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Balenciaga pedo-gate blown WIDE OPEN


Maybe this is why Balenciaga left Twitter. They don’t want to be held accountable. ... Are we really supposed to believe Balenciaga didn’t know what they were putting out into the world? "...

Balenciaga blasted for ads featuring kids with BDSM gear


Interestingly, Balenciaga joined the many companies who left Twitter after Tesla CEO Elon Musk took over its leadership. ... Watch this video of TikTok users commenting about Balenciaga’s advertisements that feature stuffed animals in bondage gear. "...

Balenciaga apologizes for BDSM-themed ads following massive public backlash


Meanwhile, several Twitter personalities denounced the controversial ads by Balenciaga. ... Watch this Fox News report that argues Balenciaga’s lawsuit against North Six . "...

Disney+ uses kids to promote Satanism in Christmas holiday special series


Balenciaga’s disturbing ads receive massive backlash Meanwhile, luxury fashion label Balenciaga has also received massive backlash for promoting “evil” agenda using children. ... The tweet thread included: “We can’t only boycott #Balenciaga but also the people behind it.” "...

Tucker Carlson went there: says "It's time we talked about the elite pedophilia problem"


Balenciaga recently ran an advertising campaign depicting numerous examples of sex with children. ... Balenciaga wanted you to notice. This seemed like a big story to us as we told you last night. "...

Ramon Tomey


Luxury fashion brand Balenciaga received vitriol on social media for its advertisements that featured children holding stuffed animals adorned in bondage gear. "...

GSK halts US sales of its blood cancer drug Blenrep


Sources include: Reuters.com 1 Reuters.com 2 Brighteon.com Previous :Balenciaga blasted for ads featuring kids with BDSM gear - More news on antibody drug conjugates GSK halts US sales of its blood cancer drug Blenrep - Disqus Take Action: Support Natural News by linking to this article from your website Permalink to this article: https://www.naturalnews.com/2022-11-23-gsk-halts-us-sales-blood-cancer-drug.html Embed article link: (copy HTML code below): GSK halts US sales of its blood ...

Calling the police on black thieves who rob businesses is now "racist"


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Armed guards and retail theft rings: America's streets now resemble a third world nation as organized crime ramps up, citizens buy ballistic armor


I cover all this and more in today’s Situation Update podcast: – Gas station hires armed security guards to stop crime – PRIVATE security will flourish as America’s streets become more violent – Walmart CEO says rampant shoplifting may force stores to close – The cycle of desperation is accelerating: Inflation, job loss, poverty, crime – Gear that can help you stay alive: Ballistic armor, folding self-defense firearms – Balenciaga translated to mean, “Baal is King” – Pentagon to drop vaccine ...