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Electric cars aren't going to save the Earth – or California


This leaves no power left for light, air conditioning and appliances. Moreover, this best-case scenario does not account for the fact that generating high-return wind power, which lags even further behind solar power, requires procuring large swathes of land well-suited to wind farms. ... Wheeler added that California could end up dealing with worse power shortages in the future due to the projected increase in power needed. "...

Breakthrough Solar Dye Coating Converts Glass Windows Into Solar Power Plants


Beyond simply powering individual homes, it could even be used to transform skyscrapers into power plants. ... Previous research into ways to gather more solar power from individual panels have focused on tracking and magnifying sunlight by means of large collectors. "...

Boost your skin's natural sunscreen ability with food


What can be done to protect the skin for the remainder of the day? Leading dermatologist Dr. ... Perricone, specific foods can be used to increase the skin's ability to protect theitself from the "inside out." "...

Over-the-top environmental activism against coal-fired power plants leaves New Englanders FREEZING as grid teeters on failure


For years, progressive environmentalism forced on power companies throughout New England have resulted in reductions in the number of coal-fired power plants. ... “Environmental limitation on how much, or whether, some oil-fired power plants will be able to generate electricity could become a concern this week and for the remainder of the winter,” said ISO-New England spokeswoman Marcia Blomberg in an email to Boston station WCVB. "...

Researchers use ring-spinning technique to develop sustainable and durable yarn


Recycled fibers made up 60 percent of the final product with the remainder taken up by natural materials. ... Kuppen noted that the yarn proved thicker than her expected 270 den, which might limit its usefulness. "...

Stanford study: Blacks, Hispanics and people living in densely populated neighborhoods have the highest COVID-19 risk


The agency says its priority is to learn about the total number of infected individuals in the country, including those who might have been missed. ... To effectively limit the spread of the virus, the researchers propose using a surveillance strategy that relies on routine testing of the remainder plasma from dialysis patients. "...

New life for pollution: Chemists are looking into using cigarette butts for hydrogen storage


Support our mission and protect your health: Organic Seeds of Life combines Red Raspberry Seed Power, Black Cumin Seed Power and Red Grape Seed Powder into the most potent nutrient-rich supplemental superfood powder you've ever experienced. ... The remainder of the process requires only water and heat at 250 degrees Celsius, which creates hydrochar, a carbon product. "...

Extra High Voltage transformers the lynchpin of modern society; easily destroyed by sabotage or EMP


Targeting the power grid In April 2013, in what authorities describe as a "military-style assault," attackers cut phone lines leading to a major power substation near San Jose, Calif. ... "To avoid a blackout, electric-grid officials rerouted power around the site and asked power plants in Silicon Valley to produce more electricity. "...

Expert says we're not drinking enough beer


Bamforth, author of the book Beer, Health and Nutrition, emphasized, however, that just because you may have taken a month off from imbibing doesn't mean that you can go hog-wild now for the remainder of the year. ... And, as you might expect, it is not just the amount that you drink but what you drink as well. "...

Six new studies show hydroxychloroquine can save lives in COVID-19 fight


Three of these came from the US, with the remainder coming from India, Brazil and Portugal. ... Many doctors have expressed concerns about political interference with the ability of doctors to prescribe this FDA-approved medication to patients in a way that they deem medically appropriate. "...

Acetaminophen can induce a zombie-like state that makes people emotionless and uncaring


New research has shown that might just be the case. While you may not have a hankering for brains that you can’t explain, it turns out acetaminophen (the active ingredient in drugs like Tylenol) can turn off more than just your pain — it can dull your emotions and reduce your ability to feel empathy for others. ... Half of the students were given 1,000 milligrams of acetaminophen, while the remainder received a placebo. "...

Grid down in San Fran, NYC and LA – what happens when ALL major cities lose power?


In addition to the sudden loss of power in San Francisco, other major U.S. cities suffered power outages as well. Asreported by The Daily Sheeple , the power went out in the Big Apple before 6 a.m. local time at the 7th Ave. and 53rd St. subway station, which then caused a chain reaction of power loss throughout the remainder of the city’s subway system. "...

A prescription you can afford: A 30-minute walk every day can reduce your blood pressure as much as a pill


Just half an hour of exercise each morning can be just as effective at lowering your blood pressure for the remainder of the day as medication. ... Thirty minutes of exercise might seem like a lot if you’re currently sedentary, but the good news is that it doesn’t have to be particularly strenuous to be effective. "...

Some US schools will be closed through the end of the year to stem coronavirus spread


Schools are currently closed indefinitely in California, where Governor Gavin Newsom has stated that they likely will not open for the remainder of the school year. ... And with cases of coronavirus continuing to rise across the country, it is essential to do everything within our power to protect public health as the world navigates this devastating pandemic . "...

Connecticut grants state health commissioner power to quarantine anyone suspected of Ebola


Connecticut grants state health commissioner power to quarantine anyone suspected of Ebola Friday, October 10, 2014 by: J. ... Understand that we support state and federal officials whose aim is to prevent the Ebola virus from spreading to the remainder of the population. "...

Avoid Sugar and Caffeine - Natural Energy Boosters That Work


Often we even lose our will power and common sense and may grab another candy bar to create a defeating cycle. ... Recent research suggests that bright light exposure early in the day can increase energy for the remainder of the day. "...

Study: Intermittent fasting can BOOST heart health and improve your overall well-being


You don’t need to deprive yourself as much as you might think to be successful at intermittent fasting (IF). ... You choose a set eight-hour window during which you’ll eat, and then fast for the remainder of the day. "...

In pushing Obama health care, Nancy Pelosi dismisses authority of US Constitution


Absolute power need not explain itself What's clear from this exchange is that Nancy Pelosi believes Congress has absolute power over the people to simply invent whatever mandates, requirements or restrictions it wants, regardless of what powers were actually granted to the Congress under the US Constitution . ... That is, in fact, the primary purpose of the Bill of Rights - to protect the People from the inevitably expansion of power by bureaucrats who always seek to control ...

Five Ways to Detoxify The Body


Twenty-five of the subjects had regular sauna therapy sessions, while the remainder of the group did not. ... You might also like… -"...

The Susan G Komen Foundation has filed lawsuits against HUNDREDS of "mom and pop" cancer charities for use of the word CURE


It’s noble to want to help people who are suffering from such a devastating disease, but before you reach into your wallet next time, you might want to take a closer look at just how the foundation is spending their – and your – money. ... The power of the elements: Discover Colloidal Silver Mouthwash with quality, natural ingredients like Sangre de Drago sap, black walnut hulls, menthol crystals and more. "...