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Did Pentagon shoot down $12 balloon with $400,000 missile


National Security Council Coordinator for Strategic Communications John Kirby, the White House is aware of the situation despite the Pentagon’s refusal to say if it used a $400,000 missile to shoot down a $12 balloon. ... In a blog post, the Northern Illinois Bottlecap Balloon Brigade (NIBBB) described how it had lost communication with its hobby balloon on February 11 and how it had last been seen off the coast of Alaska at a height of roughly 39,000 feet. "...

Intel officials: China's spy balloon gathered sensitive military info before being shot down


“Then they had this ridiculous claim that was, ‘We let the spy balloon fly across the United States because we wanted to spy on the spy balloon.’ ... Chinese official: Spy balloon was civilian-owned Amid the intel that the spy balloon was from China, a spokeswoman from the country’s Foreign Ministry insisted that Beijing did not own it. "...

Communist China admits to flying spy balloon over military sites


China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) said Feb. 3 that the balloon floating over the northern U.S. . ... Listen to the Health Ranger Mike Adams as he elaborates on the possibility that the Chinese spy balloon . "...

Explosion reported in Montana skies hours after Chinese spy balloon was reported


It’s possible, even, that this was a second balloon, though we have no information on that. ... Republicans are angry that the Biden regime did little about the balloon initially. "...

PayPal's plan to fine users for 'misinformation' was a totalitarian trial balloon


PayPal’s trial balloon After experiencing an enormous backlash on social media a couple of days ago, PayPal quickly walked back its outrageous plan to fine users up to $2,500 –– debited directly from their accounts –– for “misinformation.” ... It was a trial balloon. PayPal wanted to see how far they could go to punish those who seek to protect children and young people from monstrously dangerous medical practices.???? "...

Montana officials deny explosion over Billings during "Chinese weather balloon" incident


Is the flash of light a visual forgery, or did something happen with the “Chinese weather balloon” to cause a bright flash to occur? ... A balloon can fly around here for days. Our food is expensive. Our roads are trash. "...

Chinese spy balloon that flew over Montana could be used to carry EMP or nuclear weapons


The balloon was first sighted in American airspace on Wednesday, Feb. 1, . The Department of Defense called the aircraft a “high-altitude surveillance balloon.” ... The surveillance balloon is a large helium balloon estimated to be about 120 feet long and 120 feet tall. "...

US officials admit tracking Chinese spy balloon since it left China; why did it take so long to stop it?


Search Follow US officials admit tracking Chinese spy balloon since it left China; why did it take so long to stop it? ... A US official said that after the US announced it was tracking it, the balloon began proceeding quickly toward the East Coast. "...

FDA admits five patients now KILLED by anti-obesity surgical balloon surgery


“All five reports indicate that patient deaths occurred within a month or less of balloon placement. In three reports, death occurred as soon as one to three days after balloon placement. "...

Danger of chemical hair dyes: Girl's face swells up like balloon following application


To many, they are just one particular means by which to keep up with the latest styles and fashion trends. "...

The IMPORTATION and EXPORTATION practices that are crippling America


Biden Regime works closely with the CCP to help them take over America in the near future Have no doubts about it, the Chinese spy balloon was allowed to freely fly over America and take pictures of many sensitive military sites for one reason and one reason alone – because the Biden Regime is “in bed” with the CCP (or “bent over a barrel” as the saying goes). ... Any other Commander-in-Chief would have shot down the balloon the same day it was spotted, knowing it could be taking ...

Bill Gates' "block the sun" SCoPEx balloon launch experiment in Sweden hits a snag as environmental groups express criticism


An independent advisory committee would rule whether the June balloon test flight would push through or not. ... If the balloon proved capable, the next step would be spreading radiation-reflecting particles in the Earth’s atmosphere. "...

Cassie B.


The US military has admitted that intelligence officers were monitoring the Chinese spy balloon across the ocean well before it entered the US on January 28, so why did it take them until February 4 to shoot the balloon down? We now know that the balloon lifted off Hainan island in China in […] in: , - March 3, 2023 - Posted by (Natural News) Unidentified flying objects have been making headlines lately, but one story that has been overshadowed by Chinese ...

Jason Bermas: Chinese spy balloons part of an integrated global satellite network


According to Bermas, the said spy balloon was as big as a satellite and had a metal apparatus and propellers. ... Morgan then played video clips from fake news purveyor CNN about the balloon being shot down by an American fighter jet. "...

China tested dropping hypersonic missiles from balloons in 2018: Report


The three HGVs dropped by the balloon in the footage appear to have been designed to test this phenomenon. ... Paul Crespo, who heads up the Center for American Defense Studies, said the balloon that Biden allowed to cross the country “absolutely” could be a dry run for balloon-launched weapon, though hypersonic missiles most likely would not be China’s first-choice weapon. "...

Terrifying: Chinese 'spy balloons' seen as dry run for nuclear EMP attack


“A high altitude balloon could be designed, created, and launched in a matter of months. ... Jon Tester of Montana, where the balloon was first reported to be on Thursday, of the Defense Appropriations Subcommittee he chairs to get answers about the balloon incident. "...

"Spy balloons" are part of global Chinese surveillance, US military and national security officials say


Air Force shot down a “spy balloon” that has been floating over the Atlantic Ocean after traversing continental America from January 28. Following this, senior U.S. military and national security officials confirmed that the balloon was tied to a being run by China’s military. "...

National security threat: Grand Forks City Council blocks Chinese-owned corn mill near air base


US intel: Chinese military is surveilling America via the spy balloon This impending opening of the farm and corn mill also prompted worries after an alleged spy balloon was shot down over U.S. airspace last weekend. ... According to Fox News, China confirmed last week that the balloon craft floating over northern America is Chinese and it is a civilian airship . "...

Pentagon admits three 'mystery objects' blown out of the sky were nothing but balloons, not 'aliens'


Signs are emerging that both the US and China are trying to figure out a way past the balloon dispute. Secretary of State Antony Blinken, who canceled a trip to Beijing after the Chinese balloon was identified, is considering a meeting with China’s top diplomat, Wang Yi, in Germany this week, people familiar with the matter said. "...

SKY WARS: Fake alien invasion psyop being tested on suggestible Americans


This object was described as a “small metallic balloon” (i.e. some little boy’s birthday balloon filled with helium) that drifted to 20,000 feet altitude. Canadian officials were breathless over their amazing military effort to “defeat” a helium-filled birthday balloon. "...