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Banana Republicans: How the Right Wing Is Turning America into a One-Party State


BANANA REPUBLICANS is a book that will have you shaking your head in disgust or despair every few pages. ... BANANA REPUBLICANS makes it clear that the Republican Party has not simply declared war on Democrats , they have declared war on democracy itself. "...

Ron Paul: Boston lockdown, police state manhunt resembled 'banana republic' military action


Ron Paul: Boston lockdown, police state manhunt resembled 'banana republic' military action Thursday, May 02, 2013 by: J. ... He said images of the searches, as well as videos taken by local residents, reminded him of a "military coup in a far off banana republic." "...

Biden has maybe 2,000 attendees at inauguration — and 25,000 military — just like they do in lawless banana republics


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Democrats and media abandon democracy


Instead, the media controls explanations for the Democrats that support the Democrats’ power grab.The picture is clear that both Democrats and media have abandoned democracy because democracy is a check on their agenda. ... These feeble-minded people think that it is not democracy itself that is at risk, but America’s reputation. "...

The total financial meltdown of Illinois draws near; the first of many states plunging into fiscal collapse


Republican Governor Bruce Rauner has declared that the state is now entering “banana republic” territory , and that even the Illinois lottery is thinking about bailing as there will soon be no more money left to pay the bills, including lottery prize winnings. ... “We’re like a banana republic,” Gov. Rauner stated earlier this month after the state’s General Assembly once again failed to pass a budget by the regular session deadline. "...

The "new normal" is to delay election results for days and days


Only in the United States and other banana republics does it take days and days, and more days, to see the results, which are clearing being tampered with time and time again. ... Sources for this article include: TheNewAmerican.com NaturalNews.com Previous :Nevada just voted a law into existence that will make it a CRIME to criticize transgenderism, even for children Next : Desperate globalists stirring up fear about “tripledemic” of covid, flu and RSV - More news on conspiracy How the ...

Illinois is about to declare a state of bankruptcy and seize all state pension funds, just as the Health Ranger repeatedly warned for the last year


“We’re like a banana republic,” Gov. Rauner lamented, according to Fox News, after the state lawmaker’s legislative deadline passed. "...

Infrared camera catches small army of migrants illegally entering U.S. as Republicans consider impeaching DHS chief


As Summit News reported this week, the situation has become dire: Infrared cameras set up along the border regions now regularly film hordes of migrants streaming illegally into America, as though we are not a preeminent superpower but a third-world banana republic. "...

Report: Democrat operative who pushed vote-by-mail also pushed the phony Russian dossier


How would you feel if the same Democratic lawyer behind the changes in voting laws across the country that has turned our election process into that of a third-world banana republic was also behind the Russian dossier to smear President Trump for the 2016 election? ... In September, the New Republic glowed about Elias, calling him, “The Man Who Is Determined to Stop Trump From Rigging the Election.” "...

The tyranny is spreading: Militarized Minneapolis ahead of Chauvin trial now looks like D.C., which is no longer accessible to the people


., which is no longer accessible to the people Tuesday, March 23, 2021 by: JD Heyes big government , Capitol Complex , Collapse , democrats , Derek Chauvin , freedom , George Floyd , Liberty , militarization , Minneapolis , Nancy Pelosi , National Guard , obey , police state , soldiers , trial , troops , wokeness This article may contain statements that reflect the opinion of the author Bypass censorship by sharing this link: https://citizens.news/495829.html Copy URL - (Natural News ) The longer ...

FBI raids Trump's home – DOJ planning indictment – End of the USA as we have known it


So many other banana republics do the same. Once one party gets a hold of power, they try to prosecute the opposition. ... They are now trying to transform the United States into a banana republic of oppression and a direct assault on the very foundation of democracy. "...

Democratic Party moved from uncomfortable to intolerable for members: #WalkAway founder


(Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images) “By weaponizing the security state and federal law enforcement for their own partisan political ambitions, Democrat leaders are undermining the rule of law and turning our democracy into a banana republic,” Gabbard said in the video. "...

The Biden regime goes rogue


Those who parrot the falsehoods of government officials in Biden’s Banana Republic are rewarded handsomely. ... That’s a huge story in any year before this year but it’s a footnote in the Banana Republic of Biden. "...

George Soros letter reveals globalist plan to destroy the First World by eliminating national borders with global migrant blitzkreig invasions


"Nobody has voted for what is going on, so the quality of European democracy is in question." ... Hansjoerg Mueller of the Alternative for Germany party also said the country may be on its way to becoming a "banana republic without any government." "...

Recounts and canvasses are unlikely to reverse contaminated vote; Republicans must seek relief in state legislatures


The very fate of the Republic is at stake. If the people cannot depend on the validity or integrity of Elections we no longer have a Democratic Republic, we have a banana republic. ... This is a flagrant, obvious and in your face election steal that only Banana Republics and Totalitarian Governments usually get away with. > > The US Supreme Court needs to stop this and if they do not the State Legislatures in each of these states need to step up and stop ...

As usual, the pollsters were wrong and the election was rigged


This is what we are being told to believe, and any skepticism represents an assault on “democracy.” As ridiculous as it all might sound, this is the current state of our banana republic, where Democrats who do not get what they want resort to criminal fraud as the solution to getting their candidate in office. "...

Tyranny spreads in Canada as police now cover names, badge numbers on uniforms to evade identification as they brutally assault peaceful protesters


Justin Converted beautiful Canada into Banana Republic. #TrudeauDictatorshipMustGo pic.twitter.com/WWwgMN4OsV > > — Tajinder Pal Singh Bagga (@TajinderBagga) February 19, 2022 > Trudeau is stamping out freedom. ... “Justin Trudeau’s heavy-handed crackdown against peaceful protesters in Canada is not the action of a Western Democracy, but that of an authoritarian regime like Venezuela ,” Rep. "...

When resistance became sedition and sedition became resistance


In one month, questioning a presidential election went from a commonplace proposition to a shocking attack on our democracy. ... Political hypocrisy isn’t a new phenomenon, but Democrats weaponizing the national security state to suppress the political opposition over the same behavior they engage in is a serious threat to the survival of the United States as anything other than a banana republic in a civil war. "...

Schiff made it all up: There are no whistleblowers... criminal coup effort relies on endless series of fabrications from deep state Dems


We go from Russia to Ukraine” with this president, Levin said , referencing the widely debunked and never true “Russian collusion” hoax that became the deep state’s first attempt to depose Trump like they would in a third-world banana republic. ... Sources include: Breitbart.com TheNationalSentinel.com TheGatewayPundit.com Previous :More phony outrage from the “mainstream media” over violent Trump meme video that almost nobody saw before it became a manufactured “scandal” Next : ...