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Texas ex-sheriff sues election rival over voter fraud


Equipment error and ballot duplication found in election The lawsuit contains multiple affidavits from election authorities alleging several instances of voter fraud. ... He also noted that every voter in the county received the correct ballot and voted in the correct races. "...

More massive vote fraud laid out by WH spokeswoman Kayleigh McEnany in the form of sworn affidavits Trump campaign has obtained


., being utilized in Wayne County; — GOP poll watchers were ejected from ballot counting rooms and not readmitted though Democratic poll watchers were; — GOP poll watches were physically pushed away from counting tables by election officials; — Republican challengers were forced to remain away from counting areas but not Democrats; — GOP challengers were subjected to racial harassment; — Democratic ballot challengers handed out packets, “Tactics to Distract GOP Challengers”; — Election ...

Forensic audit finds that security log files were deleted from voting machines to hide vote switching


This group conducted a forensic duplication on the county’s election management server . ... In the adjudication process, election workers are allowed to determine the ultimate outcome for each ballot. "...

Georgia absentee votes looked like scanned copies: Witness


Because why would 98 ballots have that little white eclipse on the very first presidential ballot? ... It was very easy to see that a ballot had been replicated many times,” Voyles replied. "...

Full transcript of bombshell interview: Gen. Michael Flynn, Gen. Thomas McInerney with Brannon Howse - Identity of KRAKEN revealed


Then of course, over the next couple of days, from the 4th of November through the 7th of November, we start to see the mail-in ballot. The whole instance of mail-in ballot fraud, and there’s a whole bunch of evidence and a whole bunch of people that have come forward. "...

Federal news, articles and information:


This decision has been characterized as a "devastating blow" by... 7/1/2014 - Shortly after voters in Colorado and Washington approved ballot measures decriminalizing the possession and recreational use of small amounts of marijuana, Natural News editor Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, wrote a piece in which he made a prediction about the federal government's reaction: "According... 7/1/2014 - Shortly after voters in Colorado and Washington approved ballot measures decriminalizing ...