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Essential survival skills: Health Ranger demonstrates how to connect or repair almost anything using BALING WIRE


They need to watch my video (below) and learn how to use baling wire instead (which is obviously much stronger than zip ties). ... All you’ll need is: - Baling wire (available at any feed store such as Tractor Supply) - A way to cut the baling wire (such as a pair of pliers) - A screwdriver or nail That’s it! "...

Home gardening tips: 8 Small space gardening options that won't break the bank


Chicken wire or poultry netting Chicken wire is suitable for both small space gardening and raised beds. You can try stapling three-inch wire to the side of a wooden shed and stake it to the ground like a lean-to. "...

Something is REALLY wrong with UPS, and it's far worse than the media is reporting


Why shippers are looking at moving away from UPS Based on what I'm seeing as both a UPS shipper (sending packages) and a UPS customer (receiving packages), I think the UPS information technology infrastructure is wildly outdated and being held together by duct tape and baling wire. "...

How to protect a newborn baby donkey in freezing weather (PHOTOS)


Here’s another video where I demonstrate essential repair skills using nothing but baling wire: Life is sometimes hard in rural Texas, which is exactly why rurals Texans are so capable and determined. "...

Prostate cancer breakthrough: Combination of three plant-based nutrients found to MELT AWAY prostate cancer cells


Previous :Essential survival skills: Health Ranger demonstrates how to connect or repair almost anything using BALING WIRE Next : Health Ranger blasts “crybully” CNN for outrageous double standards, gross hypocrisy and very fake news - More news on anti cancer foods The unique complex of protein and fats found in human breast milk KILLS over 40 types of cancer Eat more berries: Anthocyanins suppress tumors, disrupt the expression of cancer genes Natural alkaloids extracted from ...

Obama accidentally exposes Russia HOAX: "No serious person" believes the Russians could "rig America's elections"


Previous :CNN, the collapse of bulls##t and how Trump can de-fund the entire establishment media with the single stroke of a pen Next : Essential survival skills: Health Ranger demonstrates how to connect or repair almost anything using BALING WIRE - More news on Donald Trump With Democrats brewing a volatile hell-broth for America that could unleash colossal turmoil, Americans better get prepared quickly for the coming fallout President Trump says Big Pharma could be driving impeachment ...