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Analysis shows Biden received a statistically impossible percentage of votes from ballot dumps in Georgia


- Analysis shows Biden received a statistically impossible percentage of votes from ballot dumps in Georgia Sunday, November 29, 2020 by: Arsenio Toledo ballot dumps , ballot fraud , Cheating , DeKalb County , Donald Trump , election analysis , election fraud , elections , Endeez , fraud , Georgia , hoax , Joe Biden , President Trump , rigged , stolen! ... Sources include: LifeSiteNews.com TheGatewayPundit.com TheEpochTimes.com Previous :Asian Americans ...

Why is Biden getting hundreds of thousands more votes than other down-ballot Democrat candidates in key swing states?


Saturday, November 07, 2020 by: Ethan Huff ballot dumps , Biden , Cheating , Congress , democrats , disparities , election , election fraud , Joe Biden , left cult , rigged , swing states , treason , voter fraud , votes Bypass censorship by sharing this link: https://www.distributednews.com/472494.html Copy URL - (Natural News ) In nearly every non-swing state, the number of votes cast for either President Trump or Joe Biden roughly matched that of the other candidates running ...

The definitive case proving Donald Trump won the election


In online discourse, these are often referred to as “vote dumps” or “vote batches.” ... Large ballot dumps which heavily favor a candidate make sense, if there are also smaller ones which favor the candidate more. "...

Tyson Foods dumps more than 18 million pounds of toxic chemicals into America's waterways each year


Our most precious natural resource, clean water, is threatened by the continued environmental release of toxic chemicals from heavy industry, which includes the factory food industry. ... However, other major industry players are also heavy polluters, including corporate food giant Cargill, which as you may recall spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to defeat California's Proposition 37 ballot measure that would have mandated the labeling of genetically-modified organisms (GMOs). "...

Here are all the ways the Democrats’ "For the People Act" makes it impossible for GOP presidential candidates to win future elections


And that’s what voter ID laws do — they ensure that voters are legally able to vote, not casting a ballot where they shouldn’t, and not casting more than one vote. ... Mail-in balloting, ballot harvesting, early voting: The Act standardizes the chaos we saw in the 2020 election, in other words. "...

Skeptical of voter fraud in 2020? Here's your evidence.


Key states (MI, WI, and PA) suddenly flipped from Trump to Biden overnight after some ballot dumps . ... What are the odds that almost all of these irregularities, high turnouts, and ballot dumps in key states consistently favor Biden? "...

Federal lawsuit seeks to throw out 1.2 million flawed ballots in three Michigan counties guilty of voter fraud


Republican ballot challengers have been harassed and illegal ballot tampering has occurred in these Democrat strongholds. ... (Related: Detroit whistleblower comes forward, describes massive voter fraud for Biden with repeat ballot counting.) "...

OBVIOUS FRAUD: Seven Milwaukee wards reporting more votes than total registered voters


“The City of Milwaukee reported record turnout of 84 percent Tuesday; 243,144 of 288,833 registered city voters cast a ballot,” reported the Milwaukee City Wire News Service. ... While the graph up until that point appeared to be following an organic pattern showing an ever-widening Trump lead over Biden in Wisconsin, the 4am ballot dump sent Biden’s tally straight up, a statistical impossibility. "...

Another massive "batch" of mystery ballots, all for Biden, added to Pennsylvania


Sadly, there have been several more vote dumps since that time, tabulating into the hundreds of thousands. ... Philly DA threatens to jail Trump for sending observers to watch ballot count Poll watchers and challengers have repeatedly attempted to do their civic duty by trying to enter the building where all of these questionable ballots are being counted, only to be told that they are not allowed to be there. "...

Georgia officials approve extended mail-in ballots, paving the way to STEAL run-off senate races like they stole the 2020 Presidential election


Georgia Secretary of State Raffensperger approves drop off boxes to steal US Senate seats Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger is also allowing drop boxes to be set up, allowing Democrats to recruit and reward potential voters so they can profile and ballot harvest throughout the city. ... (Related: Analysis shows Biden received a statistically impossible percentage of votes from ballot dumps in Georgia.) "...

Heritage Foundation election expert says 120k vote dump for Biden is NOT possible


The way you do counting is you simply count all of the ballots,” Von Spakovsky said of ballot dumps for Biden early Wednesday morning following Election Day. ... “What I mean by that is an absentee ballot comes in, and the signature doesn’t match, so clearly it may be fraudulent. "...

Trump campaign adviser says DOJ "asleep at the wheel," not forceful enough with voter fraud investigations


Trump campaign adviser says DOJ “asleep at the wheel,” not forceful enough with voter fraud investigations Tuesday, December 01, 2020 by: Arsenio Toledo ballot fraud , cheaters , Constitution , constitutionality , Department of Justice , DOJ , Donald Trump , election fraud , election lawsuits , elections , Electoral College , justice , rigged , Steve Cortes , traitors , treason , Trump campaign , vote fraud , voter fraud , William Barr Bypass censorship by sharing this link: https://www....

Forensic analysis: More than 790,000 votes were "laundered" in Arizona


What appears to have happened is that absentee ballotdumps” were incrementally thrown into the mix as needed to keep President Donald Trump from stealing the show. ... The Arizona State Senate is attempting to seize and inspect all of the ballot counting machines in Maricopa County, one of the eight counties identified as propagating voter fraud. "...

Dominion voting machines have the ability to create ballots


Are these the “pristine ballots” with the identical ballot markings as Fulton County Poll Manager Susan Voyles testified to in her hearing? ... Were ballots created within the Dominion system that were used to fill the massive data dumps needed to surpass President Trump’s record setting election results early on the morning after the election? "...

Recounts and canvasses are unlikely to reverse contaminated vote; Republicans must seek relief in state legislatures


This requires calling out the 4am dumps of ballots after claiming to stop the count and sending the Poll Watchers home so 100% or near 100% vote totals of over 100,000 votes for Biden can be “found” and added to the totals without proper verification (which is mathematically implausible at best and more certainly impossible) and clearly and blatantly can only be explained by outright fraud. ... This is neither legal nor is it conducive to fair election integrity or an accurate vote count....

Twitter slashed Trump's engagement on election night – tweets were less likely to be retweeted or commented


The EIP ran their analysis after Twitter censored one of the president’s tweets criticizing the Supreme Court’s decision regarding Pennsylvania’s ballot deadlines, which the EIP says “made unfounded claims about the legitimacy of mail-in ballots and the election, while fomenting fear of violence.” ... The second tweet Trump made accused Democratic Party officials in certain states of making his lead “magically disappear” through the appearance of “surprise ballot dumps....

Hans von Spakovsky: 120K straight vote dump for Biden is impossible


Hans von Spakovsky: 120K straight vote dump for Biden is impossible Tuesday, November 10, 2020 by: News Editors 2020 , current events , election fraud , elections , Hans von Spakovsky , Joe Biden , mainstream media , recount , vote fraud , voter fraud Bypass censorship by sharing this link: https://www.distributednews.com/473162.html Copy URL - (Natural News ) Vote dumps entirely for former Vice President Joe Biden are not credible, assessed Hans von Spakovsky, manager of the Heritage Foundation’s ...

Monsanto Nation: Taking Down Goliath


In the wake of nationwide "Frankenfood" protests and milk dumps, industry made sure that no federal labeling or safety testing would be required. ... Ballot initiatives are also called, depending on the state, "popular initiatives," "voter initiatives," "citizen initiatives" or just "initiatives." "...