take over First Republic’s 84 locations across eight states and convert them into JPMorgan branches, providing depositors with full access to their accounts. "...

U.S. banks saw WORST withdrawal panic EVER in March – another $65 billion pulled by commercial depositors


JPMorgan Chase & Co. head Jamie Dimon wrote in his bank’s annual letter that the ongoing bank failures have “provoked lots of jitters in the market and will clearly cause some tightening of financial conditions as banks and other lenders become more conservative.” ... Is the financial system as we currently know it about to implode? Find out more at . "...

CBDC in 2023: Federal Reserve planning to implement "FedNow" digital currency between May and July of 2023


Here is how the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System describes the FedNow Service: “The FedNow Service will be available to depository institutions in the United States and will enable individuals and businesses to send instant payments through their depository institution accounts. ... End-of-day balances will be reported on the Federal Reserve’s accounting records for each participating depository institution every business day, while intraday ...

Data leak alert: Government watchdog employee sends info on 256,000 private consumers to personal email


While most of this personal information was tied to consumers at just one institution, the emails also included information on consumers from seven other firms and confidential supervisory information on 45 financial institutions. ... Patrick McHenry of North Carolina, chairman of the House Financial Services Committee. "...

State Republican AGs threaten action against JPMorgan Chase for arbitrarily closing accounts and discriminating against clients


The bank denied the allegations but agreed to pay $5 million in back wages and adjust its hiring practices. ... The bank has implemented several initiatives to promote diversity and inclusion in the workplace. "...

Fed survey shows BANKING CRISIS raises concerns over stability of US financial system


According to experts, inflation may have soared over the past year, but they are mostly worried about issues in midsize banks, especially in the wake of the Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) and Signature Bank collapses, which triggered financial stability panic. ... Central bank leaders, such as Powell, have repeatedly said that the “number one job” is to achieve price stability by keeping inflation low and stable. "...

Mike Adams: Force majeure could be unleashed as part of the engineered Great Reset


“It means that many financial obligations – potentially including social security, U.S. ... Treasury debt by ‘defaulting without defaulting’ – i.e. blaming some other great emergency for the cancellation of financial obligations and the wholesale resetting of the global money canvas.” "...