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Top Ukrainian official complains Western military aid 'not enough' as war with Russia continues to rage


like the one that followed the war in the Balkans 30 years ago.” According to De"...

The barter and trade economic system of a SHTF economy; interview of a survivor who made it through


regarding barter and trade during the Balkans War. According to Selco, money and precious"...

The 'New Blitzkrieg' facing America is literally 'an electronic lightning war' so decisive in its effects, our entire civilization could be overthrown in hours


to blackmail the U.S. to stop the Balkans War. During the spring of 1999, tensions"...

How George Soros stole our election: A cautionary tale from an Albanian patriot


understand what has been going on in the Balkans, the cradle of George Soros’ globalist"...

German defense minister says his military is incapable of defending the country, which means it's worthless to NATO


its involvement in conflicts in the Balkans and its ongoing efforts to combat terrorism"...

FORCED CONSCRIPTION: Ukrainian troops are KIDNAPPING ethnic Hungarians to be deployed to the front lines


she said, is to strengthen the Western Balkans and help these countries integrate into"...

Depleted uranium poses health risk to people, pollutes water and farmland


on depleted uranium deployed in the Balkans concluded that there is not enough evidence"...

Europol fears that weapons sent to Ukraine will end up in the hands of criminals


like the one that followed the war in the Balkans 30 years ago,” she said in reference"...

Hungary's Prime Minister: 'All the terrorists are migrants'


another gives a panoramic view of the Balkans toward Turkey, from where hundreds of"...

Is the FBI trying to create a new generation of "Hitler Youth" or what?


like Selco said about the Balkans – as a lead-up to the war, . It’s a dangerous time"...

Rabobank: Imagine how many people won't want to be part of a digital dollar system now


countries at that time, notably in the Balkans, were faced with acute liquidity problems"...

Credibility of European Court of Human Rights lies in ruins after judges' links to Soros revealed


the human rights industry across the Balkans and in the Baltic states. His millions"...