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One step closer to stable fusion reactors: Scientists have created "quantum ball lightning" in the lab


But there is another natural phenomenon that occurs when lightning and thunder strike: Ball lightning. ... This resulted in a “complex knot” that appeared to be exactly like ball lightning. "...

California residents see mysterious lights flash in the sky during earthquake


Another person tweeted, "Saw flashes of light that looked like lightning right after earthquake, then huge green flash north of Sebastopol." ... Orbs of light referred to as "ball lightning" have been seen floating in the air for up to a minute at a time. "...

South Korea on the verge of unlimited energy breakthrough


Sources: DailyMail.co.uk InterestingEngineering.com ScienceAlert.com World-Nuclear-News.org M.KoreaTimes.co.kr NaturalNews.com Previous :Aluminum in vaccines linked to Alzheimer’s and other neurological conditions Next : FDA: Anesthesia and sedation drugs may harm developing brains of children under three - More news on fusion World’s most powerful magnet to be shipped to France for nuclear fusion experiment We are now a step closer to harnessing nuclear fusion Physicists unravel the process of magnetic ...

DARPA researching method to put injured soldiers into suspended animation to buy more time for help to arrive


Sources include: DARPA.mil LiveScience.news Previous :One step closer to stable fusion reactors: Scientists have created “quantum ball lightning” in the lab Next : Hydrogen-powered train on track for public use in the U.K. by 2020 - More news on battlefield medicine U.K. government to roll out “Project Maggot”: Unusual treatment will clean the wounds of people in war zones like Syria and Yemen New portable treatment technique could save wounded combat soldiers from amputations DARPA ...

Reusing CO2: Scientists are closer to converting it to clean energy


Sources include: BrightSurf.com ScienceDaily.com Previous :Lawsuit from last year’s Oroville Dam debacle seeks up to $51 billion in penalties Next : One step closer to stable fusion reactors: Scientists have created “quantum ball lightning” in the lab - More news on Air pollution Polish households resort to burning TRASH to survive winter without Russian energy Study: Exposure to household cleaning products just as bad for your health as car exhaust Air particle emissions from wood-burning ...

Pentagon hit by flying grilled cheese sandwich, video frames show


Maybe a freak-of-nature ball lightning phenomenon occurred. Perhaps an alien race visited earth, fired proton torpedoes into the Pentagon, then escaped at light speed (which would explain the blur on the video frames). "...

Bark beetles transformed millions of acres of trees in California into fuel for wildfires


Home Podcast Live TV Interviews Audio Books Subscribe Shop Blogs Reports Graphics RSS Advertising Info Support Write for Us About Us Recommended Sites NewsTarget.com Censored.news Prep with Mike Brighteon.com Brighteon.tv Brighteon.Social Brighteon Books Follow Us Brighteon.Social Telegram Parler Gettr FreeTalk Pure Social MeWe GAB USA.Life NewsTarget.com Censored.news Prep with Mike Brighteon.com Brighteon.tv Brighteon.Social Brighteon Books Support Write for Us About Us Home Podcast Live TV Interviews ...

NASA data refute leftist climate wildfire claims: Global fires dropped by 25% from 2003 to 2019


Since lightning storms sparked fires across California last month, leftist groups have grown louder than before in blaming so-called climate change. ... Sources include: WattsUpWithThat.com EarthObservatory.NASA.gov Politico.com USAToday.com EENews.com KING5.com ABCNews.Go.com Previous :Winds are once again pushing Bobcate Fire flames close to California’s historic Mount Wilson Observatory Next : Suspected arsonists arrested for setting rural fires in Washington state amid blazing wildfires ...

EV NIGHTMARE: Man spends 15 hours to travel 178 miles, proving EVs are unsuitable for long-distance travel


Test finds EV Ford F-15 Lightning has “abysmally bad” towing ability . EV NIGHTMARE: California grid operator asks electric car owners to avoid charging their vehicles . ... Sources include: WesternJournal.com CowboyStateDaily.com CarAndDriver.com Brighteon.com Previous :Los Angeles desperately trying to meet water demand as drought continues to threaten future supplies Next : US, China still ignore natural immunity despite studies proving its efficacy - More news on badclimate EV NIGHTMARE: ...

National Institutes of Health funds search for mysterious 'obesity gremlins' that are secretly making lesbians fat


Dietary cause and effect was never considered by scientific researchers Just to clarify how all this language is being parsed, allow me to explain the obvious: If you are sitting in a city park and are suddenly impacted by, let's say, a golf ball, then you have just been impacted by an outside force completely out of your control. ... It's kind of like being struck by lightning, but it involves a barrage of pizzas and chocolate truffles instead of really bright flashes of light....

Massive California wildfires last year were caused by arson, not climate change


It merged with the nearby Hennessey Fire to become part of the LNU Lightning Complex Fire, which is considered to be the fifth-largest fire to ever occur in California. ... Sources for this article include: TheMindUnleashed.com NaturalNews.com Sacramento.CBSlocal.com NaturalNews.com Previous :LifeSiteNews has launched a video channel on Brighteon featuring outstanding interviews with America’s top truth tellers and health freedom advocates Next : California finally going after Nestle for ...

Keeping a low profile: How to avoid thermal cameras deployed by the surveillance state


The human head, arms, and legs are unmistakable, as is our two-legged gait, so make things harder for your would-be observer by tucking yourself into a ball or laying down to transform your outline. - Watch what you wear: It’s easy to think that simply piling on clothes until you look more clothing than man will be enough to fool thermal imaging equipment. ... Hotze Report: Karen Kingston says Biden’s EO 14081 is all about transhumanism – Brighteon.TV Voice assistants Siri and Alexa creating ...

WARNING TO ALL: If we do not protect innocent children from abortion and LGBT mutilations, God will unleash fire and fury upon America


He does not wave a magic wand and simply cause those evil people to vanish or explode in a ball of fire. ... Revelation 16:18 “Then there came flashes of lightning, rumblings, peals of thunder and a severe earthquake. "...

The Effects of Weather on Health and How to Prepare


Our bodies reflect the very energy of lightning, just as they reflect the energy of the sun or lack thereof. ... On cold, cloudy days, remember the healing effect of exercise and on sunny days, don't let that burning ball of free medicine sink to the horizon before getting your fill! "...

God's great reset


The angel hurls the censer on the earth which results in “thunder, rumblings, flashes of lightning and an earthquake”.—- No deaths. ... - More news on Bible The Resistance Chicks: America’s Founding Fathers were Christian nationalists – Brighteon.TV The doctrine of inerrancy: Science as a cult American Babylon and the LGBT plague Keller ISD in Texas pulls several books – including the Bible – from school libraries THE SUMMONING: 72 nations PUBLICLY worship satanic idols in televised luciferian ...

CLAIM: Hurricane Irma a "man-made storm" created via "weather weaponization" technology ... new video released


“By firing trillion-Watt lasers, you rip apart the electrons creating what are called ions, and these ions act like seeds, like dust particles, bringing down rain and even lightning,” Kaku explains in this CBS News interview: As Kaku explains, weather modification technology exists right now and is well known across the scientific community. ... Health Ranger Report: Mike Adams and geoengineering expert Dane Wigington discuss how Hurricane Ian may have been WEAPONIZED Weather weapons are ...

NBC’s Today Show spreads misinformation and attacks vaccine safety advocates


You’re about 100 times more likely to die from being struck by lightning than from measles in the USA. ... William Thompson , and even Congressman Mark Green have been threatened, persecuted, or simply dismissed at the first sign that they are unwilling to play ball with the vaccine industry. "...